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  1. Petruvius added a post in a topic They brought back trading?   

    Well if that didn't work, it would only takes 2 seconds to Google the answers.  You just can't teach people common sense though.
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  2. Petruvius added a post in a topic They brought back trading?   

    The search function is at the top of the page.  Try using it some time.
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  3. Petruvius added a post in a topic Players VS's Developers/Manufactures.   

    I love when people with mediocre PC's complain about game optimization when in reality they need to upgrade their PC.  If you can't afford a top of the line gaming PC to experience games at their full potential, please stick to console gaming or less demanding games.
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  4. Petruvius added a post in a topic GM refuses to help me   

    Dear, GM's I need your help to complete a massive exploit.  Please respond!  
    Little Timmy
    EDIT:  The stupidity of you millenials never ceases to amaze.
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  5. Petruvius added a post in a topic remove safe zone while santa is dropping gifts   

    Care to elaborate?
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  6. Petruvius added a post in a topic Market sniping still exist?   

    Why is it so difficult for people to grasp the concept of RNG and the fact that there are literally hundreds to thousands of people trying to bid on the same items?
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  7. Petruvius added a post in a topic *Repost* Sorc or Wizard?   

    You must be fun at parties!  
    Also, you're a bit of a joke as a person since you can't even make a simple decision on your own.

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  8. Petruvius added a post in a topic *Repost* Sorc or Wizard?   

    Without XP buffs you can level both characters up to 56 in 2 days...
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  9. Petruvius added a post in a topic It has been a week, my ticket is being ignored,   

    How is it the fault of the devs that so many kids are playing the game on their parents' toaster?
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  10. Petruvius added a post in a topic Toxic luck trying to plus gear   

    People need to stop using the word "toxic" when they describe anything they don't like.
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  11. Petruvius added a post in a topic Yet another Kakao lie :D   

    If you are so unhappy with the game and developers, go play something else and quit clogging up the forums with your garbage.
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  12. Petruvius added a post in a topic Santa's presents?   

    I may be a bit of a nerd and a geek but I am no weeaboo.  Also, you do not even know the difference between "accept" and "except" so like I already mentioned, go back to school, kid.
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  13. Petruvius added a post in a topic Costumes will be 60-80mil soon...   

  14. Petruvius added a post in a topic It's patched?   

    Go away.
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  15. Petruvius added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance December 22nd   

    So many whiny children in this thread...  
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