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  1. AlucardTepes added a post in a topic Mounted Heilang combat ap scaling   

    Use command: stay and then press r next to heilang.to mount
    Like Cyrii said.
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  2. AlucardTepes added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

    Here it is, my loli! 
    Side Note: She is smaller than the Heiliang!
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  3. AlucardTepes added a post in a topic Tamer Skill Points BEFORE awakening!   

    Honestly I was thinking about removing flash, but I must admit I'm very found of it and it saved me a quite a few pots once I got the Enchantment +30 Hp+Mp per Hit - every 5secs, man... I even went has far has to maxout the DoT debuff.(I only upgraded the Hook once though) 
    If I ever remove it, I would be highly consider moving my "PvE Sustain" to Trample instead (since I spam it a lot on my hotbar key).
    The only thing I dislike about flash is its "Dash range" it's very small, but I can live with that.

    The only skill so far I'm debating weather I use it or not, is "Absorbed H." ... the fact I can only use it once the planets are aligned every 10thousand years... kills me.
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  4. AlucardTepes added a post in a topic Tamer Skill Points BEFORE awakening!   

    OK! Thank you guys, got all the answers I was looking for in both posts.
    I appreciate your time for replying.
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  5. AlucardTepes added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer Skill Points BEFORE awakening!
    Hello Tamers!

    I been googling for days since I started this class but all I came across were outdated builds from nearly last year about Short Swords and none of them tells you anything about Bo Staff. Since I can't seem to find anything useful I will ask it here, hopefully someone can link me a Skill Tree with skill points allocated on the awakening sheet. since everywhere I go only shows sword skills for Beast Tamer... I search builds with main Focus on PvP and PvX

    Main question:
    - Should I remove all my skill/skill points at level 55 so I can allocate all on Awakening Bo Staff skills when I get lv56?

    Side Questions:
    - Is it possible to completely ditch the weapon swap and focus only on Bo Staff?
    - After Awakening, are there any skills I should Awaken instead the ones for ShortSword?

    PS: Thank you in advance.
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  6. AlucardTepes added a post in a topic BDO needs a PVP overhaul   

    Thats a good Idea too, but I don't know the Devs intentions. Maybe they didn't do it to prevent the community from being separated?
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  7. AlucardTepes added a post in a topic Maybe start fixing P2W?.. Please..   

    The only pay to win stuff in this game are these 2.

    and its not that ground breaking.

    Nothing else...
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  8. AlucardTepes added a post in a topic port it to xbox one   

    I would love to see it on ps4.
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  9. AlucardTepes added a post in a topic BDO needs a PVP overhaul   

    You sir, said it all.

    All gear should be "Disabled" when you enter PK Mode by any reason. And just keep the gear pieces combo buffs(or even remove this completely)
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  10. AlucardTepes added a post in a topic Cash Shop Items that are uncalled for.   

    GM's could just refound you 1000 pearls or any other quantity they see fit according to the price adjustments(the numbers I wrote are just "examples" it doesn't have to be like that) back to anyone who purchased it previously to the "update".

    It's still hilarious you could buy the game for 5€ a few weeks ago and a outfit for Only 1 character, and bound, costs 4x more then the game it self, lol.(currently costs 2x more then the game)

    Has for eSports, BnS has far as I know is not a MOBA and you are on equal grounds. I have tried so myself and got able to beat ppl lv40 while I was using a lv18 character(Of course you still have advantage of skill points) But even so, thats why you have to play the game and level up in BDO.

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  11. AlucardTepes added a post in a topic PvP tournament-type arena + PvE dungeon content ideas   

    PvP tournaments will not happen because of these two issues that prevent it.

    And the players themselves don't seem to care either, which is something I don't understand and saddens me. Thats why BnS is so much more competitive appealing, has there are no stuff like that in cash shop.
    The Dung PvE thing is what trademarks this game from others for not having it, so if they start doing it... BDO is going to just another more MMO out there where you Q for dungeons. (Which is something I don't really miss at all, that's why I have a FFXIV subscription for)
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  12. AlucardTepes added a post in a topic Gifting a friend the 49.99 game package   

    I wanted to do that too, but guess there is a good reason for that. (Like someone steal your account and start giving games away to ppl etc)

    The best way, is either you do it urself or just use paypal.me and gift him the money to buy the game him self.
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  13. AlucardTepes added a post in a topic Quest Giving XP   

    I really enjoy Bashing mobs in big groups. Thats part of the game that incentive PVP though, so I doubt they would change it.

    I just wish they changed the system that you can only lure 10 mobs at the same time or else they go away and stop following you or ignore you completely when you stab them... thats a mood killer...
    If you could grab like 20 or 30 and bash them all, that would be awesome.
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  14. AlucardTepes added a post in a topic Launcher all messed up   

    Anyway guys try restart ur computer, before anything else.

    Also according to Dim:
    "To run a file repair, go to your installation directory, delete version.dat, and run your Black Desert Online Launcher."
    Also on my part:
    Try run CCleaner > Registry Cleaning just in case.
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  15. AlucardTepes added a post in a topic Launcher all messed up   

    I figured the log was updating and changing files when I locked in side the folder during the update. So I left it out like that for a few hours, and I finally got a message saying " Files are corrupted, please restart the launcher and repair" .
    I did so, and now its downloading the entire game again, I will leave it be has it is for now and see how it proceeds.
    So you guys might wanna delete it and start downloading it again from scratch and skip the this step entirely.
    (As last resource you might wanna install it in a different folder too thats note the "program files".)
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