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  1. Enferlain added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Black Spirit's Adventure won't load
    As the title says, it won't load up suddenly. Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix?
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  2. Enferlain added a post in a topic Why FPS so low?   

    Same. I kinda gave up for now as nothing seems to help out. When I switch between borderless and fullscreen I get solid fps for like a few seconds but then it goes back down. Unfortunate.
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  3. Enferlain added a post in a topic Patch Issue   

    Same. I just quit and restarted the launcher and will just leave it on however slow it goes. Not like anything I do will fix it.
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  4. Enferlain added a post in a topic Why FPS so low?   

    Definitely. As I said, on my kind of old laptop on the same high/slightly high settings I was able to play with 60-90 fps at some point. Hardware isn't the problem here.
    Soo... Servers are up, any updates? I logged in and still the same old shit fps
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  5. Enferlain added a post in a topic Why FPS so low?   

    Yeah he wasn't being very smart when he wrote that part.
    Even on my older Haswell cpu my cpu usage doesn't go above 25% ingame, so no, BDO definitely does not "eat cpu power". Or if it does in fact, the issue we're having brings us back to the topic of how badly it is optimized, since it doesn't fully utilize our CPUs like other games do.
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  6. Enferlain added a post in a topic Why FPS so low?   

    I'll try this too.
    Also, little edit... Apparently you can have the game open while doing the Nvidia settings, they apply automatically while ingame too? Not 100% sure but I saw a video where someone said this. Either way will try it out.
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  7. Enferlain added a post in a topic FPS seems to be capped at 30-45   

    Yep, and the crazy thing is I tried on my new laptop which has a frickin 1060 card in it, and I still had 40-50 fps, which at that time I thought was normal. Turns out it's not normal at all. The game seems to be abysmally optimized. We need an actual fix, numerous people have reported this issue already. I'll try completely reinstalling my graphics drivers tomorrow to see if they help at all, but honestly I have no hopes currently.
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  8. Enferlain added a post in a topic Why FPS so low?   

    Yeah it's not bad. GTX 9xxm are high end GPUs, should be able to run any game around 60 fps on high. Anyways, you have to restart the game every time since the options only go live when you launch the game. I'd be testing atm too but the server merge won't let me until tomorrow
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  9. Enferlain added a post in a topic Why FPS so low?   

    Honestly at this point I'm just randomly changing stuff at the control panel since that's the only thing that actually affects my ingame fps. Try playing around with your physx settings too, it helped me get 90 fps at one point.
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  10. Enferlain added a post in a topic FPS seems to be capped at 30-45   

    Haha it's not that crazy, it's an old 2013 Lenovo model with 2 older GPUs. They do alright work though with the 1366 resolution combination. I imagine I wouldn't be able to run anything if it was 1080p. They're probably the equivalent of a gtx 860m or something like that.
    Yep running win 10. I've written a ticket but I just got shelved off saying they would look at it  Meanwhile I've seen numerous people report this issue without receiving an answer. It kinda sucks.
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  11. Enferlain added a post in a topic FPS seems to be capped at 30-45   

    Yes it's a laptop. I have dual 750m cards. It's a 720p display so I can play most games at high settings with around 100 fps, and as I said I have been able to run BDO at good framerates before, which is why I'm hesitant to say it's a performance problem. That and the fact that both cards seem to only run at 60% and my cpu 20% -- it's like they're forced to run at lower capabilities. Overwatch makes my laptop a lot louder for example because it uses more power. This is why I'm suspecting some weird v-sync bug here.
    Oh well I can't test any more currently because of the ongoing server merge.
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  12. Enferlain added a post in a topic Low fps on high end pc   

    Same issue. This weird vsync/fps cap bug needs to be reported as much as possible so they finally fix it.
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  13. Enferlain added a post in a topic Why FPS so low?   

    Same issue. My laptop is somewhat worse, but it can still run recent games on high at around 60 fps, and I doubt this issue is related to actual hardware performance. It seems to be a bug with vsync. I'm stuck on 30-45 fps whether I play on full low, 100% crop mode, or high end mode, and nothing I do changes it. It IS 100% a bug.
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  14. Enferlain added a post in a topic FPS seems to be capped at 30-45   

    Thanks! I did everything but now I'm stuck at exactly 30 fps, doesn't even go to 45  I have no idea what's happening  Gonna try deleting my black desert folder from documents, maybe that does something.
    Edit: ok deleting the folder reset settings and now I'm back to the good ole' 45 fps haha
    Here are my control panel settings currently

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