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  1. Drekt added a post in a topic Leading the Charge in PvP   

    Thank you for the kind words! I hope to be back and competitive again soon!
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  2. Drekt added a post in a topic Leading the Charge in PvP   

    Haha I was worried people wouldn't enjoy the cut-aways, glad I was wrong.
    I just got my big boy weapon and can now retire the green awakened weapon!

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  3. Drekt added a topic in Berserker   

    Leading the Charge in PvP
    I've been back in BDO for a little over a month now and have been enjoying PvP on the awakened Berserker.
    A couple of nights ago, I was coming back from a grind session in Valencia and as I was passing the Hidel arena, I saw some action so I thought I would check it out. Turns out there were some reds around, and we had a good 45 minute long 1vX that turned into a GvG. I caught some of the highlights of the fights and thought the Berserker community might enjoy them.
    Link for mobile: https://youtu.be/kSJp7iiTy_0
    Feedback is always welcomed and I hope you all enjoy!
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  4. Drekt added a post in a topic Are ninjas really that bad?   

    This is my opinion, and I am a relatively new ninja. The ninja is not an easy class to play, but I think  a lot of the forum is a bit extreme if the opinion is that the ninja is "bad". The ninja has an extremely high skill cap (which is one of the many things that I like about the class) but is very unforgiving (little room for error). In PVP, the ninja is very competitive, but relies heavily on the execution of combos. If the combos are not executed correctly or a couple of mistakes are made, then the likely outcome will be loosing the fight. On the other hand, if the combos are executed successfully and block/super armor is used properly, I can see the ninja being near unstoppable.
    I do not have any unbiased feedback for the Musa unfortunately.
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  5. Drekt added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening PvP - Defending the Grind Spot   

    Thanks for the feedback! Yea since I got the Acer Predator x34, I can't seem to go back to a conventional screen.
    You are so right about the smokescreen. I did not use it to my advantage during these fights. My intentions were to keep the mage under pressure, which led me to stay away from stealth during the fights since the witch's heals have a very short CD. I got some feedback that switching weapons with "R" instead of "C" may make it much easier, which will allow me to do a much better job when wanting to utilize the "Q".
    I have made the minimap change as you suggested! I don't why I hadnt done it before...
    Another person gave me some feedback to use the serpent [bite?] (S+F) after the grab instead of before since you can float while the opponent is on the ground from the grab. What I need to check is to see if the "down attack + float" (log --> grab --> serpents [bite?] is better than the "back attack + float" (log --> serpents [bite?] --> grab).
    Once again, thanks for the feedback! This thread has been very helpful.
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  6. Drekt added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening PvP - Defending the Grind Spot   

    That's a really good tip! Thanks!
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  7. Drekt added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening PvP - Defending the Grind Spot   

    Kliessen! Long time no see my friend. Hope all is well!
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  8. Drekt added a topic in Ninja   

    Ninja Awakening PvP - Defending the Grind Spot
    I had created a ninja alt when the class was first released. I just came back to BDO and was curious how the ninja awakening weapon stacked up against other classes. I knew it had a high skill cap and was very much dependent on successful combos. This class is really enjoyable to play.
    As you could imagine, Sausen grind spots were heavily contested. Most folks typically karma bomb since their guilds were not "ready for war," but I ran into a witch that was willing to fight for the grind spot. Please understand that I am still learning the ninja awakening mechanics and I am struggling for skill points .
    I have an Opponent's Blessing count in the video and I accidentally left it in after rendering the video. We were in duel mode, so no blessings were used.
    I chose some Led Zeppelin remixes this time around. I hope you enjoy!
    Link for mobile: https://youtu.be/T4d7qbHdBKA
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  9. Drekt added a post in a topic Returning to BDO PvP - The Hand Canon   

    I still have some muscle memory (for the axes) that messes me up from time to time when I am using the canon. I need to work on my mid combat weapon switching. Finally, the heavier reliance on the spacebar is causing me to do a lot more noob jumps than I would like.
    All and all, I am really loving the canon gameplay and with more practice/time, the gameplay will be back to the smooth berserker style that I am used to.
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  10. Drekt added a topic in Berserker   

    Returning to BDO PvP - The Hand Canon
    I left BDO two days prior to the release of the awakening weapons and have now returned. I wanted to see how the hand canon gameplay held up, so I went to pirates to test it out. While I was at pirates, I ran into some fights vs an awakened Wizard. Please understand that this footage was my first open world PvP fights since returning two days ago.
    Hope you enjoy!
    Link for Mobile: https://youtu.be/myXtkInwqVM
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  11. Drekt added a post in a topic Awakened Warrior PVP Video - The Macaroni   

    I will have to let Joey respond to this, but he is using certain skills to activate the awakening effects such as increased AP etc.
    Here is another video of Joey, but it caused some political backlash. The video was intended to show some of the capabilities of an Awakened Warrior. Hope you enjoy it as well.
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  12. Drekt added a topic in Warrior   

    Awakened Warrior PVP Video - The Macaroni
    One of my good friends is a very talented warrior, but is very modest. I thought I would share some footage of him with the Warrior community.
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  13. Drekt added a post in a topic HP regen   

    In addition to Kuchen's video, I made a short clip to show how well RT's heal works at Crescents. 169AP/157DP at the time of the video.
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  14. Drekt added a post in a topic Zerk vs Awaken Warrior tips???   

    Everyone above has given good advice on the grab chains to beat awakened warriors.
    Almost all of the warrior awakening abilities have block or super armor, which means stomping in their face will not work, nor attempting to float them while they are using abilities. In addition, the warrior awakening abilities apply pretty significant attack speed and movement speed debuffs. When these debuffs get applied, I typically disengage the warrior until they wear off.
    The awakend warrior has a dash, but the super armor only works off cooldown. If you see the warrior dashing around, lava pierce into stop when the cooldown is active and that will be a way to initiate a float combo.
    In addition, I have found Tackling Rock to be quite a useful ability against awakend warriors. This post is the result of many hours dueling a very skilled warrior.
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  15. Drekt added a topic in Berserker   

    We need this in NA/EU
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