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  1. Cheyr added a post in a topic House lights flickering   

    Old post I know. Was wondering if it was my GPU/game settings but the flickering started when I entered my house today with my sorc + Cartian set too. I suppose they can have a look at this since this would be 3rd (if not more) cartian set in a row so it does seem to be one of the sources of the problem.
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  2. Cheyr added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    Oh yas 
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  3. Cheyr added a topic in General   

    An 'unique' scale
    Thought I'd check out the new kibelius lancia for valkyrie due to the limited amount of choices we've had.
    It's all pretty and decent until...that...it' just so bouncy, in the wrong way and direction..
    Does the scale actually succumb to gravity in game? or does it just stay that way? 

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  4. Cheyr added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

    Had lots of revisions for mine. I suppose this is the 'current' version. Also I realised that bern set isn't in the pearl shop anymore? 

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  5. Cheyr added a post in a topic Title AAAAAAAAH   

    I wasn't here a year ago, this post is 'new' to me, cut me some slack. 
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  6. Cheyr added a post in a topic Title AAAAAAAAH   

    Talk about cliff jumping, fell off Elder's bridge today due to mis jump, instant kill with some crystals destroyed. That 5 second of free fall was worth it though. 
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  7. Cheyr added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Welp with the new outfit, my DK 

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  8. Cheyr added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    I agree with some of the points presented here including OP's. I do believe the karma system is here for a good reason, until people started abusing it. 
    It's not always easy to tackle a long standing structure/game mechanic and to advocate for a change.
    What I found most important when competing for a grind spot is not about the perks/mechanics that were put in place, but rather having some form of understanding from both sides, realizing what the common goal was and share instead. But just as not everyone is about sharing or compromising in real life, so are the players in the game.
    You will always get people at two ends of the spectrum, one that takes a group of friends and forces everyone out of a grind spot for convenience and to maximize their gain, or one that kept annoying people at a grind spot because they could not get it. 
    Personally I always send an invite first to whoever joined my rotation. Most of the players would accept and if they had the intention to push me out in the first place, I would proceed to change my location or channel.
    Play smart and play happy basically. It's almost impossible to get fairness nor please both sides in these kind of situations, nor are there rules for what people can or cannot do.
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  9. Cheyr added a topic in Suggestions   

    Frustrating sea journeys
    Some bugs, issues, game designs/mechanics that were not well planned imo or something I have come across (which may already have solutions to):
    #1 With my current BDO game constantly reloading itself in the middle of the sea, I sometimes cannot mount my ship from the water at all. It will show the 'too far from mount error' and I had to change channel as a result which eventually worked. I realized this could be something to do with connection and server occupancy (since I had issues with my horses before).
    #2 What is the point of having cannons if the only monsters we can effectively damage or protect ourselves from are the phantom ships when travelling alone? The rest of the monsters/pirates showed no damage upon registered hits (more than 10 shots) possibly due to lack of firepower from a lone epheria sailboat. (Or it could be just how tough they are)..
    But if they are indeed tough then it's a sure sink when 2 or 3 such monsters/pirates attack the same lone ship at once where one decided to send aboard some pirates, who bugged out and did not show up on the ship, immobilizing the ship and creating a 1 v 3 situation where our cannons may not even hit any of them due to their positions. The only way to address it as far as I know is a channel change.
    #3 Why are the ships not remotely collectible on lema island and port ratt (or elsewhere)? I understand part of this could be for 'realism' due to its size. But it's extremely inconvenient to die near port ratt and have your ship all the way back in velia docks while you re-spawn in port ratt. 
    There were too many unprecedented chain of events/situations that could challenge the designs/features and mechanics of sea travels. I think these would perhaps suggest that reviews or changes in some of the features are in order. 
    My suggestions (which I think are relatively important) in order to combat some of the 'adverse events' would be:

    #1 Make the ship remotely collectible (even wreckage) in all docks as long as there are dock managers. (Since it's not simply from say Balenos to Serendia where you can just walk, this is a 20 to 40 minute worth of travel time.) The only contingency plan at the moment is really just NPC ferries.
    #2 Mobile ship repair kits.
    #3 Make the more common/rampant monsters/pirates easier to defeat (especially regarding the lone ship situation).
    #4 Minimize or eliminate forced ship boarding/halting instances. Allow for the option to disengage/run away whenever we want to instead of changing channels.
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  10. Cheyr added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    I don't really play male characters in BDO so I simply created this wizard today for fun. 

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  11. Cheyr added a post in a topic Wizard's Neck... what?   

    Just made a wizard, not sure what's going on. I'm pretty sure it's a bug. I minimized all the dimensions of the neck for wizard but they simply reset themselves back to the default? Don't really have this issue with other chars.
    And yea most chars in general have abnormally long neck and tiny heads. Not sure why that was not picked up.
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  12. Cheyr added a post in a topic Post your Kunoichi Screenshots here   

    Sharing pics of my kuno as well 

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  13. Cheyr added a post in a topic Screenshot Manipulations/Edits   

    Thought there would be a thread like this somewhere. Since I'm not that good with digital/mouse drawings. Great pics. 
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  14. Cheyr added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    Is it a replica of a character from another game? Just looks sort of familiar to me 
    My valkyrie:

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  15. Cheyr added a post in a topic Character Edits   

    Thought it might be edits instead of drawings but still looks cool 
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