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  1. darkwind added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Same as above flushed dns ect repaired files which don't take the 30 to 50 mins it stated, in Fact it took 14 hours (I left it going overnight) and there was no way to cancel it I had to wait for it to finish. I finaly get home this afternoon and oh joy its not taking an hour to load in and get to character select, I select server and have been disconnected 4 times so far after 5 mins of waiting for toons  and npcs to actually show up, 2 mins to switch fishing pole to sword, this is totaly unacceptable in this day and age. Your last patch was a total disaster revert back to an earlier version if you have to but its just not me having issues if I wasnt so caught up in the game id walk really really frustrated.
    Ps at least give us some feedback an unfed Mushroom turns into a toad stool and you don't want toadstools as paying customers spores spread really fast.
    attempt 5
    attempt 6
    attempt 7
    ....... plays some other game.
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  2. darkwind added a post in a topic [Notice] Known Issues - Apr. 26 *Updated*   

    Cant even swap between fishing pole and weapon and to add even more injury when you press space to fish the animation stuffs up and wont let you fish anyway so cant even afk fish till you fix it....
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  3. darkwind added a post in a topic Exp Servers   

    I play Australian timezone and I assure you every day in last 2 weeks I have not had the option to log in to any exp server like again tonight. And Lusha you have completely misconstrued what I was saying I want to play on the crowded servers I don't mind that at all but, It is unfair that some can get exp experience and some can not... why have it in the first place just give every server the exp lift or lift the cap . the little extra exp is appreciated.
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  4. darkwind added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Exp Servers
    Is there any way to increase the servers giving an exp bonus 2 weeks straight now all 5 have been totally full, at my play times before they were allways crowded but you could at least get on. I'm beginning to feel like a second class citizen. I know the Dark Knight has brought player base back but either do away with the exp entirely or open or up more as its unfair as it now stands.
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  5. darkwind added a post in a topic Patching Stuck | Character Slot Issues - 12/1/2016   

    Okay renamed file to config.filecheck as advised, little apprehensive as its downloaded 1.95 gb so far of the 1.4 gb patch are you really sure its not going to download the 41.26 gb displayed in the download file. ill be really pissed if it does as you stated it wouldn't and I'm on Adsl2.
    5.29 gb  11.26 hours still after 2 hours beginning to look like an untruth has been told....
    14.23 gb 7.50 hours remaining thanks so much for a wasted 2 days not only does this prevent me from playing another game that requires internet access but your download system is so retarded that if I interrupt to do something else it will penalize me by requiring the download to start from the beginning again Thanks so much I realize its unintended but it really don't help online games in general when stuff ups like this occur.  Quote below
    Attempting a file repair is easy:
    1. Go to the Black Desert Online installation folder. (Usually C:/Program Files(x86)/Black Desert Online).
    2. Rename the following file: version.dat to config.filecheck.
    3. Restart the launcher and it will repair your game files.
    Please note that, it may look like it is (re)download a massive amount of data but it will actually only download damaged files after checking the whole install.
    If the problem persists, continue below:
    1. Go to Log folder in your installation directory, and choose the latest created "Client" log file.
    2. The corrupted .PAZ file should be mentioned in the second from last line, delete it from the Paz folder
    3. Repeat if necessary.
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