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  1. Prochilles added a post in a topic Confirm 'Mutant Ogre' Patch Notes April 26-May 17   

    Update: May 17
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  2. Prochilles added a post in a topic Are they ever gonna "fix" PvP?   

    Thank you. I though I was going crazy and no one else could see how bad wiz armor and blocks are. They flat out don't do anything. We can get stunned knockdown through iframe/block anything to the point we just stand or lay still till we die ...on top of all the other server / pvp problems in this game. 
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  3. Prochilles added a post in a topic Dodge Mechanic   

    Great Q. Dodging (Shift + a/d/s) does absolutely nothing for Wizards. If a Wizard tries to dodge that is when you attack since the distance of the dodge remains inside all enemy AOEs and itdoesnt give any iframe/evasion/superArmor during. 
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  4. Prochilles added a post in a topic BDO-Enhance :New Discord Channel to Record and Measure Fail Stack Success Rate   

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  5. Prochilles added a post in a topic BDO-Enhance :New Discord Channel to Record and Measure Fail Stack Success Rate   

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  6. Prochilles added a post in a topic Why I'm quitting my 30th day.   

    To be fair this is 1 game I feel the devs etc.. work hard at to please players without compromising the game itself. Coming from ESO where they pander to any group that screams the loudest its quite refreshing. And for $5 (I believe $10 now) to purchase the game I've spent more time and had way more fun than games I've spent $60+ on which includes the top games recently released that I've already quite playing.  There is bad lag in the game on occasion (I've even made my own post to remove xp loss because of it), and I had trouble with getting disconnected early on which for me ended up being windows firewall or windows updates.
    Since the money is already spent @RhymeSlayers I would try to give this game another chance and since in 30 days you've already seen how fun the game can be, but with all the different things 30 days in game can't teach there is about to be a whole lot more.
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  7. Prochilles added a post in a topic Revert Stupid Enchant Change   

    Enhancement chance has been increased for the following gear. (Inapplicable for PRI ~ PEN levels)
    As Enhancement chance has increased, less Black Stone is required for Force-enhancement.
    The extracted amount has been decreased for the following Enhanced gear items when they are extracted with a Black Stone.
    Marketplace listing price for the following Enhanced gear has been reduced.
    Upon Enhancement, players can now choose between Enhancement types.
    Affected Items: Green-level Gear with Enhancement Lv. +14 and below (Reformed gear included)
    Enhancement types are divided into [Enhance] and [Durable].
    Now players can choose the Enhancement type when placing relevant gear into the Enhancement slot.
    Choosing [Enhance] will increase the success rate of the enhancement attempt, at the risk of additional durability loss should a failure occur.
    Choosing [Durable] will decrease the success rate of the enhancement attempt, but minimize the amount of durability lost if the enhancement fails
    I believe they both increased the enhance success of lower leveled gear and added the 'durability' vs 'enhance' options. Of course choosing 'durability' also decreases the success rate (whether compared to normal or compared to the 'Enhance' selection IDK) so there is a chance the 'Durable' selection will nullify the base increase change making it the same as it was in the before time.
    This is why they should reveal some of the game mechanics to us. Not all of course but when it comes to things that take hours even days to work for like hidden stats on gear so we don't waste money or get lured into buying crap gear someone says kr data-mined evasion and how exactly enhancing operates (which I don't even touch now).
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  8. Prochilles added a post in a topic Remove Xp loss on Death.   

    Nope never crossed my mind. Of course I have man come on. And it is a good sign to believe that it is not on my end when other people in chat spam about the lag precisely when it happens to me.
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  9. Prochilles added a post in a topic Confirm 'Mutant Ogre' Patch Notes April 26-May 17   

    I can't find nothing on what they drop.
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  10. Prochilles added a post in a topic Confirm 'Mutant Ogre' Patch Notes April 26-May 17   

    So basically all of use that put in that 1.5+hrs fighting while rounding up the people throughout the server to have the first Mutant Ogre kill did get screwed. Sweet.
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  11. Prochilles added a post in a topic Remove Xp loss on Death.   

    Implement this. holy hell we basically have to grind to 150% to next level due to the massive lag on your servers.
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  12. Prochilles added a post in a topic $1 = 'S' rank   

    I just got 'S' on the mob I wanted. Spent 3600+ Loyalties total, reset for 25 Loy. each. That's 144+ x2 times I would have had to character swap for knowledge that is gained almost per kill. At the moment and even though loyalties are really important to me energy is even more important which would have meant spending 1,440 energy.
    Clearly what I wrote isn't being read still. Yes, people will relog for some mobs, but not when it becomes like this. As I believe what @Strates meant is $ for the 'S' rank scroll and not loyalties and with that I agree it's not meant to be taken seriously. It was said to illustrate how ridiculous the current rng * luck * pet for mob grade is by giving an obviously ridiculous alternative that proves itself less ridiculous than the current grading method in order for the devs to look into finding a better way to reward these grades.
    I want it to be kill based. Work based.
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  13. Prochilles added a post in a topic Confirm 'Mutant Ogre' Patch Notes April 26-May 17   

    We had people think that in Val 2 but its was charging at people when it changed agro. It didnt reset for us until under 10% hp
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  14. Prochilles added a post in a topic Just a Couple of Pics of Who all got Screwed at Mutant Ogres   

    He only reset once. People kept think because he charged a player he automatically reset. 
    The best way to view these pics is the time frames. And a little reasoning can give you the time frame since nighttime 10-7am is around 45 minutes. They are in reverse order (sorry) but the one at bottom that was taken at night was the first taken.
    He reset when he went past the deep red color so somewhere aroung 10% hp.
    * part of the post was who got screwed so that's why names are included. Added for brief recognition and just in case amends wish to be made to those people.
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  15. Prochilles added a topic in General   

    Just a Couple of Pics of Who all got Screwed at Mutant Ogres
    2 Hour work to have it reset while in Red stage. Thanks.
    Combat patterns for Mutant Troll and Mutant Ogre have been changed.
    If HP falls below certain level, they will attack more fiercely.
    Mutant Troll’s location has slightly changed.
    All players who have inflicted damage on Mutant Troll and Mutant Ogre will now be able to receive loot.
    A lot of fun though even though we got screwed something that finally brought people together in this game instead of turning them into dbags.
    Some were legit there for 2 hrs I have more pics. And we all wasted loyalties for megaphones and even went on discord chats + these forums to get more people repeatedly during those 2 hrs. 

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