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  1. Principe added a post in a topic Class that make u relax.   

    Blader definitely, his every movement and action is calming.
    Blader definitely, his every movement and action is calming.
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  2. Principe added a post in a topic 16+ enchants NOT being in is making people quit   

    Ideals clash, humor me how this will turn out.
    Why try to keep those players? They'll keep whining eventually, if they're quitting cause they don't have anything to do anymore cause they rush or only focus on achievement then let them quit.
    Better to see them go than stay around and complain about the next big thing.
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  3. Principe added a post in a topic How is the NA server   

    What kind of mentality do people like you have?
    I mean, if you hate something, then you might as well leave right? It's that easy.
    You're just depressing everyone and yourself that way.
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  4. Principe added a post in a topic Maxwell wabbits logging out for the last time   

    Calm down.
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  5. Principe added a post in a topic Communication and the future of Black Desert in NA/EU   

    That's like saying "it's not fair how bill gates make money and I don't".
    There are far more important things to complain about rather than jealousy.
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  6. Principe added a post in a topic Guest Pass please message me code   

    Storm, not trying to be an ass here but you need to learn to stop doing this kind of things.
    Its unprofessional, saying things like that without a given proof is just complete BS.
    Its a trend yes, but that doesn't give you the foreknowledge that it'll happen to this game nor the authority to give and break someone's hope.
    Go to the giveaway thread then, I would give you one since I have one right now but you're cutting in the line.
    Theres a whole line of people like you in another thread, I'd rather give it to them since they took the time to search for an actual md official topic.
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  7. Principe added a post in a topic Guest Pass please message me code   

    First of all, some people needs to get their life together rather than speaking up from their ass. Second of all, stop believing everything in the Internet.
    No, this game will not go free to play anytime soon, not this year, maybe next year but not this year.
    They even got a -----ing commercial (TV) for god's sake. People in this forum with their brain pisses me off, waste of oxygen.
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  8. Principe added a post in a topic Why this game is fundamentally flawed, due to client-side values, hacks and the grind for pvp competence   

    You're talking in America, where everyone is scared every second of anyone "hacking" their life as if it'll kill them.
    I live in here and it's rather funny to see people act this way.
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  9. Principe added a post in a topic The time has come. Gliders and flying mounts in cash shop   

    Daum won't see this anyways, overseas opinion don't matter in the end for development :)
    Moreover, could you guys stop trying to change the core of the game? 
    It's meant to differentiate from other games, where you have to travel rather than teleport so please, stop. It's really annoying. 
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  10. Principe added a post in a topic Who feels betrayed by Daum?   

    I feel like people who invest so much in a virtual reality will get betrayed at one point. It's when people takes game too seriously that things like this happen. We often forget to have fun in multiple cases and it leads to disappointment and pessimism in the wrong run.
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  11. Principe added a post in a topic Does CM_Jouska ever sleep?   

    Someone actually asked this way back during launch and he mentions how he sleeps for around 3 hours or 4 hours and work. I'm not too sure to be honest.
    One thing is for sure, I love his hard work.
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  12. Principe added a post in a topic Official Couple Picture Thread (Ingame)   

    too late
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  13. Principe added a post in a topic Contridictions   

    I don't think you can get a decent conversation when you can't even spell  
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  14. Principe added a post in a topic Does this game become more VISUALLY interesting in later updates?   

    This game is set to be realistic with a little bit of magic. If you want a guild wars 2 kind of atmosphere then you're in for disappointment but I won't be surprised if there's only a handful of you because those kind of atmosphere tend to get boring and just too cheesy in my opinion.
    The game we're at right now has the medieval europe structure, a crumbling empire with a country almost in revolt. 
    Try not to get your wishes too much in the game because this game is built specifically in a route. Your best bet is the elven land, but other than that, the kingdom we're at right now is the human kingdom, to which I said multiple times, very medieval. 
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  15. Principe added a post in a topic Mooie's World   

    Should I believe or nah
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