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  1. Vengy added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    The only disadvantage i can think of is rebuying inventory, weights, and costume. Oh and lvling to 61 again.
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  2. Vengy added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Not even a "being looked into" from gm zzzzzzz rip musa
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  3. Vengy added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    The fact that ur missing that much with 2 tri red corals and a kutum shows how broken(in the bad way) this class is. 
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  4. Vengy added a post in a topic PVP Is Completely Broken. Admit it.   

    If you're so good at pvp skillwise and  have spent a lot of hours practicing your combos, what's stopping you from farming some gear and catching up. U can still win a fight if your opponent does 50% more  dmg than you if you're careful, but if someone does triple your damage, you're obviously way too undergeared.
    Your analogies are stupid too. A better one would be:
    A guy practices his aim with a nerf gun(pri green awakening wep) for years and brings it with him to a battlefield where everyone has rifles(tet dandes). Would it make sense for the guy with a nerf gun be able to kill someone, even if he has 100% accuracy with it? 
    You can't have only skill or only gear to be good in pvp. You have to have both. This doesn't apply to warrior/wiz. 
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  5. Vengy added a post in a topic HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO IT? Enchanting high risk?!   

    It's all rng to get tet, u have to get lucky and get some nice failstacks trying to go for tri, if youre  starting off with 0 stacks, u gotta hope u fail tri numerous times and get a tet stack,and also fail duo numerous times and get many tri stacks. Once you get a tet stack, you'll eventually get a tet 
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  6. Vengy added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    The game is losing people everyday now. I know alot of people that have charged back/blown up their gear and quit. None of these players are going to return even if they revoke this change. Duam can't and won't fix this 
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  7. Vengy added a post in a topic I bet most people won't quit after next week   

    Watch me :D
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  8. Vengy added a post in a topic The Value Pack And The Creeping Of Pay To Win In Our Version.   

    What if they introduce a new pack or item every month or so that has different buffs and also lasts 30 days. Eventually we could have to pay $100 each month to be able to be competitive in this game. Lets be honest here, players need the cash shop to be competitive. All hardcore players including me have spent money on the cash shop already for weight, inventory space etc to be competitive so they wont go overweight with their own pots. However, all these things were permanent and we didn't ever have to pay for them again. I don't mind buying the value pack every month if it's only the value pack. I don't want the game to turn into buying 10 cash shop items with a 30 day timer on it in able to be competitive.
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  9. Vengy added a topic in General   

    Bhegs Night Vendor
    2k energy for this shit!? Why not another piece

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  10. Vengy added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    I really hope this backlash shows that Duam cant sneak in a p2w mechanic every patch. Next thing you know, theyll add Valks Cry and say its not p2w because itll be 3000 loyalty.
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  11. Vengy added a post in a topic What did you name your Penguin?   

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  12. Vengy added a post in a topic Gear and level power gap way too high - about to leave the game   

    You expect to have a fair chance against a level 55 when you're 51? WTF LOL????? K BYEE
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  13. Vengy added a post in a topic I <3 BDO. But I won't forget what killed it.   

    I want noobs to see my name when they run from me. Who needs ghillie?
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  14. Vengy added a post in a topic PSA: You cannot upgrade armor (to blue/ultimate) after +15   

    Yay now I'm full +18 gear with no ultimate gear. I'll always be 20 dp behind. Thanks for the heads up patch notes.
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  15. Vengy added a post in a topic Enchantment Findings Megathread - Post your failstacks & successes here!   

    28 stacks success on 2nd attempt on TRI Liverto Blade, not even gonna talk about the first attempt accidentally at 0 stacks.......
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