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  1. ClockworkArc added a post in a topic Help A Newbie Choose A Class?   

    Valkyrie has a pretty wide toolkit, is one of the only buff classes, lots of animation cancelling and weapon swapping, some of the highest defensive scaling (60dp from buffs, free health and defense stats, thickest block, siege buff regens health, healing spell), and have some decent combo damage. They've got a number of powerful high-cooldown skills that can be used situationally which I find really fun. They have probably the slowest grind speed of all classes (it's not as bad as some people think though) and don't have crazy mobility like the other classes you mentioned. 
    Maehwa has a shorter toolkit but does use both awakening and pre-awakening. She specialises in short, fast, high-burst combos, meaning she may require more than one combo to finish off tankier people. Incredible mobility and even though she doesn't have as many cancels or as much weapon-swapping as Valk, I still find her satisfying to play because of how fast you have to press buttons, move the camera, and pre-plan your attacks (she relies more on specific openers which are then followed up on rather than comboing whatever is in front of her). She us basically a melee kiting class with high-risk, high-reward. Doesn't have great PvE farm speed but I think it is better than Valk and she's fairly squishy.
    Don't know much about Awakened DK. We see that she has the highest kd ratio of all classes right now. Seems to be a ranged, high-speed nuker. Doesn't utilise a lot of animation cancelling or combo attacks. She is the "safest" of the mentioned options and is the fastest farmer. She doesn't seem to be as strong a duelist as the other options though but her massive aoe damage and mobility is top tier in group fights. 
    Tamer is pretty awesome. Again, a fairly large toolkit with lots of animation cancels and weapon-swapping. She has a pet. Tamers have probably the highest combo damage of all classes, the highest amount of free stats (but there is a cooldown), a huge aoe lockdown ability, free pet stuns, double mob aggro, and some crazy mobility. The playstyle is very much an in your face one but also uses some trickery to get out of fights once they've over commited. It's kind of like playing Fizz from league of legends...if Fizz had an aoe lockdown and a pet. Tamer is probably roughly on par with Maehwa farm speed and generally doesn't fare well in large fire fights (she is meant more for killing stragglers).
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  2. ClockworkArc added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    and by nerf you mean, give a brand new skill thus increasing Tamer's combo damage?
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  3. ClockworkArc added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    Solid Patch!
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  4. ClockworkArc added a post in a topic new striker gameplay trailer   

    They released awakening concept art already. It involves gloves that seem to be spewing out spirit energy of some sort.
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  5. ClockworkArc added a post in a topic new striker gameplay trailer   

    I was right! He is a zerker musa! Hyped!
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  6. ClockworkArc added a post in a topic kzarka or liverto which best for DK?   

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  7. ClockworkArc added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    Questions on Balenos when?
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  8. ClockworkArc added a post in a topic What is the most boring class? Strawpoll!   

    It's funny how biases show here. I am a Valk main and I find them amazingly fun. By contrast I have a 55 Zerker that I decided to make into my negative karma enchanting alt and never touch again because it bores me to tears yet more people seem to think Valk is boring.
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  9. ClockworkArc added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    Near the beginning of the thread people were debating SA on Guard...I just noticed this for the first time today.


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  10. ClockworkArc added a post in a topic Valk PVP Matchups   

    @xcandykitten and @Derpinakolala
    What tactics do you guys use on those classes? Warrior and Zerk. 
    lol, I'm still low gear score so I'm just keeping the dream alive by educating myself on how to fight haha.
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  11. ClockworkArc added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Valk PVP Matchups
    Aside from bugs, balance complaints, and such, this forum doesn't seem to have a tonne of active discussion going on. So let's start some!
    A) Which 1v1 matchups do you find most favourable to Valk? Why?
    B) Which classes are the hardest to 1v1 as a Valk? Why?
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  12. ClockworkArc added a post in a topic Without Complaint: Additions/Class Adjustments   

    Only changes I want are mainhand awakening to make Heilang do crazy shit.
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  13. ClockworkArc added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    As a Valk I am definitely noticing massive differences in AP.
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  14. ClockworkArc added a post in a topic How long until people realize the DP "buff" is actually a buff for Wizards/Witch/DK   

    I for one am also really excited about this.
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