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  1. Keep added a post in a topic Mediah Update Part 2 Events   

    the drop rate is crazy low because they want you to buy their cash items
    + crazy hard when you have all the bottles you can t even go the npc
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  2. Keep added a post in a topic Mediah Update Part 2 Events   

    this is ridiculous I played many hours and only have 40 ... failed event again
    btw I still have the eggs from previous event..............................
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  3. Keep added a post in a topic Server Lag and Desync   

    could be on my end but today monsters lag so much they don't even fight back lol
    also I'm not talking about quests where a npc must follow you lol
    (i'm on Eu serv)
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  4. Keep added a post in a topic Bugs ? (French version)   

    can you fix this quest displayed in german while it should be in french ?
    pouvez vous fixer cette quête qui est encore en allemand alors qu'elle devrait être en français ?
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  5. Keep added a post in a topic Easter Event Extension   

    I'm eating the eggs now
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  6. Keep added a post in a topic Easter Event Extension   

    I think it would be nice to make available thoses limited event objects on loyalties shop:
    -nice for people who bought the game after the event,
    -nice for people who cannot invest a lot of time or cannot play during event.
    -nice if event was a big mess.
    thanks for reading me
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  7. Keep added a post in a topic Easter Event Extension   

    honestly I'm pissed and I'm really making efforts not to act crazy.
    I gathered eggs but lot never made it to my inventory because there was a bug when your inventory was full making you able to gather the eggs but then they just vanished.
    so ok I lost the items, missed the event, too late. Lets not talk about people who eat them in despair:
    But now look you're making the exact same mistake again with the new event, "Cherry Blossom Event" you posted it in the patch note (good luck to find this) but where is it posted in the Events subforum ? (http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/forum/83-events/) Just nowhere to be found. Three weeks ago
    I'm not blaming anyone here, don't fire someone because of me, Im just pissed cause of the eggs thing.
    and you're doing good job anyway
    I miss the eggs tho
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  8. Keep added a post in a topic Easter Event Extension   

    what kind of game is this where you can receive quests but you can not loot the items anyway
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  9. Keep added a post in a topic Easter Egg Furniture Quests   

    totally make sense we have the quests now and cannot get eggs, i m gonna stop play this
    items are not even available in the cash shop
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  10. Keep added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    I was assuming we could find eggs till midnight, this totally sux, make your stupid patch notes so we can understand
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  11. Keep added a post in a topic dropped loots disappear too fast   

    damn this sux so much, I just found an egg and my character picked it up but my inventory was full, so its nowhere now
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  12. Keep added a post in a topic Found a packet cheater today   

    They do what they can I'm sure but thoses cheaters always find a way ..
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  13. Keep added a topic in Suggestions   

    dropped loots disappear too fast
    I just lost rare items (again) because of that, no room in inventory and I was not fast enough..
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  14. Keep added a post in a topic Found a packet cheater today   

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