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  1. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Need some gear advice   

    They announced Nuover's release. Work towards that puppy  
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  2. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Remember BingBing, our best friend/top geared quit!   

    Must be a tough life only having tets........
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  3. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Need some gear advice   

    Well I'm no pro, despite you asking for one, I just go by my guildies' advice. The Awakened weapon uses half of your main hand's AP, so it will enhance your awakened combat effectiveness. Best thing I could say about that, is to check the market and look at the AP gain differences between your yuria and a liverto of the same level, and then make your judgement from there. I have a Yuria as well so I know those feels.
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  4. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Need some gear advice   

    Highest grade Liverto you can, I'd grab Red coral rings and pri them suckers. Maybe get a different set besides Jarretts. It's nice to start with if you have nothing else. What's you AP/DP?
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  5. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Manta Ray? What?   

    Manta Ray....wish I could shoot them. Shot plenty of humpback whales though
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  6. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Turn off snow   

    Okay, poof! Snow is gone! Please restart your BDO.  
    The best response for your post, since a design team put all that time and effort to create the new environment, they will likely not scroll through General chat and think "Oh mai gawd wut hav we dun?!?!" and remove it. 
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  7. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Switching to zerker   

    You'll be able to kill people with slightly better gear...
    Just got my awakening, and my gear is sub-par, but even prior to awakening when someone tried to PK, if they didn't double my gear score, I could CC them until someone else finished them off, or they got sick of being grabbed and f'ed off. 
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  8. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Returning player, help pick a class.   

    Out of your choices, Warrior is probably the strongest pick out of those. 
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  9. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Congratulation! BDO into the second round!!!! Continue to vote!   

    Or would they...?
    touche though.
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  10. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Congratulation! BDO into the second round!!!! Continue to vote!   

    Voting BDO the #1 game of the year is like voting the least smelly turd. I will continue to play until a real #1 can take the floor.
    Not salty, but be realistic, this is the least responsive develop team in terms of transparency. People can hate on League of Legends, but at least they are posting, teasing, responding, and updating every month. Let's not forget in depth patch notes that explain percentage changes down to pre-post change to inform the player. 
    You pay your developers to work on all this stuff, why not pay someone on the staff to pose yourself as a real game company even if only pretend? 
    Again, not salty, just not worth a #1 vote. I'd give it to a developer that actually informs their players. Here's to 2017 and potentially amazing games.
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  11. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Yet another Kakao lie :D   

    Dark Knight hasn't been released, therefor all awakened classes have not received their awakening weapons, THEREFOR your point is moot. Thread locked.  
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  12. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Most Forgiving Class for Baddies?   

    I picked up Berserker because I'm in that same category. My awesome days of fast reactions are done. Berserker has the highest health pool, and heals. Pretty simple class, but you have to be okay with grapple being your bread and butter. You CC people till they are dead. 
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  13. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Enjoyment Level   

    Well I'll never be OP with my work schedule, so as far as I can see, this class will be well balanced for me in the future. I will die, and it will be okay, but the undertaker animation of slamming someone from 20 ft up is fun to me. Other than that, I expect to die or run at that point, unless I get lucky on all my failstacks and manage to get boss gear one day. 
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  14. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Permanent Winter Weather >.>   

    Holy sh--.  #notmypc #IhaveWoWgfx
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  15. GoodIntroMusic added a post in a topic Permanent Winter Weather >.>   

    If video games were this highly detailed I would /quitlife. When you run around in the snow banks wearing a cape, swinging an axe at the local deer, insisting you need this just to level up your cooking, people get all upset for some reason. I don't get it. 
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