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  1. kyoot added a post in a topic Dark Knight coming?   

    it's confirmed for the 1st march
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  2. kyoot added a topic in Guides   

    Dark Knight Skills guide [pre-release]
    Skills of dark knight class, all credit goes to 다뀨엘프 of inven korean member(rough translations bare with me)
    These do not include the dark knight awakening skills

     Scar Sunder

     Revealed Dagger - Weapons of the spleen (10% attack speed increase)

    Soaring gloom

    Blitz (moving invincilbity)

    Tilted balance (striking offset)

    Pervading gloom (recovery, MP 20,10,10 seconds armor reduction)
    Press space bar during skill
    It becomes the front guard state, but it takes less than one second, and the guard is hard to expect

    Scratch madness - flow : scratch insanity (marker generator)
    Damage is fine and cooldown is short, so its a favorite skill that you often use
    If you learn flow you will get 4 hits(up to 3 if you don't get flow)

    Extermination (100% critical strike, marker generated)

    Enforcement - Flows:execution (marker generated)
    If motion is clear and flow is learned the damage is also fine

    Silvia Camara
    Damage is excellent with a guard in use or forward guard

    Wheel of Fate (Super Armor)

    Raven ashes (100% critical)

    Land of the fall (some sort of recovery? 20)
    Strike around the character continuously
    Damage time is 30 seconds

    Theres a skill to activate the market when hitting the above skill,
    you can explode the mark with other skills(?) arrogant force/kamal silvia cham/fallen earth?(don't know these skills)
    It's wide so you can pull aggro similar to warrior

    Definitely good to use for damage(?)

    Black spirit 100% skill
    Range is very bad
    There is no guard or super armor in use

    Seems like a sort of evasion/dash

    If you block it like a warrior block, you get a defense buff right away.
    That's all I assume I haven't went on KR BDO myself to try out DK but I will sometime today.
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  3. kyoot added a post in a topic BOYS OVER FLOWERS   

    oh yeah i know who you're talking about, hye ji. literally everyone hated her.
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  4. kyoot added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    *cough* tamer needs help *cough*
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  5. kyoot added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    There's RNG in literally every game, if you don't like it, why even play?
    Its really that simple instead of complaining like anyone who plays the game cares.
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  6. kyoot added a post in a topic Any DK streams?   

    He plays DK and warrior, he's playing DK most at the moment.
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  7. kyoot added a post in a topic How well will my PC run this game   

    You can check on http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri

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  8. kyoot added a post in a topic This year mmo list looks dull   

    I'm currently playing Maplestory 2 and hoping it comes out for NA sometime soon so I can play with friends.
    I'm also waiting for Peria Chronicles. 
    I was looking forward to another MMO called Asker Online but it cancelled sadly.
    here's some gameplay. 
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  9. kyoot added a post in a topic Which class should I come back to?   

    tamer is love
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  10. kyoot added a post in a topic Best MMO of 2016 (Vote)   

    Why do you smell like a lazypeon fanboy?
    idk, maybe its just me.
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  11. kyoot added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 25th   

    Just wanted to know if any new costumes will be added or you know..*cough* new class *cough*
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  12. kyoot added a post in a topic [NA/Edan] Spaghetti is Recruiting!   

    i don't think i even fit the requirements lmao
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  13. kyoot added a post in a topic Best class for perma red -1mil karma.   

    >calls me a normie
    >uses the term carebear

    pick one.
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  14. kyoot added a post in a topic [NA/Edan] Spaghetti is Recruiting!   

    my god i thought this was a guild recruit thread, what is all this mess?
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  15. kyoot added a post in a topic [Official] Dark Knight 'COMING SOON' after Margoria + Awakening info + lore   

    Korean MMOs aren't catered to western gaming communities, its catered towards theirs, eastern.
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