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  1. Miyanei added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 18th   

    Servers are up.
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  2. Miyanei added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 18th   

    So, what... 10 minutes until the announcement that maintenance has been extended?
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  3. Miyanei added a post in a topic I messed up bad   

  4. Miyanei added a post in a topic Anyone got a map of the negative karma Jail u go to when u die in the desert?   

    This is why there is no map.
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  5. Miyanei added a post in a topic This needs to stop.   

    This thread: Don't be impatient.
    My partner does shit like this, too. The cpu lags a little and suddenly there are six copies of chrome running because when the first didn't immediately launch she just mashed the button.
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  6. Miyanei added a post in a topic Bad pvp system   

    Just gonna say this... If all you have is 30mins a day and you think you can enjoy BDO in a non-afk Lifeskill manner, you'll be wildly let down. BDO is a game that does reward and require a lot of time and energy to properly compete. Hell, if I only have 30 minutes or even an hour around prime time if I'm grinding it'll be nowhere near Sausans or Pirates. Why? Because when my time is limited I don't have the ability to deal with curveballs that the game throws your way like bombers or level 54s running around disrupting what was a nice rotation.
    The vast majority of so-called "MMORPGs" out there are built for people who don't like penalties and do like being given BiS gear for a 30min dungeon run. Let us keep that toxic and destructive mentality far away from BDO where actually playing the MMORPG like a MMORPG is still a thing.
    At the end of the day ask to party. Just ask. Some people will ignore you, some will attack you, some will just say "no". But some people like the company and don't mind. I'll kill you if you try to take my rotation, and I will show no mercy. However, if you even just ask I'll be more willing to group or even (as I've gotten into the habit of doing) give a little whisper so whoever was nice and asked for a group (and I said no for one reason or another) knows when I'm done with the spot they wanted.
    And frankly finding someone grinding for more than like 2 hours isn't very common unless at peak, peak times. Off-time grinding is actually my biggest way to avoid these kinds of issues. 
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  7. Miyanei added a post in a topic Birthdays - Do they lose value or just me?   

    Even before I left Facebook, I had to turn off my birthday. It was unsettling watching people I barely knew suddenly "care" about me in any way. Ever since then I've been happier when my actual friends and family remember. And hell, they don't always because I never make a big deal about it
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  8. Miyanei added a post in a topic Returning Player - PVE   

    1/2 of your Awakened weapon's AP comes from the mainhand weapon, and as far as we are aware the accuracy and other such stats from the mainhand (including crystals) also transfer over. Awakened weapons have "low" AP compared to mainhand due to this. Most classes do primarily use awakened weapon all the time, however for Mae until you get to 58+ you have to do a lot of stance dancing due to lack of burst and high-ish cooldowns. Maehwa probably swaps between more than most other classes. Rangers? They barely ever have to swap out of awakening.
    But if you have a TRI Liverto you're good for a long while.
    You'll get the most bang for your buck to upgrade armors at the least to PRI (53% chance to pop stacked, no downgrade). I usually like to consider TRI about the top end for non-boss gears.
    Accessories would be second. Offhand is kinda a choice. Accuracy bow is nice for PvP and some PvE but the straight AP bow provides 10+ more straight AP. Bheg's+Red Coral Earring(s) tend to solve the accuracy issues without needing to lose AP on offhand, but the acc offhand is solid as well for now.
    I highly suggest, for ease and quickness, to buy a +15 green spear off market and get that to DUO/TRI while you more slowly can work on a Dandi or even the blue spear.
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  9. Miyanei added a post in a topic AP VS Attack +   

    I'm not trying to be a jerk, only that my data (which wasn't rigorous but was reviewed) seemed to suggest that there is something wonky with how the Jarette's  +Atk was provided. This could be an issue with the items to bad localization to anything else we don't know about. I'm just saying that I don't think it is as simple as "Atk=AP" because that really doesn't seem to be the full story.
    I can understand if the intent were there, as well, but there's an issue with the "hidden stats" coming over as we've seen with tons of different examples. But I'll be doing the same tests again with the parser as this is a question I am simply very curious about, overall. I agree that +Atk should work like +AP and seems like that was the intent. However, I'm just not convinced it isn't a little off from being a straight 1:1.
    It may be Jarette's Set, itself. Maybe the +Atk there is bugged whereas for those rations it wasn't. Maybe it works differently as a straight buff instead of on gear. I'd like to get to the bottom of this and the only way to do that is real testing which we can now do.
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  10. Miyanei added a post in a topic Passive worker income woes   

    The trade buff just explains the bigger numbers and how some people can't see how they're reached. It is absolutely worth it to do crates, etc., from the get go (how else do you skill up?) but the big incomes take that big buff into account. The raw income is absolutely lower.
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  11. Miyanei added a post in a topic AP VS Attack +   

    All I can say is that my own testing, for personal reasons with the help a bunch of guildies, showed an advantage to straight AP over the +Atk. This was, in our testing, an issue with Awakening AP not seeming to get the same from +Atk as from straight AP on accessories.
    I can claim this because I witnessed it and my guildies agreed on the conclusion as well.
    This isn't narrow. There are a million other reasons why these tests end up inconsistent and with differing results that don't touch any of this because the game is insanely dense and obtuse.
    The idea that Ap=+Atk just doesn't line up with the significant boost I saw from equal pure AP to Awakened.  If you can come up with an explanation that is as plausible it would be worth looking in to and I don't discount that there could certainly be other causes.
    We're also not even certain everything listed as "AP" or "+Atk" is even what it says it is. It could also be bugged and not working as intended like we have some evidence other things are bugged and not working properly.
    I played with Jarettes for months and then made a set of equal straight APs and just tested. A round at Sausans/bandits with one then the other. The mobs fell signifigantly quicker with +15 AP instead of +15 Atk when I used Awakened, but mainhand remained constant.
    In any case this shouldn't be an issue for much longer now that we have a parser. I'll play with that, get some actual data and then be even better informed. That really changes everything.
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  12. Miyanei added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    If you want to be successful, you have to learn to just put it down until the rage and frustration subsides. Screwing something up because you rage enchanted is just going to make things worse. That's how people end up quitting.
    Frankly, I leapfrog my gear. Always two sets. I get myself into decent and inexpensive TRIish stuffs and then work on what matters without needing to put it back on yet. I'll only really enhance something if it means I can surpass the current gear so that I can, without worry, work on the other one after.
    And hell, when I'm done I'll basically have two sets of decent endgame gears.
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  13. Miyanei added a post in a topic Passive worker income woes   

    Isn't the higher income dependent on the Master2 Desert Trade Buff?
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  14. Miyanei added a post in a topic How do you hide the obnoxious "PARKING" sign?   

    I will say that I can find my horse quickly now when it is in a sea of horses.
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  15. Miyanei added a post in a topic AP VS Attack +   

    This is both true and false.
    Now this is an educated guess based on testing and using jarette's accessories for a long while. +Atk is almost-but-not-quite AP.
    For mainhand, the +atk seems to add damage almost 1:1 with mainhand, but it is the awakening weapon that loses out because that +atk mainhand does not seem to transfer over to awakened AP. When I swapped out my Jarette's set for AP equal to the lost +atk my mainhand remained constant while I saw my awakening damage go significantly up. This is because straight AP on accessories transfers to awakened AP 1:1 and mainhand gives 1/2 AP transferred over.
    So +Atk isn't quite equal to AP but really close. +Atk is great to fill some gaps earlier on, especially pre-awakening, but once you hit 56 you're simply losing out on AP because the +Atk doesn't transfer.
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