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  1. Dmikee added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    Mutant Ogre movement pattern was not fixed either in this patch;
    Each time he faces the tree look at the debuff bar, he continually resets himself.
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  2. Dmikee added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    Releasing a class broken is a better marketing ploy then releasing one weak. The new classes made are exactly as Loci said "refined for future content". Each class being released is always assumably now going to be on the same level as witch and wizard. Look at DK, she was new and even conquers over the class now in terms of mobility and attacking aoes. Striker without his awakening is in the same position as DK unawakened after watching Bong stream it for 30 or so hours. Now we wait to see the awakening for it and compare it to how stronger/if not stronger it is to DK/Wiz/Witch. And since PearlAbyss straight up said they aren't nerfing classes, every other class has to play catch up now to classes with more superority to them from the get go.
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  3. Dmikee added a post in a topic Margoria Screenshot Event [Winners Announced]   

    Almost been a week and haven't recieved anything yett. Wondering if any of the other winners got theirs?
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  4. Dmikee added a post in a topic road to TET Ogre   

    Of all the other possible items in the world to enhance... why why why Cadry ring....
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  5. Dmikee added a post in a topic This 2 minutes review of BDO is beyond weird! ^_^   

    So you use copyright footage from LazyPeon and muted the audio on it to put your own? Unoriginal. Here's where he stole the footage from for the curious of souls;
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  6. Dmikee added a post in a topic GM Valentine Poll! (Which GM is YOUR Valentine?)   

    Caramel is our 1 true savior. Jouska has a nice voice though...
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  7. Dmikee added a post in a topic How do ppl get 50-100+ Failstacks?   

    The mindset usually goes like:
    40 Stacks - Okay let's TRI something - fails
    45 Stacks - Take #2 at TRI again - fails
    50 Stacks - Well let's try to get a TET now with this on all gear(Assuming they have all tri) - all fails
    75 Stacks - pls gaben give TET on mi dande - fails
    80 Stacks - tet... ;-;   - fails
    After reaching 100 you've definitely failed all of your gear at least once.
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  8. Dmikee added a post in a topic Margoria Screenshot Event [Winners Announced]   

    Goodluck to everyone that enters! Here's one of my gems I made on my voyage in the Magoria sea I added in. It's illistrated as " A voyage guided by the stars" (I didn't add them in either, it's just snowing. I switched my settings from Contrast to Vibrance and this is the result of the colour scheme, super nice!)
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  9. Dmikee added a post in a topic CM's Please Respond - Gold Chest in Game or NO?   

    The green checkmarks were also there yesterday for Golden Chests too but removed a few hours after the update came and people searched. Myself along with @KFC searched for several hours yesterday in the respective locations and didn't find anything. Chances are they aren't in the game or our GMs are taking all the good loot for themselves    

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