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  1. Ryouzanpaku added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    Are you sure about it? There are screenshots with TRI and BDOdatabase also says TRI?
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  2. Ryouzanpaku added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    Only DUO items for 100 seals?
    Strange - in KR version it is TRI.... and the rest of the rewards is identical... hope it is the mistake.
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  3. Ryouzanpaku added a post in a topic Class to choose (for friend, not a FOTM).   

    TY all - he is trying Sorc
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  4. Ryouzanpaku added a post in a topic What Failstack should I attempt PEN at?   

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  5. Ryouzanpaku added a post in a topic Class to choose (for friend, not a FOTM).   

    Ty guys
    He wants to try BDO yhis weekend - his GF is gone for 2 days so he can play a lot
    So suggestions are for now:
    1x Maehwa
    2x Sorc
    2x Zerker
    2x Ninja
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  6. Ryouzanpaku added a topic in General   

    Class to choose (for friend, not a FOTM).
    Friend of mine wants to try BDO and asked me what class should he try.
    Honestly I am not fluent in many classes, hence I would like to ask here. AsI do play Witch and it is not bad - it is strong - no doubt, but I miss flow/combos/incombat movement other classes offer - and is not a melee friend likes).
    So what would you suggest for a guy who will be new in the game, but has vast experience with MMORPG games. He wants:
    - Melee class
    - Not a FOTM, not a bottom of the foodchain
    - does not like resource management
    - likes complex combos + CC + AoE + mobility
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  7. Ryouzanpaku added a post in a topic Basic weapon transitions/combos.   

    I never use C - I do:
    Shift + LMB + E (for MS+DoD from scythe) and
    W + RMB +LMB + space (for Violation+Soul Harvest from amulet)
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  8. Ryouzanpaku added a topic in Sorceress   

    Basic weapon transitions/combos.
    I am slowly trying to build an alt as I am bored by 59->60 grind on my main. I have chosen (or better would be game has chosen for me) the Sorceress
    After quite straightforward grind to 56 I have finally got my scythe - and I was immediately completely lost. Compared to my main (witch) everything is so much faster and more dynamic! I have to finally use both pre-aw and aw skills and change the stance! It is really fun - but also I have got quite lost very soon. People directed me to the sorc discord - which is really nice, but also more advanced then complete noob in the class can appreciate (IMHO).  Especially because video showcases of class are quite fast. So I would like to put together just few basic transitions in hope people will ad some of the more advanced in replays
    What I had to learn to start enjoy the class post AW was actually quite easy:
    In Scythe -> Midnight Stinger + Dream of Doom = instant switch to amulet + instacasted DoD /with proper addons good buffs and full mana/
    In Amulet -> Violation + LMB + Space = instant switch to scythe + big damage from dual Violation + Soul Harvest
    That's it - as I have said I am Sorc noob so I am trying to get this to muscle memory but will appreciate any tips of your favorites.
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  9. Ryouzanpaku added a post in a topic Skill guides?   

    TY guys
    (I am total Sorc noob - just created her as alt to rest from my main grinding to 60.... will get her to 56 this weekend as I am really looking for scythe)
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  10. Ryouzanpaku added a post in a topic Skill guides?   

    so I have additional question
    After checking skill guides on discord I have noticed in these that AW Sorc is still putting points to non aw dmg skills? What is the reason for using Claw of Darkness+Dark Flame and Shadow Eruption after AW?
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  11. Ryouzanpaku added a post in a topic NERF dark knight   

    Burn the witch!!!!!
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  12. Ryouzanpaku added a post in a topic Dande vs Blue   

    well how would you specify relative weight of different kinds of AP in this environment then?
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  13. Ryouzanpaku added a post in a topic Fun class?   

    I will start with the Witch as you asked
    I main Witch - grinding to 60 now. And as much as I have loved her, now after countless hours of the grind I hate her to the bone. It has static play style, no skill cancel, no real flow skills (as skill chains - Witch aw flows simply add some animation and damage). So I would not suggest it to you now even if damage and AoE damage is really very strong - play style is quite boring IMHO.
    As I am now looking for the alt to get some variety I was looking to all possible options and at the end I have got two favorites: Zerker and the Sorcerer. Pls mind I was not looking at all to the current position on OP ladder etc - my only criteria was how I like the play style and visuals on the class. At the end Sorcerer won, because even though Zerker has MUCH cooler main weapon - axes are super cool IMHO its AW weapon & animations are only mediocre for me. On the other side even though Sorc amulet is sub par at best, Scythe is coolest looking weapon in the game.
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  14. Ryouzanpaku added a post in a topic Usage of pre-AW skills across classes?   

    Why I am actually asking this - I was watching lot of Sorc videos lately (I have huge weakness for Scythe as a weapon of choice....)
    And it seems to me Sorc is using lot of pre-aw skills and not only utility ones (Claws of Darkness + Dark Flame is in all aw build  and some others too http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/32107/ )

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  15. Ryouzanpaku added a post in a topic Usage of pre-AW skills across classes?   

    Not really as it sounds quite bitter and biased
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