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  1. ShugoTenshi added a post in a topic Fishing boat stops dead and starts sinking   

    Yep seems you need to fix it again pls..
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  2. ShugoTenshi added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    So finally patchnotes came before server up. Nice
    But the questions is: blue accesory items for my epheria-sailboat when?
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  3. ShugoTenshi added a post in a topic Closed / Deleted   

    4 Monate ist es nun schon fast her, seitdem ich zu euch fand.
    Damals noch ein kleiner Riese, suchend im Dreck bei Glisch.
    Ich wusste, dass ich zu größerem fähig war, aufopfernd eher ich mich versah.
    Nun bin ich guten Willens bei euch, egal ob tief und hoch, es geht voran.
    Ein Offizier der Meere, so ich genannt.
    Schaut Euch doch bei uns um, mit Humor, Spaß und Rum.
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  4. ShugoTenshi added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 8th   

    Blue accessory items for epheria-sailboat when?
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  5. ShugoTenshi added a post in a topic upgrading blue wep to yellow NOT WORKING   

    Yep, you need an ultimate weapon stone for it.
    Saw the same, but i think its intended, because its cant go down to green.
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  6. ShugoTenshi added a post in a topic Chocolate gone after cooking   

    I think you used the cooking utensil for it and thats the problem. But dont worry other people did the same.
    You have to cook it with L (processing).
    You can write a ticket with your chars name and family name and you can get them back.
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  7. ShugoTenshi added a post in a topic Guild Ship Weight Bug?   

    Can confirm this too.
    Grinded at pirates and when i tried to use skills of my boat nothing happened, so i watched inventory.. more items than before.
    2nd time was in velia when i came back, all the items that are and were in it were multiplicated. Taking 1 thing out (10 cannonballs) fixed it.

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  8. ShugoTenshi added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 8th   

    You didnt pay enough, They want you to be angry (goal reached), They need the time to try it themselfes ingame.. something like this?
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  9. ShugoTenshi added a post in a topic Is Life Fame bugged?   

    Got 55 Lifefame with Prof.4, Prof7, Prof8, Beginner6,Apprentice4, Skilled10,Beginner6, Skilled8,Beginner8.
    Other chars only have almost only beginner everywhere.
    But my breath, strength and health are aggregated 55 with Breath32, Strength10,Health13.. but maybe only fortuity.
    Edit: ok nvm found my mistake..
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  10. ShugoTenshi added a issue in In-Game Bugs   

    Arbeitssiegel eintauschen
    Guten Tag,
    und zwar gibts ein Anzeigefehler bei den Arbeitssiegel.
    Beim Item steht 260 bzw. 300 für eine Belohnung, beim Händler jedoch 500 und 600.
    Ich hoffe ihr könnt dies ändern.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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