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  1. Rumjaku added a post in a topic Will Altinova be the center of the game world once the next spansion is released?   

    Heidel is simple, yet manages to pack a punch.  There are tons of horse stables in close vicinity, there are several dailies around that don't take very long to complete, and the weather is perfect!
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  2. Rumjaku added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Server Maintenance May 25th   

    Really?  Maintenance is on the same day at the same time almost every week.
    The original ending date for the events was with last nights (24th-25th) maintenance.  They updated the thread extending the event end dates to June 1st.  I was going to post in this thread asking them to extend the events as soon as it came up but I checked the events thread first and saw it was changed.  STOKED!  MOAR RUMS FOR MEEEE!
    They updated the events thread to extend the current events sometime last week.  THANK YOU DAUM!
    "Pirate and Mothers Day events have been adjusted."
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  3. Rumjaku added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Additional Maintenance May 19th   

    The whole life-skill system with nodes and contribution seems quite elaborate for all that just to be secondary.  Without the life skills you would have no experience bonus foods or any way to upgrade your gear or even awesome horse gear.  You would have everyone with the same few horses with no special bonuses and only health potions.  That's it.  Same weapons with no upgrades other than black stones.  Without life skills the cities would be empty ghost towns with only a few people at the bank or black smith.  Everyone else would either be grinding mobs or offline.
    Trust me when I say it, you NEED life skills in this game or it would die.  Just as much as life skills need combat and grinding.  It's a game with a plethora of ways to play it, let everyone play how they want and learn to co-exist.
    Using workers on farms is a waste, I don't get farming experience doing that.  People need to eat and drink here!
    Exactly, guild masters duty should be to check the forums/website and inform the guild of updates and changes.  If not, get rekt and find another guild or just uninstall.
    Personally I think they should include updates on the game launcher and perhaps the character select screen.  This would make it easier since we wouldn't have to check the forums every hour.  They already have a spot on the launcher to put information!   USE IT!  Also, not to mention the annoying pop-up image every time a user logs in.
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  4. Rumjaku added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Additional Maintenance May 19th   

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  5. Rumjaku added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    Agree'd, haven't seen any yet.  I have; however, gotten two Hard Black Crystal Shards from gathering rocks for 1 hour, ended up with 444 Rough Stones
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  6. Rumjaku added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    If those mobs dropped black stones before, then this update does not affect them at all.  What it means is that if a mob had 0% chance to drop a black stone previously, then they have a small chance to drop a black stone now.
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  7. Rumjaku added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    Birds will highlight Elite mobs with a red light pillar.
    Cats will highlight gatherable nodes pertaining to the tool you have equipped with a white/yellow light pillar.
    Dogs will detect hostile (PvP-flagged) players near by.
    To enable your pets special ability: Right-click on the pet menu icon and your pets will show up underneath.  Left click on a pet to pop up their options.  Click on the greyed out icon "Pet Command: Special".  When you hover over this icon you will notice it says "...detecting hostile adventurers..." among the list of special abilities a pet may have.
    None of the pets will warn you of enemy monsters (PvE).  This is a new feature that has never been in the game before.
    Yes, the game will be "boring" when everyone is able to kill you.  
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  8. Rumjaku added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    So you're saying gear makes a player top?
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  9. Rumjaku added a post in a topic [Consolidated Threads]Boss Armor: a friendly warning.   

    Can't figure out if the same people complaining who did not save bundles are the same people who complain about the cash shop items/prices?  You can't save money and not save bundles at the same time.  It just doesn't make sense.
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  10. Rumjaku added a post in a topic Does this mean the NPC pirate ships will now attack?   

    The pirates have always attacked.  If you notice their map icon is the same as the icon for Thieves, which only attack when you are carrying trade packs.  It's fun getting the public boats shot up by cannons.
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  11. Rumjaku added a post in a topic April 27th Maintenance has ended   

    Read the server maintenance announcement.  Game servers were NOT taken down last night.  They are going down tonight.
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  12. Rumjaku added a post in a topic Node investments for drop rates are broken   

    What... if.... because investing in nodes increases drop chance/amount without affecting rare items, you are essentially decreasing the chance for said rare items to drop due to the increase of drop rate/amount of non-rare items?
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  13. Rumjaku added a post in a topic Question about Maehwa Seals   

    Based on the duration of the event, you should be able to obtain 15 seals.  So you'd be able to achieve the 12 seal and 3 seal rewards.  I will personally be saving up for the 12 seal reward and then hopefully have enough on the last day for the 3 seal reward as well.
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  14. Rumjaku added a post in a topic Best auto path for afk leveling horse?   

    Ideally, you would want a path with a nice long straight away with minimal curvature.  Turns and end points will slow you down and you basically stop gaining exp when that happens.
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