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  1. Murai added a post in a topic Max AP Wiz w/ Awakening   

    Yooo that's what I do too haha
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  2. Murai added a post in a topic Warrior Gear   

    They say running +15 armor gear should suffice until you're able to buy boss gear, or do you think it's still not enough to survive
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  3. Murai added a topic in Warrior   

    Why Crescent Rings??
    So I've seen tons if good geared people run Crescent Rings over the likes of Red Corals. Can anyone explain why Crescent Rings are extremely expensive in comparison to likes of Red Corals.
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  4. Murai added a post in a topic Next gear upgrade(s)?   

    You're going to want to start saving up for straight up boss gear, but this will also depend on your market. NA is dry in terms of weapons but you could find the boss armor. Ideally you'll want to have
    TRI Giath Helm 0/67
    TRI Hebetate Armor 0/79
    TRI Bheg's Gloves 0/50
    TRI Muskan Shoes 0/67
    TRI Kutum Shield 25/20
    TRI Kzarka Longsword 108/0
    TET Dande Greatsword 119/0
    TRI Ancient Guardian Seal 12/6
    TRI Red Corals x2 16/0
     TRI Mark of Shadow x2 22/0
    TRI Ancient Weapon Core 7/7
    which should give 190/201/296
    But it'll be way hard to get all of these so if you can find like items, that'll work just fine. Also AP is very underrated so sacrificing some DP for AP would be beneficial/viable.
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  5. Murai added a post in a topic Mainhand weapon   

    You can also get an Azwell, stats and in slots are great for warrior classes. It'll be a while before anyone puts up a kzarka long sword on the market as they are hard to get and even if they did place one on the market, it'll probably be anywhere from a +7 to +15. Basically if you're able to make a good amount of silver and have passive income, I would invest in a tet liverto just because the chances of a pri-tet kzarka coming out anytime relatively soon is not going to happen. Also one thing to remember is AP is a very underrated stat, most people like to raise their DP as a warrior just because they're a warrior but forget that with the gear you get you're already going to get a substantial amount of DP already, so investing in AP is very beneficial.
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  6. Murai added a post in a topic Patch Stuck 48%   

    haha same here!
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  7. Murai added a post in a topic LF New Players To The Game That're Down To Chill   

    i meant to say the bosses that drops the goods loots :3 i'm still newb to this game 
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  8. Murai added a post in a topic LF New Players To The Game That're Down To Chill   

    right now? ;]
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  9. Murai added a post in a topic LF New Players To The Game That're Down To Chill   

    noooo, that's just irl 
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  10. Murai added a topic in General   

    LF New Players To The Game That're Down To Chill
    Hey there peeps,
    Murai here, looking for newbies that're looking to play this game long term and want to explore, make tons of money and grow together as a group of friends. It's quite obvious that it's better to fight world bosses together in groups of 5 so I was thinking of making it easier by posting on here so if you're new and want to be in a group and eventually start a guild hit me up on my email caomei.2315@gmail.com.
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  11. Murai added a topic in General   

    LF New Players To Grind W/& Start Eventually Start A Guild
    Hey Peoples,
    I'm looking for people who are new to the game, and are willing to grow together as a group/team and eventually get a guild going. I thought about finding someone established after I get all my affairs in order but, I haven't explored much of the world yet and I figured why not do it with like minded people who are looking to contribute to the economy, make make bank through strategic tactics and have some fun! Most bosses and such is better when you're grinding with 5 others because you're able to maximize drops so I figured why not start a post and see if there are any new people to BDO that're interested. I currently have a LV 17 Musa and LV 28 Witch and I'm thinking about creating a new character for a main so if you're interested send me an email (caomei.2315@gmail.com) and we can get together online and probably use my channel on Discord or Skype.
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