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  1. Nicolina added a post in a topic Taxes are a bit unrealistic (✿◡‿◡)   

    Ahri seriously doing this here? Matter of fact, I'll just go ahead and Nami-nate you for an award and call it a day.
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  2. Nicolina added a post in a topic Relatively new player's impression after a month of playing   

    very true. after maint yesterday i went and finished the quest then made a duo green awakened weapon. i shouldve saved more sharps in hindsight as i had only one from randomly skinning a deer lol. someone told me i could heat weapon cores so i did that even though they were more expensive and well...it took 39 fail stacks to duo T_T but now i just blow stuff up. i couldnt kill gahaz bandits fast enough pre-awakening but now i just 2 shot them. it's pretty awesome
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  3. Nicolina added a post in a topic Relatively new player's impression after a month of playing   

    I totally forgot about fishing! It's actually so relaxing to unwind lol. I still have a few islands and other places on what I think is the edge of the playable map to explore. I managed to worm my way into a zone with invisible walls but out of fear of getting stuck or something, I turned around. If you're not afraid of dying, I def say go out there and see what you can find.
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  4. Nicolina added a post in a topic Decorated Christmas House.. do you have one?   

    wait what you can do all of this...?
    looks really cool. how did you change your walls though?
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  5. Nicolina added a post in a topic Relatively new player's impression after a month of playing   

    Um you're presuming quite a bit. I met someone that helped me out and told me when to go for enhances + I go lucky. You're free to doubt me but I am actually new-ish. I mean unless you wanna call me out on getting to level 13 when I first bought the game and then quitting lol. I watched A LOT of videos (the bladeboques guy and a few money making guides) as well as asking a ton of questions. The order of my points hold no significance as they were things I thought of while typing. And I actually didn't use fragments until I got to the point where I was about to attempt duo, in which case I used one because my bow was at like 39 dura and someone said it's smarter to buy a liverto + use artisan's memory (which I started getting with my loyalty points).
    Also my pri-awakening on day 1 is a green weapon that anyone can buy. I literally just finished my week's worth of scrolls + some other black stones I had from the event and smashed them into the green weapon.
    I think you're reading way too far into it though.
    Oh and this guy is correct, I played a lot haha. I also just ya know...asked a ton of stuff and looked up other stuff I didn't get.
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  6. Nicolina added a post in a topic Relatively new player's impression after a month of playing   

    Thanks for all the kind comments! And yes, I've been having a blast, literally. I finally managed to get the Noel costume just to go back into the outfit bid rng for the awakening outfit haha. Working on upping my pri green awakening weapon to duo as well (that may come before costume since more ap = faster money). I actually can't believe how much damage I'm doing. I'm now able to breeze through Gahaz Bandits when I couldn't grind those pre-awakening. I literally only use shift + lmb then down+lmb+rmb and everything is usually dead. Can't wait to get stronger honestly. Then it's pay back time for what those lasers did inside the aakman place <_<
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  7. Nicolina added a post in a topic Relatively new player's impression after a month of playing   

    I can't admire your sexiness if I don't live long enough to take in all the glory, friend. D:
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  8. Nicolina added a topic in General   

