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  1. osu13 added a post in a topic Help from rerolling again   

    Well you got me beat I wish I had 191 awakening AP within a week :P. 
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  2. osu13 added a post in a topic Gear Assistance   

    I appreciate all the input and it has definitely helped me in better understanding the decision I'll be making here shortly. Despite all the stuff on Ninjas, I've been having a ball with the character and I guess that's what matters most. I wish I already invested in armor that wasn't piece related but I guess I can save my grunil for future boss slaying alt. 
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  3. osu13 added a post in a topic Gear Assistance   

    Yes, ultimately I do plan to get all boss gear. But, currently looking to find the best route to maximize my current money to increase in power.  
    Thanks for the input
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  4. osu13 added a topic in Ninja   

    Gear Assistance
    I'm a 57 Ninja with all pri grunil and duo chest (ultimate). I'm also currently using pri yuria ultimate, and +15 estique offhand, and +15 green awakening. My gear score is somewhere around 135, 120, 197.
    I've been saving up my gold and really despise self enchanting (I understand the benefits and failstacking...did it for most of my gear) I'll be close to 1/2 a bill soon.
    Now for my Question
    Should I snipe a tri Kzarkaor buy a tri liverto and tri offhand (or try and make myself)or should I get Bhegs gloves first before upgrading weapon to increase my AP gear score.Im just trying to figure out what would be the best first move in gear advancements.
    I usually grind at sausan for money but have an interest in Pirates grinding and potentially Bandits or crescent (not sure yet).
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  5. osu13 added a post in a topic Buff Suggestions?   

    I agree as a multi blader I expected more killer Bee like attacks utilizing all of his swords more. instead he uses a lot of defensive stances yet lacks in defense or counters? Very strange. But, big 1 for me is charge all the way through drastic measures..
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  6. osu13 added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

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    QHACN7P-G873G1T-5B3B8HF-GH0RO Unused
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    MF95EHQ-17CFG4B-2707O4V-RFKTU Unused
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