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  1. Lichtspiel added a post in a topic DC while afk fishing   

    Yeah i can't imagine it being the fishing either, but what are the odds of me always deciding to fish when the severs are bad lol guess im unluckier than i thought
    the lags and rubberbanding is terrible though, i really do hope they fix that soon cuz i feel like it gets worse every patch..

    That happened to me yesterday too after i had my boat stuck and needed them to transport me to a safezone
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  2. Lichtspiel added a topic in Technical Issues   

    DC while afk fishing
    I used to not have an issue with this at all but like 3 patches ago i guess something broke and it's honestly super annoying.
    Everytime i go to afk fish overnight i get disconnected within barely even an hour.
    It's been going on for a while so for the entire last week i didn't afk fish once, instead i'd afk process or afk cook or even just put my character in bed for energy. This entire week i didn't get disconnected once while afking overnight.
    Last night I thought i'd just go fish since i haven't gotten disconnected so i figured whatever was broken is now fixed but i wake up to see i've been disconnected within an hour of sleeping, AGAIN.
    I highly doubt that i keep hitting the unlucky coincidence of ONLY disconnecting while i fish.. anyone else having this problem? anything i can do to fix it? It's honestly getting so annoying and this hasn't been a problem until recently so i really want this fixed..
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  3. Lichtspiel added a post in a topic Pearls gegen Ingame Items? Für Euch normal, oder auch langsam ein Dorn im Auge?   

    Sich mit jemandem abzusprechen und der Person dann Pearls zu zahlen damit sie dir items ins AH steckt erhöht deine Chance überhaupt nicht? Du redest dir hier ziemlich viel Mist ein um ehrlich zu sein...
    Wenn du dir den Markt mal anschaust merkst du, dass mehr items an der Pre Order vorbei gehen und im Free-For-All Markt landen als anders herum.

    Leute sprechen sich schon seit Ewigkeiten ab, wenn es um bestimmte items geht. Davor war's halt nur zwischen Guildies und Freunden, jetzt erwaten sie eben Pearls. Wer dumm genug ist, sich auf sowas einzulassen ist selbst schuld und das sehen die Devs genauso.

    Trotzdem kein Grund hier so 'ne unnötige Massenpanik zu verursachen.. so viele Leute die sich auf sowas einlassen gibt es gar nicht. Die meisten items werden immernoch als +0, +15, oder PRI-TRI verkauft, so wie davor auch. Für kein einziges Teil meines Gears habe ich mich mit jemandem abgesprochen und trotzdem alles was ich brauche gekriegt... da muss nichts verändert oder verboten werden, weil es dich doch gar nicht betrifft. Red' dir nicht so 'nen Blödsinn ein nur um dich über etwas aufzuregen das es gar nicht gibt.
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  4. Lichtspiel added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Event Candy bugged?
    The Candy has a 30 minute duration and a 30 minute cooldown which, if i'm not entirely misunderstanding this, should mean i can use the Event Candy back-to-back, no?
    It appears that i can't, though. When I use the candy it applies the buffs, goes on a 30 minute cooldown but then when the timer runs out it resets the cooldown without me actually using another candy. So basically my candy ends up being on a 60 minute cooldown..
    Am i misunderstanding how this is supposed to work/ is this intentional or is it actually bugged?
    It's kind of a shame because i won't be able to use them much before the event ends..
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  5. Lichtspiel added a post in a topic Disconnects   

    I can't even load in right now because it disconnects me immediately
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  6. Lichtspiel added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Game crashes after trying to connect to any character
    For some reason I can't connect to any of my Characters on any of the Channels anymore. I can start the game up normally, get to pick a channel but as soon as i choose to connect any character at all i get put into the loading screen which then gets stuck and makes my game crash.
    I did already restart my PC several times, tried restarting the game on the lowest possible settings, emptied my game cashe and went through two game repairs and it still won't work at all.
    It's for sure not my connection since I actually don't have an issue with any other game and the game worked perfectly fine like 12 hours ago when i went to bed so I can't really see why it suddenly won't work anymore.
    One thing that just confuses me is that i only have this issue on the NA Server.
    I'm from Germany but i only play on the NA Server and have never even touched the EU Server, but seeing how I couldn't connect i wanted to see what would happen and it turns out i can connect to the EU Server just fine.
    I already sent a ticket but i kinda wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue as well/ if anyone can suggest something else i can try in order to fix this until they get back to me.
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  7. Lichtspiel added a post in a topic After Server Merge if you stay AFK fishing or moving you are being AFK flagged and getting disconnected   

    I was AFK fishing for a few hours and got disconnected but now I can't get back into the Game without it disconnecting me immediately. /:
    It's been disconnecting me while auto-pathing for the past few days as well, even when I wasn't actually AFK.
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