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  1. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Market Bots   

    What is this new Korean bidding system?  Been trying to snipe a TRI muskans since February and lost every single bid.  Going to be lvl 61 soon and still muskanless lol.
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  2. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    I just checked GW2 forums and found a "State of the game thread" this is one of the post.
    Here is the state of the game:
    WvW : dead. Anet completely ignored the gamemode for so long that most ppl, guilds left. Even t1 servers lack activity. Only 1 server is considered full and will soon be opened as well. No forecast of real changes or updates. Wvw community just messing around waiting for CU to launch.
    Spvp: almost dead. Anet tried hard to force the esport idea on the game mode, bit that failed and the lack of balance most likely been killing the game mode.
    Pve: still getting updates on the story mode very often, but the real developing effort is going to RAIDS. There is where anet is aiming their efforts. raid, raid, raid.
    Ao if you wanna play this game for pvp or wvw, just forget it.. Look for something else cause aner has clearly given up those game modes.
    But hey, not everything is lost.
    They gave us a new legendary weapon..
    A kitteng lampshade looking torch. I bet that one took countless hours from several designers to came up with.
    All the issues are solved. We can now hit monsters with a lampshade.
    (edited about a day ago by BassHunteR.7246)
    You guys are trying to sucker in ppl in BDO back into a dead game.  I just logged into GW2 and went to lion's arch and the mist lobby, barely anyone there.
    Here's another post on the same thread.
    I think its falling apart as Anet seems to be putting its work into a very small part of the game and forgetting the other parts comply. The community is out right in riot mood.
    If you take that much time for the next update of the LS it should be better then the one before but it was not and the next lack of content i think is going to kill the game.
    Its like the devs. forgot how to run a video game. Did they realty lose all there session devs to amazon or something?
    Main : Jski Imaginary ELE (Necromancer)
    Guild : OBEY (The Legacy) I call it Obay , TLC (WvW) , UNIV (other)
    Server : FA --------- These are GW2 Players opinions on a GW2 Genereal Discussion forums saying their game is dead. Just like what I was saying from the very beginning. 
    Here's a link to a Thread on whether GW2's Expansion was P2W.  The Expansion gave players access to Specializations which in BDO terms is equal to Awakening.   Look at the replies, they all call it "Pay to get an advantage".  Sounds familiar? Such hypocrites.
    A recently made video by a GW2 player in regards to the recent GW2 patch.  Obviously it was negative reviews again. What did you expect from Arenanet.
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  3. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Reasons why BDO is better than GW2:
    1.) Better graphics.  - Face it, it doesn't matter how good GW2 is, it's a 2012 game with PS3 graphics.  BDO on a good PC makes PS4 graphics obsolete.
    2.) Afk Fishing/Processing - In GW2, you cant make money while AFK unless your a botter. 
    3.) Cash shop that generates revenue - Any GW2 player knows the gemstore sucks and the only reason why ppl buy stuff at the gemstore nowadays is either because they are new or just want to support the game.  BDO makes it almost necessary for you to buy pearls or have someone buy you pearl items.
    4.) The only MMO that has faster/better looking combat/gameplay than GW2.  Just like GW2 made FFXIV's combat system look slow, BDO did the same with GW2.
    5.) Better RMT control - Since BDO has no player to player trading,  There's literally no gold farmers here.  For GW2, just google "GW2 Gold" and you'll see tons of sellers.  And there wouldn't be that many sellers if there weren't so many buyers.
    6.) Sexier models - Face it, BDO character models are just more pleasing to look at for hours on end.  Nobody wants to stare at an Asura or a Charr or a Silvari or a Norn..
    7.) No nerfs - Dev's already said it, they're not nerfing the OP Classes in BDO instead theyre going to buff the underperforming ones.  In GW2, they do quarterly balance patches that makes certain classes OP for 4 months then terribad for the next 4 months.  Just look at what they did to DragonHunter and Revenant.
    8.) BDO doesn't flip flop - I saw the vids about the Ghillie suit and Artisan memories being P2W, did Kakao remove those from the game? no.  GW2 promised to be a minimal to no grind game, it was supposed to be fun.  But 3months after launch they added Ascended rings/Fractals then even more grindier stuff showed. 
    9.) BDO doesn't have Nazi forum moderators - If you see a post in GW2 General discussion "Why play GW2 when BDO is out?" I bet that post will be taken down within the hour.
