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  1. Bluem00n added a post in a topic Marketplace Pre-Order   

    It's working for some people though. Since often you see boss gear go to pre-orders instead of the MP. It's probably based on channel and place you put it up. i Have no clue why not test it out if you are all so curious ?
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  2. Bluem00n added a post in a topic New lightning changes to hair completely broken?   

    Yes my purple hair was looking orange ... :( I'm not sure hat they did but the Sunlight seems to influence your hair colour super hard now.
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  3. Bluem00n added a post in a topic 2/15/2017 Accuracy tests   

    Why do you think Getting 298 Ap is so hard ? Because if you ever do get it the game become so boring you faceroll everything. Even max DP does nothing against that. It's just a fact that from a certain point AP>ACC \o/ Good talk. Now quickly sell your red corals before the market crashes.
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  4. Bluem00n added a post in a topic Does anyone know what melting/heating these give?   

    If you have the item in your inventory you can use shift+left-click to see the help page that states for some items hat you can get when heating them. Otherwise there are a few threads about melting high end accessories and the results.
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  5. Bluem00n added a post in a topic Extensive Lifeskill Costume Crafting Guide   

    They follow accessory fs-cap afaik. and +4-5 will be a hassle but you don't rly nee them unless you want to powerlvl for some reason. Other then the trainer/trader costume  and alchemy/cook i don't really see any significant  gain after +3 for what it would cost you to get them.
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  6. Bluem00n added a post in a topic Cannot launch client downloader. Downloader crashes on startup.   

    If your trial runs out but you still wanna try it you can have my guest pass .
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  7. Bluem00n added a post in a topic Problem with launching   

    It took my launcher over 2hours to actually get to to downloading/patching the game. This is only the first ime after downloading though, and this is weird because it didn't do this before. Just launch the launcher and wait for it ...and wait ....  I hope it helps.
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  8. Bluem00n added a post in a topic how in your right mind did you decide to make pots from 5 to 3 sec cd without considering pvp balance is beyond me. What are you even doing?   

    And that's what makes me sad. You should not be required to just one combo someone's entire HP bar <5sec or else they go back to full by just running/kiting (1v1).
    It's a little strange that they "balance" this game with the idea of the PvP in mind (since PvP is a joke anyway) and then force you to PvE endlessly to get the gear that makes you face roll everyone you out-gear. Kakao/Daum/PA logic i guess.
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  9. Bluem00n added a post in a topic Rangers Used to Lead the Way.....   

    It's a little sad that they make a "ranged" class that requires to get point blanc range to deal damage. In most MMO's rangers actually dps from RANGE >.<
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  10. Bluem00n added a post in a topic How to get to Master 1 Cooking?   

    There's 2 ways =) just buy everything you need for the cheapest (high exp) dish you can make or you get all the mats yourself for a (high exp) dish that you can easily make.
    1 is faster takes less energy and also costs you a few $$$mil if you  can't sell what you cook, since i doubt you will ever be eating 400k specials but you can always play santa for your guildies. And if you opt to gather everything yourself then enjoy hours upon hours of ... well gathering =). I find it much more rewarding but it's also nearly impossible to reach master on self-gathered mats. so just get to artisan and then buy everything.
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  11. Bluem00n added a post in a topic Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?   

    Wow after taking a break i was looking to return then THIS happened >.<
    I wonder if they are intentionally trying to turn this game into a P2W Archeage clone or if they all just had a brain seizure and thought it would be fun to lose 3/4 of their player base.
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  12. Bluem00n added a post in a topic Doing alchemy? Great cave for mushrooms!   

    Just ... why ? Now it'll ber even harder to camp truffle's all day . All the info is out there already anyway i see no need in ppl trying to keep pushing it in our faces. Atleast let ppl that want to get into this do some research. ( Read: google for 0.19 sec)
    PS. Emilia_Tan best gril
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  13. Bluem00n added a post in a topic Anyword on Sorc fix? ranger fix?   

    Let me rephrase, since this game has no tanks and dps and healer/support. We cannot kill any of the more defensive oriented classes but they can kill us easier now then before the cahnges if only for the fact that it takes us a lot longer to kill them.
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  14. Bluem00n added a post in a topic Latest Updates Failures   

    I understand your point, and yes you are correct right now if people flag to "defend" their spot i just laugh and let them kill me. But let's not forget that even before this change plenty of people were at 0% farming monastery/hexe ogres etc. So they didnt care about beiong killed anyway. The only thing you could defend were highly contested grindspots for exp. And even then there were ppl that didnt care. I'm not saying this change is 100% for the better but i believe that in general things are ebtter now then before.
    I hope they will add some benefit to negative karma as well as all the bad things in the future. Instead of penalazing the killed player reward the killer so to speak. To prevent abuse you would have to think of some negative if you get killed but it's still better then there being no reason at all to open world pvp i guess. Because yeah atm it's totally pointless.
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  15. Bluem00n added a post in a topic Some stats on the P2W dye system   

    No they wont. I'm not sure what server you play on but i highly doubt you can just buy Ogre rings and Boss armor from the market even if you had 500 BILLION silver. Since they bidding is broken you can't get it that way either. So enjoy comping the mp all week to get the stuff you want without actually grinding for it.
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