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  1. Ctnp added a post in a topic Vine knot   

    I believe it's bugged, but there's still no official answer on this, nor did anyone else comment >.<
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  2. Ctnp added a post in a topic Basic DPS rotation for leveling to 55+ ?   

    Ninjutsu: Block jump -> Ghost greeting -> Fatal blow -> Shuriken stab -> Ankle cutter -> Floor sweeping -> Ninjutsu: shadow stomp -> Suicide fall -> Fox claw -> Ninjutsu: Shadow clone.
    That's the basic combo I use for PvP, and when all of my hits land, it kills anyone who's equally geared, plus, it leaves you the stealth and Ninjutsu: black moonlight as escape-ish skills if you fail to kill him in one combo.
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  3. Ctnp added a post in a topic What skill add-ons are you guys using?   

    Shadow slash 10HP/hit + 20 monster AP
    Fatal blow 10 pvp AP + 20% crit
    Ninjutsu: Shadow stomp 5% evasion + 10% attack speed(5sec and cd on skill is 6sec, since it's the strongest skill we've, you can spam it and have 13% attack speed full time (5% from shadow slash + 7% from shadow stomp <- bugged? should be 10% but w/e))
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  4. Ctnp added a post in a topic How are y'all holding up in pvp?   

    Well, I'm only having trouble with rangers in pvp... Due to the damage nerf I can't really kill them in one combo even if all my CC's land properly, and I've 171 AP at the moment. And of course, once they get out of my CC's I'm just dead due to desync and iframes not working properly.
    As for other classes, meh, everything else is really easy to kill in PvP, at least in 1v1, for group fights I'd say you have to play very carefully because if you get caught, you're dead, so try staying behind your teammates and just attack people who are on low HP to help your teammates finish them faster.
    Our version, KR will even get a buff soon (ninja at least, who was nerfed due to awakening) as they are too weak at the moment. That's also the reason why kunoichi has her awakening weapon delayed, they wanted to make sure it's properly balanced before release. We currently have the oldest version of kunoichi (which KR had at the release of the two classes), so they've done nothing basically during those 2 months of "balancing" the class. That's why this is now (again) the most gear dependant class in the game.
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  5. Ctnp added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    Yep, they could even lower the price a bit, say 10$ per month, which would be more than a reasonable enough price for unlimited color customization and some bonus weight for those who are willing to buy it each month.
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  6. Ctnp added a post in a topic Ultimate Heve gear has no model in-game   

    Can confirm, not a single piece of ultimate heve has a model on my tamer either.
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  7. Ctnp added a post in a topic Game Size Question   

    37.171.322.880 bytes

    Or well, 34,6GB...
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  8. Ctnp added a post in a topic Corrupt file when updating 1.7GB patch   

    Oh well...
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  9. Ctnp added a post in a topic BDO Failstacking Tips   

    You really need to start reading korean forums more often.
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  10. Ctnp added a post in a topic BDO Failstacking Tips   

    Here are the exact percentages that you get per fail stack (and the max amount of failstacks that has the effect on enchantment).
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  11. Ctnp added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   


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  12. Ctnp added a post in a topic Kr awakening pvp videos   

    Considering most of the maehwa players in KR quit their main ( or took a break from it until patch or w/e ), kinda proves that it's bad <.<
    Marketplace is apparently full of cheap, enchanted blades due to the people quitting it ...
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  13. Ctnp added a post in a topic Kr awakening pvp videos   

    Unfortunately, Sal Gi also quit playing maehwa and went to ranger instead today... Check out his last stream
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  14. Ctnp added a post in a topic Attack speed nerf or bug ?   

    I have no idea what we are playing, but it's not maehwa for sure...
    I really don't know how could they mess the class up so much, it makes no sense at all, especially knowing that the video I linked was uploaded today, so that's the current state of maehwa on jap version of the game.
    As far as I know, it's just like that in RU version as well, so idk why did they mess it up here lol.
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  15. Ctnp added a post in a topic Attack speed nerf or bug ?   

    It's definitely a bug; here's a video of how fast maehwa's attacks SHOULD be and ARE on JAP version:

    ( Ty for the video FrizFroz <3 )
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