    10.) You don't have to worry about achievement points. - In GW2, ppl use achievement points as a measure of skill/gear since you cant inspect ppls gear.  So your forced to do mundane jumping puzzles, quests, exploration and do daily activities you don't really wanna do but you have too to keep your score up.
    11.) There are no raids/fractals - GW2 introduced raids for reasons unknown and tried to make the game more like FFXIV/Wow when it didn't need too.  Adding raids/fractals to the game makes serious players feel they have to do a lvl 75 and above fractal every single day and do raids just so they can get ascended gear/legendary armor.
    12.) No loading screens - probably the only game I played with no loading screens when travelling to different areas.
    Things a BDO player might like in GW2:
    1.) GW2 costs 0 Dollars to play, about 29.99 for the xpansion and that's it.  You never have to pay for anything else.
    2.) Waypoints.  Screw mounts and running around for 15minutes... just teleport.
    3.) Best Storage system - with a click of a button all your collectibles goes to your storage.
    4.) Slower/simpler combat - Ever heard of Press 1111 to win? well in GW2, you don't have to remember those crazy Tekken moves anymore.
    5.) GW2's WvW, despite it's flaws and the dreaded Desert BL, is still better than BDO's nodewars/Siege.  It's accessible anytime 24/7.  You don't need to be in a guild to participate.
    6.) You don't have to worry about getting PK'ed in the PVE world.
    7.) Underwater combat and gathering that makes Margoria even more pointless.
    8.) An actual storyline and NPC characters that you will remember their names.
    9.) The Gemstore (Cashshop) only offers vanity items and boosts that are comparable to Loyalty items.  So you don't have to spend if you don't feel like it.
    10.) Friendlier community - Since BDO has sausans/pirates, ppl tend to PK each other or declare war on each others guilds.  Plus check out the BDO chat.   Since BDO is mostly a 1 player game with other ppl around you, it's not really social.  The only time ppl really group up is for relics and even then that's hella boring.
    11.) GW2's combat system works better in large scale combat - Yes, the game that players just spam 11111 actually works better than BDO's tekken combat system.
    12.) You don't have to buy no Value packs, Pets, costumes, storage space, eyewear, earpiece, horse whistle, horse costume, maids etc all that stuff is free...
    13.) GW2's marketplace lets you list an unlimited number of items and it doesn't expire.  The Black Lion Trading Company Marketplace is handsdown better than BDO's lol.
    14.) Easy to attain Level Cap/Gear Cap - lvl 80 is easy to get and full ascended  gear only takes a month of casual grinding.  You literally get the best gear just by playing.  In BDO, there is no level cap, it takes an insane amount of time to level to 62 especially if your not a DK/Wizard/Witch, and enchanting your gear can result in degrading its level or worse.
    15.) Your hand/wrist wont be a sore playing GW2 - playing a few rounds of RBF as a Kunoichi is giving me some serious wrist pain from executing all those moves.  By the time I'm done my Left Index Finger is bent and cant type anymore.  In GW2, you just press 1111 and win.
    16.) GW2 has better and more memorable music than BDO. Most of the time I have some youtube music running in BDO.
    17.) Accountbound endgame gear/Cashshop items - In BDO, if your a lvl 60 Kuno and want to reroll to DK, you will have to start from scratch and rebuy the costumes etc.  In GW2 everything is shared across your characters.
    18.) Deep Traits customization - There are tons of youtube vids about builds in GW2 which shows how deep that game is.  You can have the best gear but if your build sucks you wont win.  In BDO, there's not really much to choose from. You get to pick 6 skill add ons and that's it.
    19.) The GW2 Dev's are in North America so it's safe from Trump and Kim going at it.
    20.) GW2's classes are more balanced than BDO's -  Dark Knights are so OP right now they make Revenant pre-nerf look like a bunch of Kunoichis.  Remember when Revenant Hammer 2 can hit 15ppl for 15k damage, yeah Dark Knight is worse than that.
    21.) Every single class in GW2 has on command heal - In BDO, if your playing a class like Kunoichi, prepare to chug pots!  If your a Wizard, just press your 30 second healing ability to heal yourself and your allies to full.
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  4. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Ummm.. No.. I was there, on Day 2, purchasing gems and exchanging it to get a measly 16 gold to buy Exotic gear and Divinity Runes.  Yes back in the beginning, 100 bucks converted to 8000 gems to 16 gold.  Being able to buy all those Inventory Slots for additional bags, storage space, and buying gems and converting it to silver enabled me to progress much faster than the other ppl and reach lvl 80.
