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  1. Ambersand added a post in a topic Cant see fish hotspots   

    Well, I can only report that when we did it, he was getting blue and green while I was pulling in Grunts. Maybe they did change it. I'm not sure what fishing level he was, pretty low I suspect. We tried moving him to different positions but nothing helped.
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  2. Ambersand added a post in a topic Totem of the sea   

    Just like alchemy stones the type and level can change. Each time fish caught on board or very near boat gains the experience ready for an attempted upgrade with a weapon stone.
    Mine went from start to (green) Plain Totem of the Sea after 4 failures all tries at 80%
    Stats are Movement speed +4% and weight limit +200
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  3. Ambersand added a post in a topic Blue whale hunting parties   

    there is a hunting section already in the BDO NA bosses link which I posted above but will do again here.
    I gather some of the top hunters have their own, but I don't have the link to it. 
    The one I linked to is dependent on people checking sightings on whatever servers they are on and reporting whether whales are there and then if they disappear off that list. Despawn
    Hunting is fun but if you go to sea be prepared for a long battle if there aren't many participants. Equip yourself with food and drink in RL! Holocron and I went last night. He was running out of ammo but luckily three players heard our plea and swam out to join us. Each whale took nearly three hours! If we had stronger guns it would have been less.
    i lost a quarter of my boat's durability with the two whales, but I built it entirely myself, no marketplace purchases for any component. I got a molar from the last one, so it was worth it.
    we continued with another whale after repairing guns with only two gunners and me as driver. Again ammo ran out, so Holocron went and fetched his boat and I was able to use my guns to finish the whale off.
    it's impossible to shoot and drive, the whale is too fast, but the two boat ploy helps.
    His boat speed is 106 and it kept up with the whale ok.
    If you keep your hold empty and don't dock the boat you can remote collect it to the closest wharf.
    the fish Pearl costume is worth it , more because you often have to swim out to join a hunt if it is underway before you hear about it. We were sending out desperate pleas on Discord yesterday.
    i am happy to share what knowledge I have but there are others more qualified. My game name is ambersand so whisper me if you want help with deer, crocodiles or whales. I had a go at hunting Khalk but that's beyond my capabilities and my horse's!
    I totally agree on the community bit, but I am not sure if that is what Guildmarm already had started. Silly to do two. Maybe we need to find that out first?
    I agree. That link is probably best left for notifications and expressions of intent mainly. We need a separate place to chat. The problem is access. People new to scene often don't know these exist and having lots of separate ones defeats the purpose. The ideal would be to set up a secondary link within the hunting link for hunt chat.
    I'm not sure if that can be done.
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  4. Ambersand added a post in a topic Blue whale hunting parties   

    I totally understand that fishing at sea and hunting aren't for everyone. But maybe some people (like me) do it for the pleasure? My parents were fishing enthusiasts in RL and I spent many hours on the water fishing or handling a boat so my father could go trolling for fish. Brings back memories. Plus there is the thrill of the chase. It's not always about the money.
    I avoid the need for a steady income stream. By having my roleplay as not using the marketplace. I sell stuff there but as yet haven't bought a thing. So money isn't important to me. I do buy from NPCs though.
    I've used the Pearl shop for two main items, the fishing boat and the costume, but the rest I've crafted from stuff I've found or grown.
    My AP and DP are probably way too low, so I avoid situations where that matters.
    So my suggestions were just to see if the process could be made better for those starting along the hunting trail.
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  5. Ambersand added a post in a topic Upgrading Boat accessories   

    restoring maximum durability lost by upgrading a green fishing boat prow can only be done by another green prow or memory stones.
    found this out the hard way after crafting a few in preparation.
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  6. Ambersand added a post in a topic Cant see fish hotspots   

    Agreed, but Pavo was suggesting that the lower level skilled player would benefit from the other finding them. What we discovered was the opposite, the fish caught still depended on level and he didn't catch any of the hotspot fish.
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  7. Ambersand added a post in a topic Totem of the sea   

