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  1. Joker added a post in a topic A Male Counterpart for the future "Dark Elf" Class! [POLL]   

    For the Love of all that is RPG Enough with the All the Girl Classes! Make more Male Classes!
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  2. Joker added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  3. Joker added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    1. A screenshot of yourself on your mount (horse or donkey)

    2. A screenshot of yourself on your boat
     3. A screenshot of yourself on your wagon
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  4. Joker added a topic in Suggestions   

    [Suggestion] Hire New Marketing Team...
    I'm sorry to be so blunt, but there are so many bad marketing choices in this game I have to say something. And this Title will Catch people's Attention  (that is one of the main points of marketing after all).  Here are just a couple of things I see that need to be fixed and watched for the future.
    First and most IMPORTANT: "You should be able to open the Pearl Store no mater what you are doing in the game!" This should be a given and should be top priority! When people are bored Fishing, auto Traveling or laying in Bed (how did they miss that one...) you need to let them open the store. Boredom is one of the best selling tools! People should ALWAYS be able to open your shop when ever they want. Remember this is a "Buy to Play" game you need people to spend money in your Pearl Store and if you block them from opening the store when there Auto Running or what ever they are going to open a web page and shop another store/site. 
    Having Sales on Items that are not fully functioning: Having a Sale on Pets when you can't even bread them (and no clear notice of that) was a Bad Move. You put a back taste in peoples mouth and now they are more likely to look twice before they buy to make sure the item is 100% implemented in game.
    New Items: All new Items should ALWAYS be on sale for a limited time when there NEW to the Pearl Store. This will motivate people to "Buy Now!" to get the savings and you will see a bigger spike when new items come out. Putting a new item up at regular price will cause more people to just wait to buy it later or see if you put out another item they like better later. That cuts back on how many items they buy. Seeing as this game is already in other countries people already know what items are coming so having a "NEW ITEM SALE" Will get people to spend more in the long run.
    In order for this game to have a health income and long life in NA/EU you need to have a good (and always changing) Marketing Plan. Your Marketing Team should be watching this stuff and your Marketing Team should have a HIGH priority on your programmers list of people to listen to. All games run on Money, and Successful Games are that way because a Good Marketing Team.
    Just my Thoughts,
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  5. Joker added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 16   

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  6. Joker added a post in a topic Suggestion: Ship Repair (Lifespan repair)   

    /agree with OP
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  7. Joker added a post in a topic Quests With Missing Turn in NPC LIST   

    SO where is the Quest dose it say this? Because all I'm shown is a icon (like all the rest) telling me to go to a spot on the map.
    BTW Thanks, that did work.
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  8. Joker added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Quests With Missing Turn in NPC LIST
    I'm getting sick of constantly doing quest just to get to the end and find the Turn NPC is gone and there is not explanashion in the quest decription or any thing. So I'm going ot make a List of all the Quest that is hapens in so people don't have to WAST there time doing them... Post here is you know some I'll ad them to the List.
    Quest That are missing NPC:
    "Imps at the Farm" (Lv. 18)
    "Profound Flag" (Lv. 27)
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  9. Joker added a post in a topic How to Turn off the Over Head Health Bar?   

    Thanks for the Reply!  but there in lies my problem.. Call me Old School, but I like to see my name over my head. 
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  10. Joker added a topic in New Adventurers   

    How to Turn off the Over Head Health Bar?
    How can I turn off the over head health bar? There is already a big one on the bottom (where most MMO's have it) I don't need 2 and I don't like it over my head because there is already to much clutter there with: Guild name, Title, Last name, Player Name, Cross-hair having a health bar there to is a bit much. Looks like I'm running around with a paragraph over my head...
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  11. Joker added a post in a topic Pet Breeding available soon?   

    Well that should have been stated in the store BEFORE we Bought Pets for Breading... I could have used my Per-Order pearls on something I could use for now and bought another pet later...
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  12. Joker added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Can't Open Windows in House because Furniture Buffs...
    Just what the title says if you place an item near a window or door (Like a Chair) you can't open it any more because it keep asking you if you want the Buff! I would rather remove ever being able to get a buff just to be able to open a door...
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  13. Joker added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Wrong Wood Floor in Claim Selection
    The floor shown there you pick your free House Items is called "Wood Floor" and looks like the one in a Pearl Store but the one you get is "Rhua Wood Flooring"... I want the Wood Floor I picked not the V pattern one...
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  14. Joker added a post in a topic Full Bag of Fish (cant sell @ tradeguy )   

    If there is a Warehouse around where your Fishing, your doing it wrong...
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  15. Joker added a post in a topic Full Bag of Fish (cant sell @ tradeguy )   

    This IS a real Problem for AFK Fishing... because it means when you come back you have to destroy something to sell.
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