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  1. Kripion added a post in a topic Durability loss wizard vs ninja comparison   

    I have updated topic with second test... the oucome is similar ...
    I wish any gm/cm could look at this ....
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  2. Kripion added a post in a topic Durability loss wizard vs ninja comparison   

    i know. It isnt fixed.
    recently i started compareing also my current ninja with guildmate (wiz). He lost 70 durability in 3hours of grinding, i lost SAME amount in 40 min...
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  3. Kripion added a topic in Ninja   

    Durability loss wizard vs ninja comparison
    A few weeks ago I geared my wiz to check the difference between him and my ninja.
    I didnt liked wiz playstyle so I sold his 3 weapons a few days later BUT one thing hit me seriously.
    And I think its really unfair that the most efficient class in game (wizard) has such HUDGE adventage when compared to Ninja.
    Here are the numbers and how I tested those differences (see screens attached below)
    Test number 1:
    Wiz was 56 lvl, ninja was 59lvl, both were fully repaired before start. I farmed basilisks (same spot and rotation) until UI showed item breakdown. The dmg done over time was similar due to numer of crap item dropped by basilisks (around 2800 - ). It took about 70 minutes to reach such level.
       1)      Ninja: 189/191/283 (before TRI kutum lost 100% dura)
           - dandelion katana lost 84% dura, kutum lost 100% dura                                                                              
           -  both dandelion sura katana and kutum offhand  are BRANDED
    - not branded weapons would loose 168% (dandelion) and 200% (kutum)
       2)      Wizard: 167/204/204
    - dandelion godr sphera lost 62% dura, nouver lost 53% dura
    - both dandelion godr sphera and nouver offhand are NOT BRANDED
    My thoughts: it looks like current durabilitu loss system greatly favours classes with strong skills with long casting time, and hurts those that have to spam many skills to keep up with good dmg output.
    Durability should be consumed not per skill casted but per X amount of dmg dealt.
    IN CONCLUSION: the durability loss of ninja weapons while grinding is almost 3 TIMES faster than wizard’s. This seriously cripples the silver earning efficiency of Ninja players. Current durability loss/dmg dealt ratio among different classes is really bad and unbalanced.

    Test number 2:
    Wizard and Ninja were both 59lvl. awk and offhands were branded. Wiz stats: 215/217/263, ninja stats: 200/214/283. We both farmed (separately, solo) untill first of my (ninja) weapon lost 100% dura. Ninja got 2731 sulfur piece so  Wizard farmed untill he reached 2700 sulfur too. THe amount of sulfur provides equalizadion in our total dmg (i know its not the best statement but at least vaulable)
    Durability lost on branded weapons:
    1) Ninja:  100% dura lost on dandelion and 94% dura lost on kutum
    2) Wizard: 39% durability lost on dandelion and 23% lost on nouver
    Conclusiion : ninja awk weapon looses its dura about 2,5x times faster than wizards, ninja kutum offhand looses its durability over 4x times faster than wizards nouver

    I kindly ask for assistance in this matter @CM_Aethon  , @GM_Gemu , ANYONE???
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  4. Kripion added a post in a topic Kutum   

    Well so far i played only with kutum there:) (283 dp seems to be not enough for a chill out gameplay)
    I'll try to test both offhands in sulfur mines after I lvl that node a lil more.
    Thx for that info anyway (managed to find only NA bers on pirates - that with hp bar scanners, and KR musa)
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  5. Kripion added a post in a topic Kutum   

    only from common options like kzarka and bhegs. Im mainly pve player (at least untill i reach 60 lvl,   got 57% left...)
    Baseing on some tests of kutum acc it looks like it wont be a decisive factor. Keep in mind that not everyone is makeing evasion pvp build. And im far far from top players that focus mainly on pvp and reach GS around 530++
    I plan to keep both offhands in case low kutum acc happens to be a bug that will be fixed someday;p
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  6. Kripion added a post in a topic Kutum   

    I have both kutum and nouver at TRI, Both have 2x   +5ap +hp gems in slots.
    I tested both on Basilisks and i see no real difference in pve dmg (many topics claim kutum have hidden dmg vs monsters)
    Knowing that kutum has only little acc, it all comes in a decision if you need that 20 dp because its the only reason for me i sill use kutum while grinding.
    In PVP its up to you if you want 20 dp and 10% resi ignore  or 14 ap + 10% resi... I will test those offhands in pvp some day... and  will probably swich to nouver permamently after makeing all boss items to tet.
    here are my builds (differ in ofhands only)
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  7. Kripion added a topic in Ninja   

    Valencia travel clothes on ninja
    Can anyone drop here some screenshots of Valencja travel clothes equipped on ninja. Im really curious if its worth the effort.
    In exchange here are some screen of Shroud knight armor i just crafted:

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  8. Kripion added a post in a topic Why does Valencia suck?   

    I dont like two things in Valencia:
    - killing a pack of pirates gives almost same amount of exp as killing pack of basilisk. Like wtf? Why is there no exp/monster hp scaling after almost year of "valencja exp is weak when compared to pirates" complains????
    - debuffs
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  9. Kripion added a post in a topic Will we ever see anyone with these gear?   

    Meanwhile in RU....

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  10. Kripion added a post in a topic What kind of costume set do you wish to have in game?   

    Yea or we will get ONLY a sailor silver embended costume ...
    BTW - anyone manage to find those costumes ingame screenshots from KR?
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  11. Kripion added a post in a topic What kind of costume set do you wish to have in game?   

    i want this to be looking good on ninja

    And im especially interested in Serendia Formal Attire and Shroud Knights Armor
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  12. Kripion added a post in a topic 67 Cron Stones for Tungrad Earing to PRI?   

    The number of Cron Stones that are required can be silly but the worst part is: THERE IS degrade chance. LIke wtf? I have to pay 900 CR and even if i decide to spend this silver i have a chance degradeing item? IT usually means it looses 70-80% of its value ... so its close to being broken totally.
    The degrade chance MUST GO AWAY!!!
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  13. Kripion added a post in a topic High AP build   

    well more items mean more artisan memories used, indeed it can be intended... Same goes for meta-changeing balance decissions. But its to early to say it atm.
    I think i will keep nouver and kutum and maybe add a tadd to my collection...
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  14. Kripion added a post in a topic Ninja: Bugs, Class Issues, and Suggestions   

    Keep that good work. This topic shall not die!
    Maybe we shall @GM some attention?
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