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  1. Denninja added a post in a topic Merge servers or enable server transfers?   

    Server transfer, completely moving all characters/inventory/progress. Around 200 pearls maybe?
    Daum can expect a large burst of spending for weeks after making it available, reasonably frequent purchases afterward, decent profit stored up there.
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  2. Denninja added a post in a topic What's the most confusing thing in BDO?   

    To clarify just in case, I mean they'd get ridiculously more purchases with more reasonable prices and just as many more players with PvE channels.
    Missing out on a lot of cash, dunno maybe they have the entire localization more than covered to begin with and aren't completely new to MMOs as they seem.
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  3. Denninja added a post in a topic The better player gets griefed, cool!   

    This. Swallow the festering glob of dung you call pride and show some basic respect for other people.
    Kill them when they've wasted your time, not when you've wasted theirs.
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  4. Denninja added a post in a topic What's the most confusing thing in BDO?   

    How much the staff in charge of arranging servers and setting cash shop prices hate getting money.
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  5. Denninja added a post in a topic [POLL] Energy Conversion Ratio for Player-Created Energy Potions   

    Energy potions should be bound to the character that created them.
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  6. Denninja added a post in a topic okay. im done with this game.   

    Adding a PvE focused server would get overloaded so fast, needs sufficient resources to open channels.
    Should be easy mechanics wise though, just disable automatic PvP enabling, even for GvG. The only thing PvE people really need here is disabling random griefing.
    PvE server should not kill PvP entirely. Let anyone Open PvP as much as they want as long as they toggled it manually.
    GvG needs to stay just as big, for that, if a player engages in PvP against a hostile guild member during a war, they can't turn it off for the rest of that war.
    Reduce Karma penalties for PvP on PvE servers. Completely remove it even.
    On that note, on top of crazy pop/income increase for Daum they can safely change the other servers to fix PvP players' complaints about the penalties so far.
    Yes, there's a way to appeal to everyone and more servers is it. Give everyone a 1-week window or something to transfer their characters.
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  7. Denninja added a post in a topic where to find rough opal   

    Rough Opal:
    Get a boat. Loads of little Opal (specifically named that) mineables on the different islands, from far west to far northeast.
    They're almost entirely near the water and some of them stand out a lot. I haven't seen much else across the islands other than Opal. Some islands had Copper and Iron, one had a deep purple crystal.
    I was taking some people to fill their map on my slow ass Ferry but we went by many of those. I came back with 10 Rough Opal from mining one spot while party talked to manager.
    Not sure what the skill requirement for these is, if any, I was at Skilled3 and cannot touch various special nodes.
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  8. Denninja added a post in a topic Petition to move the server to chicago or texas   

    Texas seems to have nice speeds..? I'm in Cali and for various services the Texas servers are faster than local.
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  9. Denninja added a post in a topic Naming and the issue around it   

    That would obviously work, though it's difficult to trust the devs to go through with it. It's not fixed on the other releases is it? Just gotta hope.
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  10. Denninja added a post in a topic Naming and the issue around it   

    That's pretty ironic. Creativity is the most important part in roleplaying, do you have it or not?
    We don't get family names displayed in chat. There's no need to enable confusion and impersonation just because some people really wanted those cliche names that were claimed.
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  11. Denninja added a post in a topic [PVE] Alternate channels for PVE Only   

    Don't bring up PvP "channels". That's literally the only reasonable-sounding way to harm the economy.
    As for a PvE server, no activity is being leeched from PvP servers because a vast portion of the playerbase will purchase the game and shopcash to play there,
    users that otherwise would not be involved. Literally nothing is being taken away from anywhere and everyone that's not a wailing cretin wins.
    PvE server where open world PvP's flagging toggles receiving attacks, so lv30+ "carebears" can go fish or whatever in otherwise hostile areas.
    Extremely profitable for the developers, without harming the bitchy "this is PvP only" crybabies that can't see past their own teen angst fueled wishlists.
    Also, very cheap to implement. This is how to get more content and earlier.
    No changes to other mechanics are necessary to make it work. Nothing is so "intertwined".
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  12. Denninja added a post in a topic <THEM> The Eternal Mist - PvP - Node Wars - Whaling - Discord [EDAN]   

    This looks about right, I'll join.
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  13. Denninja added a post in a topic Updated Enchantment Level Poll   

    I vote RNG be completely minimized. It's a last resort mechanic for when the creative developers are laid off.
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  14. Denninja added a post in a topic MY BEST SOLUTION TO CURRENT PVE DIFFICULTY   

    I'd love potions to restore gradually.
    Even more if there were variations that work slower and aren't canceled when hp/mp are full.
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  15. Denninja added a post in a topic Full Loot Please   

    OP you don't think ahead do you, basically asking for the PvP loot to be not worth picking up.
    That would be enticing, getting maybe half of the dead's silver. All of it, even. Visit your bank regularly!
    Items dropping is pretty bad though, especially when it has to be RNG'd. Simply doesn't work in this game.
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