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  1. pop255 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Guide button
    GUIDE button doesnt show tutorials for new Dark Knight class, please add them.
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  2. pop255 added a post in a topic Musa or Maehwa?   

    Mae is single target oriented and that can be very useful for scroll bosses, usually u will be finding the back attacks and that can be fun, you can have some Aoe with red moon ultimate and other awakened powers, so by crappy u mean that it doesnt kill as many mobs instantly well you might be wrong it does kill a lot.
    Like any other class at BDO they are all gear dependent but Kzarka, nouver dandelion are a must at TRI to be on average for GvG where obviously accuracy and damage mitigation willl matter more than a simple class selection.
    it is about the combos and maes and musas combos are among the funnniest and fastest.
    hope it helps
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  3. pop255 added a post in a topic The New Griefing: Karma Bombing   

    I agree , pk is not PvP there are node wars, duels etc. it should be mutually agreed
    no solutions or alternative for pk
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  4. pop255 added a post in a topic The New Griefing: Karma Bombing   

    by far one of the best written articles for this topic, I've recently died to a PK and has been that week every day of the week, I respect you for your highly detailed essay with proposal but at the end you have given me a solution to my problem, to become a karma bomber against PKers that have no honor, if I see you on a spot I'll go if you attack for the spot karma bombing.
    law of the jungle, and PKers will go into jail where the should loose a level, all their crystal and at least one level of their gear if TET to TRI.
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  5. pop255 added a post in a topic Yuria or Liverto   

    Boss gear it is believe to have hidden stats, it is better tha green and blue gear
    Always try to go for the boss drop or buy it and take it to at least DUO and youll see the difference 400 mil later of couse
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  6. pop255 added a post in a topic Beginning to hit the wall at 52/53   

    Grab cheap gear cheaper than that Yuria for example, and dot be afraid to push that gear and repair it, use your alts to get failstacks, if you dont know about that
    here you go
    May the RNG god bless you
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  7. pop255 added a post in a topic Pwn newbies and the under-geared: Is that a new sport?   

    If you think that will change outside of olvia channels ... well let me tell you it wont
    BDO is like real life where ppl with money and power do what they want, and if you stand in their way or youre just in a bad locatrion or just being ...
    Well youll have to face the challenge, again  just like in real life.
    Do you live in the states? havent you heard in the news people kill children  at the schools?
    On the other hand, game is great. 
    Once you know how to play, stay away of those zones if you grab a guide you have multiple grind zones, get xp, money and gear up and may the RNG god bless you
    Remember it is your choice to play this game.
    Noob tolerance = 0
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  8. pop255 added a post in a topic Why do you enjoy Black Desert?   

    Life Activities, combat, not casual enviroment progression, deep end game and great graphics.
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  9. pop255 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Saying of the day broken
    In the guild section of the game there is a part that inlcudes "Saying of the day" and it has been broken for almost two weeks, please fix it


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  10. pop255 added a post in a topic Upgrading your awakening weapon   

    Agreed, you just need to get to a PRI or DUO to make it more or less useful with a green item, the blue ones have more AP per level
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  11. pop255 added a post in a topic Report a Text / Localization Issue   

    Can you please fix the text in the corner .

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  12. pop255 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Another localizaion issue
    Hey, can you please translate the following text.
    Thanks in advance,

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  13. pop255 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Quest settings button
    Hi, I found the following bug with the button showing scrambled text and a weird looking cog, can you please fix it?

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