    Relatively new player's impression after a month of playing
    Hi local witch potato here. Processing right now so figured I'd type something up here. Just a little background quick, I'm 25, male, and have played quite a few mmos over time. As I've gotten older though, I've found that most just simply became boring after about 2 weeks to a month. The ranked season on another game had pretty much ended so I came looking for a game to fill my spare time with and lo-and-behold, (re)found this game again.
    I originally bought the game god knows when but I couldn't quite get into it on about 4 separate occasions. I actually managed to get lost during the tutorial (please don't ask how) but once I came back, the tutorial seemed a lot better. That's when I found out that it was changed so I was like "oh cool!". I slowly started leveling, poking all sorts of stuff along the way then walking up to purple monsters and getting smashed from doing so. It's honestly been a while since I've experienced the "complete noob" experience and I think that's honestly one of the funnest points of a game.
    Here's my "found out the hard way" list from what I've learned:
    Don't throw black stones at liverto weapons. They cost a lot to repair <_<;Don't SELL ALL OF YOUR STONES. I thought money > stones but welp...If something is spinning towards you and it's black, run the hell away. Fast.Manually looting sucks. Get pets when/if possible.Crystals break I thought you'd lose your gear/money if you got pk'd so I was terrified at first...Don't even bother with Centaurs. They hurt.Always factor in the 65% on the item you're selling on the marketplaceValue packs are hard to bid onDon't run into "bad guys town" in the desert.You need water/tea if you go in the desert.Don't be a potato and get lost in the desert.Don't poke Mr. Sand Ogre in the desert.Carry a tent JUST IN CASE YOU ACTUALLY RUN INTO A SANDSTORM...in the desert.Mobs can cc then mess you up (looking at you anubis lookin mobs that drop crescent rings <_<)DO NOT WALK INTO MYSTERIOUS BLACK HOLES IN THE DESERT!If you didn't listen to 16, just know that lasers hurt.Fogans r lifeWhat is fail stackingThe name of the game is efficiencyPlay at your own pace and don't tunnel TOO hard on gear.Screw rangers.Gear matters a lot in pvpBid system is...unfortunate at timesDon't waste money on alts...even if it does make them look cute...Crashing your boat and spending 3 hours swimming to pirate island sucks.BDO is a grind fest starting at about 55 and exponentially scaling (supposedly) pretty hard after the 58 mark. I'm currently 57.I really do loathe hidden numbers. I can't make decisions on certain aspects unless I want to take more experienced players' advice.Most of the people seem to get a good laugh when I found out things for the first time, but it's all in fun. I'm actually really enjoying this game a lot. There are frustrating aspects (i.e. enhancing but that's with almost any game, pvp and getting 1 shot, having skills cancelled by mobs as a witch, etc) but for me, the pros out-weighs the cons. It's actually fun being a potato but there's SO much to this game that I still keep learning about (i.e. I didn't know you could use siege weapons).
    For anyone interested, I'm currently at 163/222 on my witch and still trying to climb up (I think that's actually considered pretty low from what I've been reading), but I'll get there at some point. Main thing is just enjoying the game, spam bidding on that witch noel outfit that I'll never get because my rng sucks when it comes to bdding qqqqqqqq, and gearing up so I can farm stuff faster so then I could just spend my free time farming then take over the world once I'm a multi-billion tycoon and hand out free potatoes to everyone.
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  9. Nicolina added a post in a topic Can't get into the game now :(   

     Have you tried leaving your router unplugged for the night?
    Fixed issue.
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  10. Nicolina added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Can't get into the game now :(
    So after a forced windows update, I eventually had to system restore my computer and reinstall BDO. Upon launching the game now, it takes noticebly longer to load and when I get to character selection, I choose my character and a channel (I try diff chars and channels) but this usually happens:
    Then the game says server connection lost. I've tried repairing the client and resetting my router. This has been an issue for the past 24 hours now. Any suggestions? Will supply any additional info if needed.
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  11. Nicolina added a post in a topic I GIVE UP   

    ive bid over 150 for witch. just no luck  im trying to convince myself not to care anymore though lol
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  12. Nicolina added a post in a topic Noob question about bidding   

    Tyvm! That makes sense now.
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  13. Nicolina added a topic in General   

    Noob question about bidding
    So how exactly does bidding work on the marketplace? Does it pool everyone who clicks bid into a pool then pull a random name or is it the person who clicks bid first? I've missed over 150 of those witch noel outfits while bidding and now I'm starting to question if I understand the bidding system >.<
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  14. Nicolina added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    i actually don't pvp and generally run away if someone flags on me lol. feels like a waste of time for me and the other person probably trying to get levels and money :<
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  15. Nicolina added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    there are people here way more deserving i think so removing my request. if anyone is still interested, you can message me here (on NA) but one of these other people should get something tbh.
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