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  1. Sabura added a post in a topic Reasons for increased playerbase?   

    Well, true, even without play it you know it's shit lmao it looks like some kind of bad mix of MMO with akward animations. People hyped a lot about it though, (for some reason i can't understand) and tried to discredit other games like BDO or B&S.
    The funny thing is RO never had a chance to compete with big games like these two, because both have unique features that attract people and RO is just a plain MMO.
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  2. Sabura added a post in a topic Reasons for increased playerbase?   

    RO was just hype, people said it was going to be the most popular MMO when they didn't even played.
    Probably most people played about 1 day and then got bored because it's really a shitty game (In my opinion ofc), i voted for DK, people always want to try a new classes or big updates.
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  3. Sabura added a post in a topic Which costume do you think My Heroine wear better? [Witch Outfit Opinions]   

     The last one, achen guard i think it's called. It fits her hair color.
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  4. Sabura added a post in a topic Auction House takes the Fun...   

    It's kinda funny that some of you seem like don't really know how a system that just benefit the "whales" work. I have been in games where economy is not regulated (Dragon Nest, for example) and THAT'S unplayable, prices go so high that any normal player can't afford to buy anything, not even upgrades.
    And the bidding system can be improved, but at least it's kinda fair for all people, and bots can't really fck it.
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  5. Sabura added a post in a topic Valkyrie Saber template contest!   

    Made some changes, i've made the hair a bit more "bright" but i'm not sure if that will be messed up in-game, since shiny colors look like candles.

    Here's the gallery: http://imgur.com/a/HzmDS
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  6. Sabura added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    She's asking RNGod to bless her lmao

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  7. Sabura added a post in a topic Valkyrie Saber template contest!   

    I'm not really good doing this kind of stuff but here, my try

    If you like it and/or want any change tell me, i haven't uploaded her in the Beauty album. 
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  8. Sabura added a post in a topic Preview remaster graphics to Black Desert   

    There's already a thread about this:

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  9. Sabura added a post in a topic New class - no free character slot?   

    They gave a character slot, you can "buy" it in the loyalty shop.
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  10. Sabura added a post in a topic If there was a bid glitch...   

    I guess it would be a bug, not a glitch. 
    And it wouldn't be chaotic, it would be unfair for all those that are not near the server, have bad internet connection or have a "bad" pc.
    If you're refering to a third party program that would allow you to win everytime, someone would end up reporting it and the ban hammer would fck up all those who used it.
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  11. Sabura added a post in a topic How do you win Bid?   

    More people trying to get an item = less chances to get the item.
    Lot of people is trying to get stuff for their DK, and cash items are always hard to get.
    It's just about RNG and patience. 
    Well, the good thing is, someone did got the item, that person must be really happy.
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  12. Sabura added a post in a topic New Anti-Aliasing: Is it ToS breaking?   

    I've also seen this kind of topic in the Blade & Soul forums, there people said SweetFX (I guess it works the same way the one you posted) doesn't change anything from the game files (It's not a mod) and doesn't really affect to the game itself (It's just an improvement to the graphics, unlike macros, for example), so it shouldn't be considered a "third party program"...
    Well, i don't know how it really works or if it would be a reason for a ban, the only ones that can really answer this is a GM.
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  13. Sabura added a post in a topic [Outfits] How do I obtain wings?   

    Some months ago there were two kind of outfits, i belive they were called something like Kibellius A and Kibellius B, now there's just the one without them, the Kibellius armor set B. If you want the wings you will have to wait them to put the other one.
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  14. Sabura added a post in a topic YEBIS posteffects   

    For me it's amazing if it doesn't affect the fps/performance, i guess it will bring options so it can adapt to any taste (Like the blurry background).
    And i really hope this fix the problem with the hair in-game, it's kinda annoying that characters have a candle in their head because of light.
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  15. Sabura added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    I've got a magic lamp, i wish there was a sexy genie inside
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