    Yes Your Read it Right! You Can Exchange Gems to Silver on Day 2!, Day 1 BLTC was down. Get your facts Right...
    Pretty sure I played GW2 longer than you or anyone on this thread.  I'm probably the only one who's able to reach Legendary Division on the trashiest class (Revenant) on fall 2016 too.
    Guild wars 2 is a dead game, all of you who are still playing it are wasting your time on it.  Instead, you guys should move on and play a 2016 game like BDO.  BDO is so great, GW2 is starting to copy it. Just look at its expansion.. Tamer class, Desert expansion (Hello! Valencia anyone?) Just horrible.
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  5. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Wow you got proof that of that?  Starting to sound like Sean Spicer on Trump's inauguration day press conference about the crowd size.
    Daaammn, everyone is a billionaire in BDO!! Wonder why ppl are even training horses/Farming/Trading/grinding pirates when they can just afk fish and use a auction snipe bot. Maybe because it's not true?! Oh I don't know...
    Thank you for letting us know that Kakao Dev's banned these folks.  At least they did something about the botters.  Cant say the same for Arenanet!!
    Master 2 Trading Exploit? huh? explain how this is an exploit please.  As far as I know, ppl who are M2 Trader busted their butts to get there and earn that much silver before the patch.  And it wasn't even a secret, they have youtube vids on it.
    Go ahead and list some of these Bugs.  Please so we can forward it to the Devs so they can fix it.
    First of all, I played GW2 from Aug 2012 till Dec 2016. To me its not P2W at all. I'm playing BDO right now since then and I don't see this game P2W as well.
    People keep saying GW2 has equalized PVP, which is not entirely true:
    1.) You need the Expansion to get Specializations. Without the Specializations, your coming in the PVP Arena underpowered and easier to kill.  It's kinda like fighting someone without their Awakening weapon.
    2.) In World v World (open world PVP) - Gear matters.  So if your a scrub wearing Rare/Exotics, your a walking free kill for someone in full legendary/ascended.
    3.) Legendaries lets you change stats on the fly.  Like having a weapon that you can swap stats from Nouver to Kutum whenever you feel like it.  Plus you can buy the first generation legendary weapons off the marketplace.  So technically, you can pay 300-400 dollars in the gemstore (less than that in a RMT website) to buy one of these instantly.
    4.) Legendary armor are accountbound sure.  But that's not stopping Elite Raiders from selling Raid Boss runs for gold.  So technically, you can buy gold, find some Mercs to let you leech a raid, and complete your legendary armor. Definitely P2W right there.
    You sound like your strapped for cash IRL.  Maybe you should get a job. Or play a F2P game like GW2.
    As for Artisan Memories, I don't use them as I don't enchant my own gear, I just buy premades on the Marketplace and i'm doing just fine. 
    What is this endgame your talking about? 
    Obviously your not going to see the P2W side of GW2 since you cant even afford a value pack in BDO.
    That's another thing, GW2 hands out everything now, their gemstore isn't making any money since most of their playerbase is F2P or buying currency/botting.  So how is that game making money? By pumping out expansions? Kakao makes that every month with value packs/costumes.
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  6. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Alexmac Enhancement Guide   

    Nice guide!
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  7. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Any GW2 player worth his salt knows you need Legendary/Ascended gear to be competitive in WvW.  Obviously you don't need it in Arena PVP.  Even then you still need the Expansion to be able to access the specialization skills which without, your pretty much underpowered.  It's like fighting in RBF without awakening.  Go find me 1 player who has no legendary/ascended that is on the legendary league in PVP in there.
    No you don't need a Legendary for PVE, Did I say you need a legendary for PVE? Ascended is free and is equal stats to a legend, but Legendary weapons can be bought instantly with cash.  If you don't know that then maybe you should play GW2 more before you put up a stupid response.  If your serious about raiding, you better have ascended/legendary gear.  If your just going to run around queensdale then you don't need it. Let me guess, you were getting carried to Fractals 100 on your exotics. Doubt you even raid.
    GW2 is dead.  The only ppl playing GW2 are those who don't have $$$ to play games like BDO, FFXIV, WoW or those who have sunk thousands of dollars in that game.  They're making another expansion because they want to milk GW2 some more and nobody is buying their stupid gems because they keep pumping out stupid outfits/pets that nobody wants.
