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  1. •☆•♡•BaByDoLL•♡•☆• added a topic in Technical Issues   

    "Internal Server Error" when trying to buy Daum.
    I'm trying to give you money and for some reason it's not letting me...
    every time I hit "checkout" I get this:

    Ah, deleting my cookies and then restarting my browser worked.
    Just restarting didn't, but yeah.......figured I'd post this to let anyone who was having the same issue know what to do! <3
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  2. •☆•♡•BaByDoLL•♡•☆• added a post in a topic How is the BDO community?   

    Honestly, I don't know where to begin.
    I never expected to be lambasted over the font colors I used, called a name, and then had my post actually edited under the accusation trying to get attention?!?.
    I wish you guys knew me, then you'd understand that I just love colors/rainbows and emojis/hearts....I've always made every forum, blog, or internet post colorful af and filled with heart symbols/emojis that i like....I just like colors like that, I'm quirky I guess, but I've never been censured for it. That really has me shocked, that people are mad at me because of font colors, and that a forum mod was actually summoned over it.
    Nevertheless, thanks to the people who actually responded with answers about the in-game community/experience, and who took the time to read through my entire post - you're awesome and I appreciate it. It seems like you can choose to either do the grind, or go casual and do something else in-game - which is nice. I think I'm done with the forums here but I'm definitely still interested in the game and super thankful for the guest passes! I really look forward to trying out the game with my friend now!!
    Thank you! <3
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  3. •☆•♡•BaByDoLL•♡•☆• added a post in a topic Korean 2 years infographic   

    Gees! I remember playing Witches when they first came to BDO...had a lot of fun...why in the world are they so lowly ranked now? And what's the deal with Archer....
    Such a huge difference makes me weary of getting into the game again...
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  4. •☆•♡•BaByDoLL•♡•☆• added a topic in General   

    How is the BDO community?
    Hello Everyone!!
    So, I played this game for a bit before it was released for the West and I loved it to death, so much so that I'm considering buying it for me and a friend for X-mas....however before I do I was hoping you guys could give me some honest feedback on the state of the BDO community.
    I know it's unfair to expect any other MMO, especially a new one like BDO, to be at WoW's level of population, but I am curious how populated BDO is and whether or not it's at least on par with say - TERA.
    How's end-game? Is level still open-ended or is it capped now? If capped, Is it boring at end-game? Is it impossible to play at end-game without spending irl money for a vip subscription or to sell cash shop stuff in-game for currency to get gear(like TERA)? Are there a healthy number of guilds? Which language/country is the most popular in-game? I assume English but I figured I'd ask just in case another language/country was overly popular in-game.
    How is in-game chat? Normal F2P MMO crap, or like BnS (before it hit the West) - bots/advertisements every half a second? Or is it dead?
    It's stuff like this I want to know before I get the game. I really don't want to put the money into a game that might vanish in a year, or that's completely unplayable without spending a lot of money. I'd love to hear honest opinions on not only the questions I asked but on whether or not you think the game is capable of lasting, and anything else you might think I should consider before getting the game.
    Thanks a lot for any help here <3
    Oh! I thought of another important question....
    Is there a casual lane for BDO? What I mean by that is I've seen stories that BDO takes so much time now that you'll never be able to play anything else. I'm a big gamer, I just got my ps4 and I plan on playing that a lot on top of Overwatch, WoW, and a few other PC/MMO games. Can you enjoy/advance/participate in BDO fully while playing other games?
    Thank you!!
    P.S.:: I understand if you don't want to, or can't, answer every question I had....but I'll take answers/feedback on anything!! So please respond if you can <3
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