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  1. Rolfie added a post in a topic Is DP viable compared to AP/Hybrid   

    Obviously boss gear is the end goal but what armour would be good for a DP setup before you get there? I've seen quite a few threads/posts suggest Heve and grunil for the HP bonuses rather than Taritas + Grunil, so would it come down to personal preference of wanting more HP than DP?
    Also off-hands are another subject, everyone seems to wholeheartedly agree that the saiyer knot is the best all rounder but would Rosar or Theos be viable choices? I'm not including Boss gear atm because that's the super end game and is a there's a hell of a lot less choice involved, only choice really being crystals.
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  2. Rolfie added a topic in Berserker   

    Is DP viable compared to AP/Hybrid
    So after searching teh interwebz I've found that most guides for Zerkers are simply out of date and the ones that aren't don't honestly have many people contributing them.
    After dabbing in some minor nodewars and small scale pvp (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 2v1 etc etc..) I've personally found that being a hybrid doesn't seem to be viable seeing as warriors and valks will straight up out tank you and musa's, sorcs, witches and wizards straight up out damage you. So it seems to me that surely it would be more viable to go straight DP with an AP of around 150+
    If going for a more DP gear setup what gear would you guys suggest? Grunil/Taritas seem to be the most popular suggestion so far and I agree that this benefits you giving you the higher DP in exchange for losing the +2 AP from the full grunil set. But would going full taritas be viable or a complete was of time?
    Furthermore there seems to be no real advice on what accessories to get for a DP setup, I'd have though shrine guardian tokens to be a solid choice along with token of friendship earrings to match but what are these the best choices? Also what belt and necklace would be viable with these? Or is the Mark of shadow/witch earring still the only choice?
    If/when this reaches a somewhat agreeable state on what gear would be best for a DP build or if a DP build is simply not viable at this point/ever I'll update this post to include all relevant info/gear.
    Looking forward from hearing from fellow zerkers more experience than I.
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  3. Rolfie added a post in a topic House of Night - EU [Casual] [Age 18+] [PvE][Website] [Discord]   

    Also submitted an app
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  4. Rolfie added a post in a topic Need auto loop run   

    Would be nice if they added in AI that grinded mobs for you, seeing how that's pretty dull too! >.>
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  5. Rolfie added a post in a topic PvE and PvP Players - Why we belong together.   

    Sooo lets say PvE "carebears" all up and leave, so that's lets say half? Of the pop gone. Woo hoo? Automatically Pk'ers (the scummy type) and most/some griefers leave (actual woo hoo,) now we're left wiiiith... mmm suddenly a tiny population of elitist PvPers and maybe a handful of big guilds that dominate everything in said tiny servers/channels.
    Summary? Yay tiny populated dying MMO! We did it guys!
    But seriously claiming PvE'ers "ruin" the game is a load of crap, hardcore PvE'ers and PvP'ers ruin the game for each other since they want different things. It's about finding balance, not claiming x type of player is killing the game more than z type players.
    Seeing as how this thread has seemingly turned into another ---- throwing fest I better take jabs too!  Err... PvP'ers are not very nice people! And erm.. err PvE'ers are overly emotional!... Yeh! I did it guys!
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  6. Rolfie added a post in a topic Accuracy as a stat in BDO   

    If accuracy is removed then shouldn't all grabs and kicks that knock down automatically succeed? Just say'n >.>
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  7. Rolfie added a post in a topic Grinding Class?   

    The Zerker also has a lot of grabs, the spin is good for PvE more than PvP, although if your opponent is on the floor spinning is always good.
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  8. Rolfie added a post in a topic Just a friendly advice to DAUM, DO or DIE.   