    Did I say that was the only way GW2 was P2W? that was just "1" example.  There are tons of other examples on how GW2 is P2W, many of them present in BDO.  People were just not complaining about it.  One of the biggest things ppl complained about GW2 being P2W is the expansion's specialization traits.  The Specialization is pretty much the same as BDO's awakening traits.  Without the expansion, you don't get access to specialization, so whether its PVE, WvW or PVP, your going to be underpowered.
    If you love GW2 so much, then go troll in their general forums.  They could use your wisdom to improve your game. 
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  8. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Sounds like you need a little more explanation on how GW2 is P2W.
    You can buy unlimited gems from the gemstore.  You can turn those gems to gold ingame in a few seconds.  You can buy Top Tier Gear with said gold in a few seconds.
    I can literally buy GW2 right now, spend thousands of dollars on it and i'll be running around with a legendary or two and full exotics ready to get back in there.
    Obviously nobody is going to do that now that the game is dead, but when it was released I know a ton of ppl bought gems and converted it to gold so they can get some of the expensive armor in the market in day 2.
    To do the same thing in BDO is impossible, sure you can buy 5 costumes and sell them for a max of 24mil x 5.  That's about 85mil after taxes per week.  If there was a way to convert pearls to silver like in GW2 then that would be P2W. 
    I'm glad your playing another game,  less F2P cancer playing BDO.  Please let us know what this "Real game" your playing. 
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  9. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Lmao someone seriously got triggered by the fact that GW2 and BDO are both P2W.  If you haven't won yet then you just haven't paid enough yet.  GW2 lets players buy 8000 gems for 100 dollars which you can convert to around 2000 gold.  A legendary weapon can be bought on the Black Lion Trading Company for 4000 gold.  To me, GW2 is more P2W than BDO.  Get out of the house and breathe some air for once.  That's like buying silver from the pearlshop and using said silver to buy a TET muskan.
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  10. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    BDO: Best of both games.
    GW2's Best PVP game, horrible at everything else.
    FFXIV Best RPG, PVE mmo: horrible PVP.
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  11. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Which 4 pets to buy?   

    Get 16 cats, rank them up to 10, combine them to 8 T3 cats, rank them up to 10, combine them to 4 T4 cats.
    You get +16 Lifeskill Exp, 12 Skills, 4 pets that can help you gather better since they mark the trees, rocks etc.  Plus their cats.
    You can also get 16 birds, and produce 4 T4 Birds for +80% knowledge gain and +16 higher knowledge chance.  They mark elites.
    Or get 16 Dogs, and get that +16% combat skill exp.  They mark enemy players.
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  12. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Did the Buff to DP get reversed?   

    Sent a ticket yesterday, got a reply from a GM today.
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  13. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    The only thing that can beat BDO is BDO 2, Guild Wars 3, The next Final Fantasy Online MMO or World War 3.
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  14. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    GW2 and WoW have both P2W methods whether its Botting, RMT that you wont see here in BDO.  Also in GW2, they have a gemstore that you can buy extra storage/inventory that can give you some advantage.  Every single MMO I played (FFXI, FFXIV, GW1, GW2) has some form of P2W.  If your really really rich, you can buy gems, turn it to gold and buy legendary weapons which is the highest tier weapons in the game.
    GW2's raids are horrendous, WvW is pretty much the same since launch, every single patch they put out just makes the game worse. Living story is a joke.  Class balance/nerfs every quarter.  Not to mention releasing a new class (Revenant) with the expansion then nerfing it to the ground a year later.  GW2's graphics are also terrible, which is extremely noticeable if you have been playing BDO on max settings for months then try to come back to GW2.  BDO's combat is also better and faster than GW2.
    The worst is probably the terrible gemstore.  Even if I wanted to sink 200 bucks on their gemstore, there is nothing Good in there for me to buy.  GW2 is pretty much a Free to Play game and without any revenue, its going to die very soon. 
    GW2, FFXIV and prob WOW as well were great.. Till BDO came out.  BDO's graphics destroyed all other mmo's for me.  I tried watching FFXIV stormblood benchmark video and it felt like I was watching a ps3 game. BDO's graphics is so good (on a great PC) that it makes PS4 graphics look like the ps3's.
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  15. LightningFFXIII-4 added a post in a topic Did the Buff to DP get reversed?   

    Don't think the Dev's read this forums, otherwise the server lag issue would had been fixed.  Need to submit a ticket and actually converse with GM BBrilliant about the DP buff that may no longer be there
    If you guys want to possibly get a shot of fixing this, need to submit a ticket.
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