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  1. Sabra added a post in a topic The Second Push For a Male Dark Knight Counterpart   

    Most of what you're doing here is pointless, the majority of the community doesn't care, PA surely doesn't care. Sure you'll find people who support your ideas, but they're most likely not a part of the majority. People are more likely to spend more money dressing up a female character than a male character, which is also probably one of the reasons they focus more on female classes. 
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  2. Sabra added a post in a topic Totally screwed on the attendance penguin   

    You cannot summon more than 1 penguin (due to the bonus effect they give during fishing). I think that for now this rule only applies to penguins. 
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  3. Sabra added a post in a topic Dec 24th Siege war?   

    So isn't it your own fault if you can't make it on the 24th... lol... same shit...Still don't see how that's "unfair"
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  4. Sabra added a post in a topic Dec 24th Siege war?   

    Lol what about the guilds that never win? This could be their chance, so how is it unfair? 
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  5. Sabra added a post in a topic Dark Knight Trailer   

    How about you judge it after you play it instead of after watching a video?
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  6. Sabra added a post in a topic China to force online games to reveal loot drop rates   

    Oh wow didn't know Kakao also published the Chinese version, thought they were only the NA/EU publishers
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  7. Sabra added a post in a topic Awakened Bosses   

    So its like a relic scroll where you collect 5x of a certain item and form a scroll? How do you obtain that item?
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  8. Sabra added a post in a topic Tamer is the weakest and most pathetic class in bdo and it even got nerfed last patch ???   

    Don't play Tamer, but I have fought against it and I'd say its a pretty strong class
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  9. Sabra added a post in a topic Maehwa..? or?   

    To be honest your gear isn't even good enough to efficiently kill sausans. You should be at manes or helms with that AP
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  10. Sabra added a post in a topic #nomorepenguinsprettyplease?   

    There is a reason why you are only allowed to summon 1 penguin at a time. Regardless, you're complaining about FREE things. Use your own money if you want a different pet
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  11. Sabra added a post in a topic so what happened to the winter snow?   

    It will probably return when they add the christmas event stuff, etc
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  12. Sabra added a post in a topic Extended Maintenence ohh .. what a shock   

    They have a twitter page too. They said that the servers would be up in 15 mins, 15 mins before they were supposed to go up. So what Drakias means is that that statement was false
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  13. Sabra added a post in a topic Extended Maintenence ohh .. what a shock   

    So..? What's your point? Old members can't wait an hour? It gets extended all the time, you should be expecting it.
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  14. Sabra added a post in a topic Extended Maintenence ohh .. what a shock   

    What's so hard about waiting an additional hour?
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  15. Sabra added a post in a topic For the Server Merge to matter to MP - Remove floor prices   

    We have a suggestion section you know and yes the CMs do read it. Anyways, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this change to happen.
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