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  1. Irrelephant added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    I think he meant Edanese "elite" pvpers got their arses handed to them by Uno boys one time too many and they needed to hide behind the greater numbers.

    ManUp's ex-gravity shot caller had one thing to say for this aswell:

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  2. Irrelephant added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A   

    "iconicuck"? Cuck I might be but do not insult me by calling me an Iconic
    Where's the all mighty Baka memetic warfare at? If that's best you can do then might aswell silence those meme-cannons.
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  3. Irrelephant added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    I can feel braincancer growing from just reading this topic.
    After all is said and done it feels like guilds at lower end are too stubborn to put in the effort (guild mergers, alliances, pushing their own members) and at higher end just bored and dumb as nails. It's like the worst of the NA community has gathered here to beat the dead horse.
    The change is already coming, even tho it is going be a long while until we'll get that patched in.
    Now please bugger off this topic or if you must continue this effort in idiocy atleast meme it better.
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  4. Irrelephant added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A   

    What I post comes without warranty. NO BACKSIES. You read it, you keep it.
    MPAA notified, expect copyright-lobbyist/troll-van visiting these basement dwellers soon enough with (some hot back-door) litigation in mind
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  5. Irrelephant added a post in a topic Current Top 5 seige guilds   

    Shouldn't this topic be the current queue for ManUp merger?

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  6. Irrelephant added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    How is this "urgent" issue since it been there since forever and this has been happening for months now.
    It is ridiculous that once you fight your way to the top you get castle-cuck-blocked for PvP. They are re-designing the system already with the mercs so this pointless wail-of-a-thread does not move anything along, just makes you silly sprouting this old shite.
    Either way I am back after few months of rest.. let the forum warring begin!
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  7. Irrelephant added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A   

    Some ChoNation lapdogs who get their hides skinned when ever they face even a minor challenge.
    Hey look.. I found irl representation of a Baka player:

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  8. Irrelephant added a post in a topic What is happening with Iconic?   

    You are wrong. Siege Wars have the chance of giving the best quality mass PvP there is in this game. You don't even need to look far with last week fights in Mediah and Valencia. Those were more epic than any ten Node Wars put together. Problem ofcourse is that Sieges happen more rarely and you have such good fights only when enough people show up. Same goes for Node Wars, which I do love aswell to be honest, if there ain't enough people or fight is too one sided it kinda sucks. However most of people seem to only think PvP in this game from their own point of view alone and as such value smaller scrims or even duels higher than actual mass PvP that Node Wars lean towards and Sieges accomplish when all goes right.
    Yeah you only care about your own small point of view, thank you for clarifying it for those who still might not have known it. I bet if you ask Iconic current leaderships they will tell you that having fun and meaningful PvP is infact more important than the W. I however would add that the goal is to have fun and win, otherwise you are merely participating and not contributing to much eh. Also you are either wrong about the motive for them or it has changed very rapidly as they are did push for Node Warring in other guild.. but perhaps you were too fast to run after other sheeple to follow in for next sweet flavored D to suckle on.
    How are you even relevant anymore? Go get a castle and then talk to me again.. now shoo!
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  9. Irrelephant added a post in a topic What is happening with Iconic?   

    All those ex-Iconic who left for Vertex, specially of late made their choice to abandon their comrades in Iconic and join up with those already left there or for some other reasons but do not make the mistake of thinking that it doesn't matter. Had you stayed, specially this latest batch of ex-iconic vertex members, you could have done same thing with Iconic crew in a guild that was chosen by iconic community, instead you abandon the community and join up with Vudani. Not blaming Vudani here, kudos for him for breaking Iconic's core by taking its members.. and for the gearscore arguments I can just say that my opinion on "meaningful" PvP is something totally different than ditching sieges altogether once you can do them but if you prefer quantity over quality for PvP I don't blame ya, although that argument can't be made by those who left after Iconic had made plans clear about the other guild nor can you wash your blame by saying there's no pvp if you weren't actively pushing for the choice. Also the rumors are that Node Wars Iconic did were lacking in numbers - so those who left can go deep within themselves and ask if they even took part in all Node Wars that was to be had while in Iconic.
    To conclude this topic: yes Iconic is Node Warring in another guild, yet unknown but significant number does it in Vertex and won't be returning to Iconic for Sieges so I guess it is "rip half of Iconic" then. Still most of this will be uncofirmed until Siege War later today, that is if anyone bothers to visit Serendia this week.
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  10. Irrelephant added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A 400+ gs   

    Baka virgins truly live up to the YOLO ideology...

    How many egirly pictures you need to prove you aren't all 30 yo guys who are still virgin and living with their parents? 
    Either way goodluck with your next Tier 1 Node attempt 
    For Baka silencing their meme-guns today BDO staff have decided to gift them 1 irl shark-suit in spirit of coming Margoria Expansion.. congrats Baka!

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  11. Irrelephant added a post in a topic Saturday Siege 1/21/2017   

    <Alloy> is the secret substance Cho Nation uses to fold their Nippon steel. 
    There you have it now, the secret is out. Sorry Lord Cho!
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  12. Irrelephant added a post in a topic Iconic on the verge of disbanding???   

    Why so salty on multiple threads? 
    Nomen est Omen Baka. Your idiocy is spilling over even your saltiness here  
    I hear you paid Iconic handsomely for holding the Frontier Bear back for you!

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  13. Irrelephant added a post in a topic What is happening with Iconic?   

    Damn someone is salty! How does it feel like having no castle for two weeks in row? Maybe you should stop acting like Sneople and actually learn to play the game.. SssSsssssSss  
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  14. Irrelephant added a post in a topic Iconic on the verge of disbanding???   

    How many Baka you have to kill to make shitposting stop?

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  15. Irrelephant added a post in a topic What is happening with Iconic?   

    Damn that "Demacian Purity" seems hard to come by.. current size of iconic: 36/Medium !
    Did ManDown ever go that low in numbers during the week? Or did this guild really break?? WHAT??? 

    edit: Just spoke with someone who (according to himself) is "in-the-loop" of things:
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