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  1. Anouka added a post in a topic ~98 Failstacking Attempts on +14 Gear For Failstacks - What Changed?   

    I've gone back to horse gear for now, there's 4 horse gear workshops in Altinova and with gobbos you can churn the stuff out pretty fast. Some is cheaper to make than others, but if you go for the cheapest (Steel Battle Horseshoe maybe?) - there will be a lot listed +10 at a price that will never sell. I usually just pull my stones out at that point. Hardly cost effective, but if I'm getting the stacks I need, then so be it.
    However, I've found things succeeding more often than before, so we might all be doomed D:
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  2. Anouka added a post in a topic Crashing Overnight   

    I've never sent to tray when AFK, but erm.... this is probably totally coincidence, but as soon as I didn't manually turn my screen off and I let it dim via its normal power settings, I no longer had DC overnight issues. Like I said, I have no idea how this would make a difference... but if it works then hey! success! 
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  3. Anouka added a post in a topic ~98 Failstacking Attempts on +14 Gear For Failstacks - What Changed?   

    I wouldn't, after +6 rifles have a chance degrade. Consumes a lot of fail stacks and weapon stones and you never get anywhere. Not worth it.
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  4. Anouka added a topic in Technical Issues   

    csreview@daumgames-eu.com - Does not exist.
    I'm trying to escalate a recent ticket, however my mails are getting thrown back telling me the address doesn't exist.
    Any info @GM_Huego ?
    (Adding @CM_Jouska for good measure!) 
    Thanks in advance for any responses ^-^
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  5. Anouka added a post in a topic Please increase Platinum!   

    I didn't know folk were scraping for it tbh. I'd been holding off ulti until we got +16 etc. Did my set to ulti post patch with plat I had in my warehouse. Forums teaching me new things all the time! >.< 
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  6. Anouka added a post in a topic What am I doing not properly with pre-orders and How is this user constantly buying out this specific item?   

    Oh I know what they're used for, I craft a lot. I am just wondering what the OP wants them for. Cant imagine ever wanting to buy it. I make a lot of Solvent etc and I'm still sitting on over 1200 Rough Stone, myself. I am just being nosy. 
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  7. Anouka added a post in a topic What am I doing not properly with pre-orders and How is this user constantly buying out this specific item?   

    I gotta ask, what do you want Rough Stones for?
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  8. Anouka added a post in a topic Account Suspended 4 third party software   

    Hi, discussing Customer Service decisions on the forum is not allowed, if you wished to question the decision you could have emailed them at: 
    Charging back via PayPal is of course your decision. If you were a legitimate player of BDO, I'm sorry you felt you had to resort to this. Good luck in your next game.
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  9. Anouka added a post in a topic Crazy idea: Merge servers + create fresh start server   

    We haven't even looked at node wars yet, choosing to let y'all beta test for us. Cheers though. We'll get there some day. (From Jordine)
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  10. Anouka added a post in a topic why remove exp penality from pvp was needed   

    What server are you on? Maybe we could team up.
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  11. Anouka added a post in a topic Clarification requested: Possible Bitcoin Miner in Black Desert Online or XIGNCODE3   

    Hey there, just thought I'd clear this up.
    Korean MMO players often use communal cafés to access games. On the KR server they are encouraged to do so, rewarded with in game items etc. Many KR games have mechanics which demand online play for extended periods, this is so users will spend more money on game time as well as food and drink.
    Good luck finding the answers you seek.
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  12. Anouka added a post in a topic [ANSWERED] Where is the silk? [Prize][Free Cash Shop Pet]   

    Quick thank you to everyone who went out of their way to provide info. I wish I could have given you all a prize! Unfortunately I'm not a millionaire irl 
    For now I am just waiting on Valencia patch as I'm incredibly lazy haha. Bring on the Mulberry Trees! 
    Can confirm I have collected enough silk since the first person informed me to make a single pair of silk curtains! And they're beautiful, they match my Mediahn furniture wonderfully! 
    Good luck to all silk hunters!
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  13. Anouka added a post in a topic Class Lawsuit against Daum   

    Haha. No.
    I was never marketed a hardcore pvp game. You just saw what you wanted to see. A 7 day pass or a week playing in another region would have been enough for you to realise this wasn't the case. I am sorry you didn't do more research before your purchase. 
    Bye bye!
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  14. Anouka added a post in a topic Refund everything I bougt...   

    I'm only on the forums the past couple of days because my mate told me there were so many tears to drink. Silent majority of the playerbase either support the changes or don't give a flying rats arse about it. Just gonna have to suck it up man. This game was never OW PvP friendly - if that game play element was to be a deciding factor in whether or not you were gonna play you should have done more research or spent $10 on a KR account to give it a whirl early. GLHF on your journeys. 
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  15. Anouka added a post in a topic Say NO to force enchant 16-18   

    On the flip side, this decision made some nice people I know decide to stick with / come back to the game.
    I'd rather have them than you ^-^ thanks for your tears OP.
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