    I managed an upgrade to next level after four tries at 80% each time. It's more like alchemy stones where failures lead to loss of exp, not sure if it can also revert to lower level. I hope not!
    Second level seems to be significantly slower to build experience. the increase in boat speed is worth it though. Not sue if I want to risk it going backwards!
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  8. Ambersand added a post in a topic Cowardly PK   

    Wrong I know of four instances between me and another player in the last few weeks. It's like shooting someone in the back. Cowardly. 
    How do they know you're a Carebear, we might have whomped their ass if challenged to a fair fight.
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  9. Ambersand added a post in a topic Blue whale hunting parties   

    I've since discovered that players use this site to keep track of world bosses and whales.
    The hunting tab lists Khalks and Whales when they appear, specifying the channel and the location and acts as a contact point for people wishing to form parties and choosing which one they will target.
    The info is dependent on players noting when they receive notification in their channel. This is then posted on the site and compiled into a list which is updated when new ones appear.
    This solves part of the problem in the short term, however not every hunter is aware of it or uses it. I'm sure old hands rely on being notified by someone who monitors it, but it allowed me to take part in two whale hunts to date, thanks to all involved.

    It is up to players to coordinate themselves which is hard for those who don't know other players but I encourage newbies to state their willingness to take part in a hunt and people will help.
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  10. Ambersand added a post in a topic Hot spot etiquette?   

    It's interesting how the game favours those with the higher stats.
    I hope you caught lots of fish and made good money.
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  11. Ambersand added a post in a topic Cant see fish hotspots   

    I am not sure this is correct. Today this happened to me and a party member who were fishing in the same boat. I saw a hotspot, cast and got specific fish as expected. He couldn't even see seagulls or jumping fish, cast line into same spot and didn't catch any of that variety, pulling in a variety of green and blue fish.
    So if you can't see it, the chance is that you won't get that level of fish.
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  12. Ambersand added a post in a topic Hot spot etiquette?   

    Talking about two people casting at the same spot.
    Today we had two people in the one boat who were in a party as we had been chasing a whale. One located (physically) in the US and one in Australia. I saw a hotspot, caught specific gold fish and he caught a variety of blue, gold and green casting at the exact same spot. Said he didn't see any jumping fish or seagulls. Any idea why?
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  13. Ambersand added a post in a topic Hunters need chat filter   

    Thanks for feedback aidlac. Point No 2 was for a separate chat filter option, like you have currently for groups/party/guild etc. That way the notices wouldn't get buried in a lot of irrelevant chatter. 
    I finally got to participate in a hunt today. Saw a notice on my channel that one was on a different channel so I switched, took my boat there and ended up being the driver.
    The trouble is, when you're driving you can't chat so I had no idea if I was doing the right thing. Had stacks of people jump on board and I shared in the loot at the kill.
    As I was trying to keep up with the whale and the sail was in my way, I couldn't see what people were saying at the front of the boat. All I could see were speech bubbles. If we had a separate chat filter for hunters, one of my chat windows could be dedicated to that.
    Someone said they were meeting in Mediah. Big place! I was invited to join a group, which I did but I didn't realise the leader of that group was on his own boat, so not sure if I stuffed things up by bringing my own.
    I am eager to learn for next time.
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  14. Ambersand added a post in a topic Make it so all horse and wagon get put away after 30 mins if not moved   

    It seems to be happening for boats already.
    i use wagons for extra storage in towns and it may be there for a while if I am cooking and need to access it for ingredients, so I would not be in favour of this option. I need to switch them around a bit, putting things in and out, so they're in the designated "take out" spot which is a bit away from stable owner NPC, hence not interfering with them visually. 
    It was different with boats as I drowned twice trying to get into mine before they changed things.
    i get what you are saying, but it would inconvenience me.
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  15. Ambersand added a post in a topic Give us a combat log and show all stats   

    Definitely for Number 1.
    Also the official database has very little detail about what items do. I can only find out by visiting the marketplace and viewing items to determine differences.
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