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Posts posted by Azta

  1. Ivero Cliff T1

    Unstable vs Pwnography + Lotus.

    Was not a premade alliance, but we teamed up against Unstable as they were stronger there.

    Unstable attacked us first, we wiped them then went on attacking them, and Pwnography pretty much followed us and attacked with us. In the first hour Unstable attacked us a couple of times, in the last hour they mostly turtled in.


    Node liberated

    Good fights everyone.

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  2. Karanda Ridge, T1

    Proximo ( ?? ) vs Crank ( 20? ) vs Avaritia ( ~20 ) + Lotus ( 13 )

    Avaritia took out Proximo while we had our back and forth 1v1 with Crank. Once Proximo fell Avaritia came and helped to take down Crank.

    We had 1 hour left, we did a fair 1v1 but in the last 10 min we decided to coinflip because we didn't have enough time to finish.

    Avaritia won. GG guys good fight.

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  3. Elder's Bridge T1

    Avaritia + Lotus vs DieVierWinde vs BlackSheepGang + TemplarOrder vs idk who

    6th guild died first, then DieVierWinde + BlackSheepGang went for Avaritia. In the meantime TemplarOrder attacked us with some BlackSheepGang members too.

    Once our ally fell it was 3 v us.

    Held our ground for 1hour 15 mins or so. But ye, zerg is zerg.


    The alliance were supposed to  give the node to BlackSheepGang but looks like the germans think otherwise so the fight is still going.




    I was also 50 mins late to the node war, as i went for a 1 hour nap before start, that ended up a  bit longer. rip ×D


    Big thanks to my guild who fought bravely. And thanks to Avaritia for coming as well. Both of us were getting 2 v 1'd from start so couldn't help each other.

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  4. Updated first post.

    Changed our requirements and plans for the guild.


    We are growing to be medium guild and looking for more PvP players for Node Wars with a  requirement of lv 57+ and 400+ gearscore. And people that are interested in sea monster hunting and guild missions.


    And looking for other small guilds that would merge into us.


  5. Updated first post.

    Changed our requirements and plans for the guild.


    We are growing to be medium guild and looking for more PvP players for Node Wars with a  requirement of lv 57+ and 400+ gearscore. And people that are interested in sea monster hunting and guild missions.

    And looking for other small guilds that would merge into us.


  6. Karanda Ridge, T1

    Nanda vs Proximo vs Darkroom vs Lotus

    Only Proximo has fallen, ended up in a draw.


    We hoped to fight Darkroom + TemplarOrder again, but they are no longer allied or something.

    We started attacking Darkroom, while Nanda was fighting Proximo i guess. Darkroom was turtling in their base the whole time and sending out small groups to attack Nanda for some reason :thinking:

    Before Proximo has fallen they went full attack on us when our base was empty. We wiped them and right after that their base has fallen. Then Nanda started attacking Darkroom too, but they still fought us on the roads etc.  While Nanda attacked them Darkroom came to our base with full force many times, and failed hard on attacking. Tried to attack always from the opposite side as Nanda to take down Darkroom,  but didn't succeed in time.


    Darkroom is salty they are going to report one of our member for cheating ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  7. Think oldskool was, if not the first, one of the first merc guilds on EU , and we did it to great effect. Safe to say, EU knows what a merc guild is, So isn't that a silly question?? 


    Thats the past, what about now? It isn't a silly question in the current situation i think. Because there aren't any mercs.

    Correct wording would be Alustin knew what a merc guild is, not Jordine. Jordine is basically all that she described.


  8. Btw, do ppl in EU not know what a Merc guild is?

    All this talk about stupid alliances. It does not work in EU because everyone including your neighbour wants the trophy themselves and not sharing it. But you can't get it alone against the top guilds.

    There is a reason why these type guilds in NA are mercenary guilds rather than contestors.

    And there is nothing wrong with being a merc guild, you get 2x T3 node a week + siege on saturday, thats PvP on 3 days.  PvP what you all pretend to seek, but in reality all you want is that goddam billions from the castle and your name next to it.


    Addicted could easily be taken down from their Valencia castle if the server really wanted, but you guys don't want it. You rather hope they get bored and leave the guild. Then another 100 man strong guild rises, takes Valencia and gets dodged for another 2 months.


    Reason Enemy gets fight whenever they get a castle, because they got half the numbers as Addicted, so its easier to zerg them down with alliances. They are very strong but numbers are still numbers.


    Just man up finally ( no pun intended ).

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  9. azta left long long time ago to go more casual. Think he left around the Grind Harmony merge time. correct me if I am wrong.

    Yes it was after the merge, but before server merge ^_^

  10. Nem úgy volt, hogy te már soha nem fogsz játszani? :thinking:

    Háááát, dee. De az inkább csak egy szünet volt 2-3 hétig tartott :D

    Nem mentem vissza klánba mert siege az egy nagy kalap szar szerintem... Small scale-t sokkal jobban lehet élvezni.