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  1. gonzonl added a post in a topic Sea Npc Knowledge bug & missing node issue.   

    Same problem here Really annoying. 
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  2. gonzonl added a post in a topic Movement State Redux: Walking   

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  3. gonzonl added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  4. gonzonl added a post in a topic Language filter for more chat channels.   

    Yesss, this! It would save my face and desk a lot of wear and tear from all the facedesking of running into the same discussion and hostilities towards any non-English that is being spoken. There is not even a need for extra option, just make this filter available over all three of those channels (or, you know, every channel there is).
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  5. gonzonl added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    1. A screenshot of yourself on a mount (horse or donkey)

    2. A screenshot of yourself on a boat

    3. A screenshot of yourself on a wagon

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  6. gonzonl added a post in a topic "Hide parked mounts" feature, please.   

    Yes. Either a toggle to hide parked mounts in safe zones or simply making it beneficial for horses to be stored in the stable. I can't see NPCs, my own character, trade
    As it stands now, it's better to have your mount parked somewhere then to store it in the stables. A simple solution would be to make it impossible to remote collect mounts that are in safe zones and make it possible to remote collect mounts that are in the stable, perhaps even make them recover HP and stamina while in the stables. It's not very realistic that your horse is better off outside of a stable.
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  7. gonzonl added a post in a topic Chat improvements   

    Yes, yes, all of this!
    Especially the ability to use control and arrows and control A and the bigger limit of characters. 
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  8. gonzonl added a post in a topic Reveal the launch server names earlier   

    So much +1, launch is under a week away (for the conquerors at least) and we do not know the server names and set up yet. In pretty much any other MMO that I have played since launch and was hyped about far before that, this is about the time that the poll on our guild site closes on which server we choose, by now we know where our allied guilds have ended up, which servers are used as unofficial country servers, etc. As it stands now players already have very little time to find out where their friends and people that like their play style or speak their language will hang out. 
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  9. gonzonl added a post in a topic The Dye System ~ Pros/Cons (Poll + Feedback)   

    I am a fan of RNG dyes. It forces me to get creative. I like that this game gives me the option to turn two dyes I don't like into a single new RNG dye. However, if I am spending real money on dyes, I would love for them to be permanent unlocks or give me two of one type so I can easier match my armour to one another.
    However, if dyes are fully RNG I don't like them being cash shop exclusive (the loyalty program is part of the cash shop). Perhaps an alternative where pick and choose dyes are slightly more expansive and the RNG ones are slightly cheaper as a middle ground. 
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  10. gonzonl added a post in a topic [RP] A ROLEPLAYING WISHLIST   

    Adding my 2 cents and kinda sorta +1 for this.
    Points 1 to 4 are vital to me, they're things that will determine the longevity of this game for me.
    A clear indicated channel for roleplayers to flock to would be great, that way roleplayers that pick up this game, but do not check out the various roleplaying communities or this forum still know where to go. A thriving RP community is good for any game. However, without a walk toggle, a longer chatbox and custom emotes, I see roleplaying being extremely frustrating in this game. A game with a massive open world that's not fully littered with mobs, a game that is perfect for it. RP is something that will keep me around during the times I am bored of the gameplay. It is what will make me get various outfits and deck various houses out in the things I need them to have for their purpose (be it an RP shop for a leatherworker decked out in full leather furniture or a fancy dinner room). In short, it's what will make me spend money in the cash shop. 
    5, 6 and 7 are things I can live without, but would be very nice to have. 
    However, I do not care much about dyes being RNG, but if they are RNG at least make them drops as well or available for silver. Or make them permanent unlocks. Or make the RNG packs slightly cheaper and the pick and chose ones slightly higher. I personally like getting my dyes random, cause it forces me to be creative with what I get. 
    9 - I would love a reconsideration of the prices, it's all quite expensive. If I take myself as an example, I would buy more outfits if they were cheaper, ultimately spending more money on the cash shop. At the current pricing I'll reconsider buying an outfit several times and doing impulse buys a lot less. 
    10 - Yes.
    In short, MASSIVE +1 for points 1, 2, 3, 4. I believe these are vital things.
    A normal sized +1 for points 5, 6, 7 and 9
    And a -1 for point 8.
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  11. gonzonl added a post in a topic [EU RP] What Server should be our RP Server?   

    I assume this poll is for the beta, since well, for starters the channels and servers are the wrong way around and for another, we have no idea of server structure at launch (I hope we learn that quickly though).
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  12. gonzonl added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Sylv
    Family Name: Gonzo
    Screenshot: http://files.howmuchfortheape.com/files/BDObeltfish.JPG
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  13. gonzonl added a post in a topic Guild name restrictions!   

    So much +1 for these +10 characters in the guild names.
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  14. gonzonl added a post in a topic [OOC] EU roleplayers, say hello!   

    Yay! Cri \o/ my partner in crime at being ignorant bartenders! Velf is still selling scrimble in a completely different bar on a completely different character.
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  15. gonzonl added a post in a topic [OOC] EU roleplayers, say hello!   

    Hi! Gonzo here! 
    I've been RPing since, well.. ages ago. Haven't RPed in an MMO since a few years back in Guild Wars 2, before that it was Dungeons and Dragons, the occasional LARP and other attempts at tabletop. Oh, and a brief stint of IRC RP 20-odd years ago. I've come to BDO because Faine is a walking propaganda machine and has done a good job at hyping me, despite me being skeptical before the beta. Then the beta won my heart and now I have all sorts of characters planned for the RPs! 
    So, uh, hi!
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  16. gonzonl added a post in a topic New Undergarments Suggestion: Nontransparent Leggings   

    Yes to this. All my yes.
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  17. gonzonl added a post in a topic Requesting an RP Channel or Server   

    Have my +1!
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