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  1. Eliri added a post in a topic Do You Play On A Laptop?   

    I play on a laptop and I play on ultra with 35-40 fps at Heidel. :> but I usually play on a little bit lower settings when grinding just because I don't wanna burn my pc if that makes sens. I also run the NVIDIA settings for BDO. This is my pc. https://www.steg-electronics.ch/de/article/Omen-17-w250nz-20493963.aspx
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  2. Eliri added a post in a topic Aakman guide?   

    Idk I might try to farm it in a 5p group o: we'll see how that goes. Thanks for your help <:
    Thanks for the advice <: will try going there when I have enough GS then~
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  3. Eliri added a post in a topic Aakman guide?   

    Uhh i dont rememeber the exact numbers as i didnt login for the last 3 days but im around 200ish ap and 230ish dp i believe
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  4. Eliri added a topic in Art & Media   

    Template request
    Hellow, I have a special template request for someone o:
    I just need someone who is very very good at creating characters, cause I need someone who can get as close as this character https://s23.postimg.org/4hz7n9bcr/URLO.png 
    Contact me in PM for details please!
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  5. Eliri added a post in a topic Desert Buff?   

    So basically before Master 2 I gotta trade in Arehaza and I will get more money than trading in Valencia, evene if there's no desert buff? o:
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  6. Eliri added a topic in PVE   

    Desert Buff?
    Okay so I was reading around about the desert-trading-buff and I remember reading someone saying that the buff didnt apply to Arehaza Town. Now, is that real? I mean, I farm coins at Kuit Island (Pirates) and I usually trade them at Arehaza (with all the nodes connected and elixir/sute tea), but is it better if I trade them at Valencia? o:
    thank you~
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  7. Eliri added a post in a topic Aakman guide?   

    What are the better places then, if you know any? o: Because I'm kiiiinda getting tired of solo pirates.
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  8. Eliri added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 11th **Updated 16:00 UTC**   

    It's not about the gear, it is much more worth if you do it in a party for the drops.
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  9. Eliri added a topic in PVE   

    Aakman guide?
    Hello everyone, I'm thinking about creating a group to start going to Aakman temple and farm there. Is it worth money-exp wise? How much ap-dp do you need? Do you need to exit the temple to repair/buy pots?
    I haven't tried going there yet, so sorry if the questions sound a little bit dumb <:
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  10. Eliri added a post in a topic Tier 9 Horse in Korea   

    Meh I really wanted to tryhard to get a Tier 9 but this is just sad now /: I have a Tier 8 with all the good skills he needs for the awakening and thinking it will just lose them all makes me not even wanna try it now.
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  11. Eliri added a post in a topic Tier 9 Horse in Korea   

    But do you know if the horse can learn the other skills? I mean trough leveling it up or trough horse skill change coupon
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  12. Eliri added a post in a topic Tier 9 Horse in Korea   

    lmao so you basically pay for those skills reset just to see them removed? really. wth are the devs thinking.
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  13. Eliri added a topic in PVE   

    Tier 9 Horse in Korea
    https://clips.twitch.tv/twirow/WildAlpacaSeemsGood jumping off Karanda ridge
    this is the original streamer https://www.twitch.tv/twirow/videos/all his last 4 videos are all about tier 9
    I found it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5n2r7k/tier_9_with_high_jump_and_glide/
    The only thing that I did not understand, does it lose all the previous skills when you awaken it and get a Tier 9? Or will it keep them and have all the skills + the tier 9 skills? /:
    (sorry if the video was already posted, I mainly made the post to ask the question <: )
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  14. Eliri added a post in a topic One armor to rule them all...   

    Boss armor, otherwise if you don't have it yet I'd say Grunil.
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  15. Eliri added a post in a topic How casual can you get   

    Contribution/energy exp is the same on all your characters, it is shared <:
    for example, if you just used 300 energy on a character, you can log the other one and use another 300 energy. But contribution is a bit different, the exp is shared but if you have 100 contribution and invest 50 in nodes for example, you will have 50 left.
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