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  1. appallo added a post in a topic Anyone else notice the change in boss drops?   

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  2. appallo added a post in a topic Basics and Tips for Sorc?   

    that's up for debate. in my opinion Attack and AP are the same. but obviously there's people out there that think otherwise. if you think like me then like I said that WHOLE set gives 42ap. and on a sheet of paper...aka in game gear score...yes a new belt or whatever would show you gaining more AP. 
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  3. appallo added a post in a topic Basics and Tips for Sorc?   

    Just remember to collect your accessories and enhance, currently your set accessories "Jarettes" or whatever they're called give 42ap total when all are equipped. Equipping *better* accessories like equipping a single better belt might NOT overall give you more ap because of the set bonus. 
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  4. appallo added a post in a topic Every male conterpart is stronger than female in this game   

    Wizard doesnt have block
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  5. appallo added a post in a topic Payment Wall need to be replaced ASAP   

    It's to prevent scammers and selling of in-game items for cashcards
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  6. appallo added a post in a topic Guess who is checking BDO...again ?!?!   

    No one cares
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  7. appallo added a post in a topic Help with low budget gearing.   

    My opinion? if I were you I would keep my curent gear, I would spam x5 or x10 relics with a full party and just sell the stones and mem frags until you have enough money to do what you want. a x5 party will net you 5m EASY in pure profit of just members frags ((25 relics = roughly 19m to buy and you easily yet 35 frags out of them which net you 26ish million)) 
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  8. appallo added a post in a topic We Are Recruting Family Friendly(closed c Obsidian Dragon)   

    Applied via the website. Ingame name is PhantomDong, I'll on a lot this week at all hours.
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  9. appallo added a post in a topic Fine Accessory Box? Attendance Event?   

    Desert ogres do not drop boxes. no mob does. 
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  10. appallo added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Marketplace Items Min/Max prices
    Hello, I've searched a little on the forums but I haven't found any other topics regarding this, so hopefully I'm not double posting. I'm on Uno and I'm currently trying to sell my Pri Ult Quitar Shuriken. When I go to post it to the marketplace it gives me a min/max price of roughly high 41m and low of 33m. but on the item description I see that the prices are roughly high 37m and low 34m. I understand that prices change but these don't add up and when I try to post this to the marketplace my LOWEST price is still 37m, which for everyone else's posts makes me in the middle. Not on the low end where I want to be.
    Maybe other items are like this too but people are talking about it?
    TL;DR My item's price doesn't match the marketplace's price so I am unable to effectively sell it.
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