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  1. valasceria added a post in a topic Node 10 weirdness.   

    Starting with Node level 5 I get decreased rare drops such as MoS, Witches and Tsb as well as Boss Scrolls. I made no fancy google Spreadsheet but "tested" it for myself over the course of hundreds of hours grinding and I always started getting less drops with Node lvl 5, always. From getting 0-3 Drops/hour it went to 0-1 drops/4-5hours. At this point I dont level any Node higher than 3 anymore, there definitely is something bugged and everyone who says otherwise hasnt grinded a substantial amount of time.
    Personally I believe that some Values must have been mixed up, making a Node lvl 10 act like a lvl 1-3 and Node lvl 3/4 acts like lvl 9 or 10.
    There is also the possibility that its "working as intended" - making everything drop more often and decreasing the Chance for rares. For example
    0.1% Chance rare drop
    1% Boss Scroll
    49.9% Trashloot 1
    49% Trashloot 2
    Lets assume Node lvl 10 increases dropchances by 50%, thatd mean
    0.15% Chance rare drop
    1.5% Boss Scroll
    74,85% Trashloot 1
    73,5% Trashloot 2
    --> with lvl 10 youd have a much higher Chance of getting Trashloot even with the increased dropchance of the Rares, because +50% of 49% > +50% of 0.1%
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  2. valasceria added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    Normal T4? Buffed T4? Are there differences between T4s?
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  3. valasceria added a post in a topic Awakened players in Calpheon, why?   

    No, those Guys dont grind there. Those guys just run around to PK some lowbies for fun, but not to take their Spot.
    Afterwards they come to the Forums crying about how broken the Karma System is.
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  4. valasceria added a post in a topic Awakened players in Calpheon, why?   

    Because they have a lower Gearscore and depending on Luck you make for example at Hexe 5-8mil/hour with relics alone, add in a Witch Earring every now and then and its a viable Spot to Gear up a bit. There also drop Bossscrolls, so players that spent Hours Sniping, Thousands of Energy on Night Vendor and still havent gotten their desired Gear might also grind in some Areas.
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  5. valasceria added a post in a topic Ship Building and the Fixed Market Price - Supply and Demand?   

    Who cares? With current Prices neither New/Old Players can buy any because they are constantly sold out. With higher Prices they would at least be AVAILABLE.
    Right now you gotta Gather Logs/Rough Stones yourself because the Price is so ridiculously low that no one sells them. Make them cost 300k each and you can at least buy them and New Players also got a reliable way to make Money regardless of their Gear/Level.
    Higher Prices for Materials is a Win/Win for everyone. Bossitems on the other hand should still have a Cap. It should be significantly raised though, somewhere around 300-400mil for a +0 Item seems appropriate, Dandes being 400-500mil. People would actually List/buy those Items without having to spent 100 Dollar/Euro on a Pearl gift for the CHANCE to buy what they want.
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  6. valasceria added a post in a topic Fishing Hotspot question   

    Dont know a exact radius, but you gotta be pretty close afaik. They normally dont despawn when you get near them, they despawn after around 20 minutes if no one is fishing in them. There are special Hotspots with expensive fish like Coelcanth that despawn after you cast your fishing rod once, the other Hotspots normally stay for a while.
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  7. valasceria added a post in a topic Disable pearl gifting   

    Put "WTB" and "WTS" as well as "Selling" and "Buying" into the Ingame Spam Filter and you wont notice (or very rarely) any of those Pearl-Gift-Sellers.
    Yes, its cancer and it should be removed (or only allowed between Guildmembers), but this way at least you wont notice it.
    However its also quite nice for sniping T8 horses. Just watch the Horse market for ~30 minutes after someone wrote "WTB/WTS T8 for Pearl Gift" and get your Courser for 0 Pearls.
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  8. valasceria added a post in a topic sad truth about end game and RNG (read especially if you're new!)   

    I also believe in hidden Luck since I created a DK.
    My Ranger got less than 10 Scarla Necklace and 1x Witch Earring in 43d Playtime
    My DK on the other hand... 1x Tree Spirit, 9x MoS, 7-8x Scarla in less than 2d and mostly while leveling/doing Daily Quests.
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  9. valasceria added a post in a topic Is this even allowed??   

    Of course Anti Cheat Engines can detect different Textures. If not no one would be using a Wallhack in Shooters but instead just use a Map with transparent Textures. But I doubt there will be anything done about it in BD. Maybe if too many Users use such Mods they would send a request to Xigncode to also search for altered Textures, but if its only a few doing it then it probably isnt worth it.
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  10. valasceria added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    Dont worry, Im sure we will get another Discount Coupon for the Pearl Shop
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  11. valasceria added a post in a topic zarka preoders   

    280 on +7, got it after 2 hours
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  12. valasceria added a post in a topic exploiters in EU?   

    If not Fake this explains some of those PEN Accessories http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4nkikb
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  13. valasceria added a post in a topic A new year for BDO - your wishlist?   

    - More grinding Spots for lvl 52-58
    - More Gear
    - Increased Enemy Spawn in Calpheon/Mediah/Valencia
    - Increased droprate of Calpheon/Mediah Items that arent BiS
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  14. valasceria added a post in a topic Leveling in Mediah is overcrowded..   

    Double the worth of Calpheon Turn-Ins and Valencia Drops
    Nerf Mediah Spots to make Valencia be the better Income Source
    Introduce new Areas that arent designed for 60+ Full TET Players.
    3 possible Solutions for the "OP Players are camping Mediah" Issue, but I dont think any of them will ever get implemented.
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  15. valasceria added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    Servers up, half of Europe gonna Login North America Region because the Launcher is set to North America by default and doesnt save the Change to Europe.
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