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  1. Vultr added a post in a topic Right click on remote app?   

    Thank you very much will have to test this out
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  2. Vultr added a post in a topic Right click on remote app?   

    Does that cost money to buy for use when using mobile data? Like when im at work etc
    With this how well does the right click work, sorry i'm just curious
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  3. Vultr added a topic in General   

    Right click on remote app?
    Okay, so basically im stuck when remote controlling my bdo at work, i can feed beers to my workers with teamviewer and even go back into the bank and get to the processing tab, but I can't send the items in inventory into my bank or right click when i've clicked chopping etc. Dragging doesn't work sadly and i've tried remote chrome, but the right click never seems to work for me, any tips or help would be appreciated.
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  4. Vultr added a post in a topic Did Certain Elites Just Get Harder?   

    They seem the same to me
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  5. Vultr added a post in a topic Finally 500LT [Sarcasm]   

    I just checked and never saw that? going to come soon?
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  6. Vultr added a post in a topic Need help with Life skill Profit   

    I'm master cook, and only artisan alchemy sadly so don't know if you make more via alchemy than cooking, however each day just from the meat i easy make 10m a day via the meat alone
    Me and a friend are actually testing different mobs for different amount of drops however currently we found no difference in the amount gathered.
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  7. Vultr added a post in a topic Need help with Life skill Profit   

    That's the prices at the moment, however i don't do much alchemy myself so can't speak much about what it can produce for profit

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  8. Vultr added a post in a topic Worse attendance reward   

    Such garbage rewards maybe shouldn't bother logging in like your friends, how many threads are we going to have on this. Get over it whether you like the rewards or not you think they give a shit what you think? NO 
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  9. Vultr added a post in a topic Sniping items off the marketplace tip request   

    yeah thats how its done now, sadly you never won the rng bid roll
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  10. Vultr added a post in a topic Certain Items on Night Vendor   

    I believe the night vendor is in all major cities, he is a npc that only comes out during the night. You can spend 50 energy per try and he shows you items he offers, some of the items he offers are the rarest in the game, e.g. boss gear 
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  11. Vultr added a post in a topic What is this? Slowing me down   

    lets pray it even happens this year lol
    But please is there anyway to overcome this, this is something so stupid its basically saying oh were stopping you from levelling trade go do some other shit like what??
    why the hell is it uploading pics ive uploaded to another topic randomly?

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  12. Vultr added a post in a topic What is this? Slowing me down   

    Hopefully ASAP as this is just terribly stupid
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  13. Vultr added a topic in General   

    What is this? Slowing me down
    So basically I decided to start levelling my trading and never done it while people rolled, so i got myself an elephant with sprint and have been running between velia/heidel and now this came up so its making it near impossible for me to level trading?

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  14. Vultr added a post in a topic Certain Items on Night Vendor   

    That's when i brought mine

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  15. Vultr added a post in a topic Need help with Life skill Profit   

    sadly don't think we gain energy from chopping trees or gathering D: Those were my last three gathers at 210 energy

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