    I don't see how channels will make communities useless, from what I've seen people tend to pick certain channels and stick with them and it becomes their regular channel, not very different from it being its own server. Only difference being it takes a few seconds to change channel, which chances are you won't do unless some scummy griefer is harassing you or maybe that channel is a bit crowded.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm on the fence about the servers as it doesn't bother me if there's a mega server or not. I just feel that the pro's and cons of a mega server and separate servers are very similar. But I do think that mega servers mess with the whole guild vs guild theme while individual servers seem to fit it very well.
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  9. Rolfie added a post in a topic New Roleplayer Guide/Questions   

    It'd be nice if there was a sub forum for this, servers or not I'm quite happy to RP and find others who are interested. It'll be interesting to see what will unfold regarding guilds, the sieges and political intrigue has so much potential!  
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  10. Rolfie added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild Arena's
    Nice and simple, add a small arena or just some where for guilds to practice in private. Although there's a public arena where anyone can run in an fight, a private arena will open up lots of new options for guilds such as: training, RP, duels, tournaments, etc etc... Perhaps this could be a an owned building that only guilds can buy? I have no experience with how guild forts work so someone with knowledge of it imputing their thoughts would be awesome.
    This could maybe be a solution for people who want more ways to PvP since it could potentially allow guilds to host private tournaments and what not.
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  11. Rolfie added a post in a topic Just a friendly advice to DAUM, DO or DIE.   

    1. Although for proper PvPers (not scumbags and bullies who PK weaker players to get some sort of dominance kick) this would be great, sadly there's a minority who will happily ruin that system by abusing it to block of grinding spots because "I can lel." Effectively ruining the game for people who don't want to PvP, and there's nothing wrong with people who want to play BD for aspects other that PvP.
    2. I don't agree that enabling PvP for level 20's or even 30's is a good idea you won't have the majority of your key skills strong enough, hell it doesn't take long to get to 20 or 30 so I don't think that its enough time for people to properly understand their class. Better to wait till 50 and people are geared properly and fully understand their class and have figured out their own play/fighting style.
    3. Seriously why all the hate for mega-servers? Mega server or seperate servers people are split either way, stop making it out to seem that one's better than the other either way people will change channel/server one way or another.
    4. Can't argue with this one, it is pretty ridiculous that if you kill someone they could potentially respawn right bloody next to you (depending on how close the grindspot is to the node.)
    5. Personally it doesn't bother me, people will find a way to exploit the game to get the best gear as fast as possible it's just delaying the inevitable. People who can't handle playing normally or waiting will always find a way, even if that means buying someone else's account like in KR.
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  12. Rolfie added a post in a topic PvE and PvP Players - Why we belong together.   

    First off why does everyone post "for NA release" the bloody game is coming out the EU as well as 'murcia, get it into your heads!
    But seriously honestly I hope Valencia doesn't reach EU or NA for a good long while, since it'll give the devs and the community a decent amount of time to actually figure out what works properly and needs tweaking. What I don't understand is why there are so many threads calling for huge changes based on a weeks worth of game time for the EU/NA beta, despite there being an RU and KR version ours will (of-course) be different to theirs as Anouka said.
    As nice as Valencia sounds for PK'ers and the likes, it may not actually be a solution that works for us. As crazy as it sounds Valencia as it is might actually be worse for our versions than if it isn't added.
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  13. Rolfie added a post in a topic Your plan when game is release?   

    Already using KR and RU to zerg to 50 to test out PvP and classes, going to actually take my time in the EU release and enjoy the game. Will finally pay attention to the story too since the translations are to bad.
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  14. Rolfie added a post in a topic Letting the warrior class duel weld   

    The Giant dual wields axes, problem solved.
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  15. Rolfie added a post in a topic Parkour system needs work   

    I feel the stuff you want is more for singleplayer or smaller multiplayer games rather than an MMO, while I agree the jumping and climbing needs refining if you've tried PvP then you'll know that fighting on the edge of a cliff or rooftops. You'll just end up falling off and it will mess with what you're doing, becoming more of an inconvenience rather than something cewl. If this were a normal multiplayer game with like 20 or so people then yeh it would be cool, but with potentially hundreds of players all together? No way trying to implement that system would cause more problems than what it's worth sadly.
    Would be awesome though.
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