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  1. Morgren added a post in a topic Zerker dps rotation?   

    Yo, instead of making a new topic Ill just use this one since it already has a stupid amount of views.

    Has anything change with the rotation since the recent pve buff this patch?
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  2. Morgren added a post in a topic Let negative karma players defend themselves if attacked   

    As soon as the masochists.... i mean korean devs actually give an incentive for group play I will. Until then... well can't safetly post that without a ban

    edit: probably should have mentioned the new group meta where half the group competes with the grinder and the other steals whatever they're not at.
    Great system we got going on here >.>
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  3. Morgren added a topic in PVP   

    Negative karma...
    I'm fine with losing experience, gems and even enhancements if karma is low enough but for the love of whatever god koreans believe in let us actually fight back when we get attacked...
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  4. Morgren added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    So with this pretty much being confirmed, where should I farm at with 166/177/220 gear(no boss arm)? 
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  5. Morgren added a post in a topic Economic results since giving up Enhancing   

    After the hell i went through in the past two days trying to get tri back, and failing, then failing to get duo back.... I really needed to read this. I was on the verge of giving up completely.
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  6. Morgren added a post in a topic General Consensus of the Enhancement System   

    Kind of wish there was some DR on fails though. 15 duo attempt fail, startin at +30 fs, 7 tri fails starting at 40 fs. Under the impression the devs don't want me playing this game anymore. That's not including the consistent +30 fs I get with +11-14 reblaths. Sure, that seems amazing but when you can't put them to use because your luck is non existent, then it's meaningless
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  7. Morgren added a post in a topic In Preparation for Margoria - Bonus Combat EXP weekend   

    I lost any motivation to level after this fail hype train. *sigh* back to lifeskilling I go
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  8. Morgren added a post in a topic Handsome Berserker?!   

    Clearly, this is the only one this thread needs
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  9. Morgren added a post in a topic Zerker dps rotation?   

    For the buster skill addons, should i prioritize effects that help with sustain dps or burst dps?
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  10. Morgren added a post in a topic Where to grind?   

    I just got a tri blue buster, where should i go after this for more ap? Aside from my liverto, I'll get to that as I build up some fail stacks
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  11. Morgren added a topic in Berserker   

    Zerker dps rotation?
    I've seen some pre-awakening rotations but I haven't seen any for awakened.
    What would be the ideal rotation for a 57 zerker with all awakening skills and what about 58? Mostly for bosses and the what not.
    • 5 replies
  12. Morgren added a post in a topic Where to grind?   

    Okay Ill head to manes. I stayed at hasrahs for an hours since i sort of thought my gm buff was food. 13M with a core, 7M without. Manes does seem like it will be better since it was pretty annoying waiting for trash to spawn.

    Again, thanks for the info, I'd still be desparately grinding fogans right now if it wasnt for this lol
    Sorry for another question but you guys have been really helpful, I noticed you said to get the blue awakened weapon. Should I just leave my rough iron at pri and save up for a pri+ or should I try upgrade the r-iron?
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  13. Morgren added a post in a topic Where to grind?   

    My bank is nothing to be envied sadly. I was just following the zerker guide for the cores. Ill get right on that. Thanks
    What about Hasrahs? I was there before with roughly the same ap and they seemed to die pretty quickly.
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  14. Morgren added a post in a topic Where to grind?   

    AWesome, thanks a lot. What should I start to upgrade first? Should I try to get my buster to try or duo my accessories?
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  15. Morgren added a topic in Berserker   

    Where to grind?
    I was wondering where I should farm at for my ap/dp @57. I was at fogans and crescents for a bit but it doesn't seem to be as effecient when grinding. Fighters are an epic battle and guardians are like a dark souls encounter -_-. I tried looking at general ap guides but then I heard people say zerkers scale differently, etc. Just mighty confused right now and would appreciate the help.
    Thanks you glorious behemoths

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