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  1. Determine added a topic in Suggestions   

    NA BDO = Roll DK or Quit
    Just for the record, right now I'm playing a Musa. The class that got nerfed before it even entered into NA, because they didn't want any "OP" classes. Our Dash is an iframe still on KR, (because...necessary) can't tell you how many wizard ultimates I've dashed into because its too damn fast, but in NA... it's not? Why? No idea. Then there's the accuracy problem with musas. I won't get started on how the class is extremely challenged..... Then we have DKs. The dashes on there? Still an iframe. The accuracy? Just fine. The DMG? OP. Mobility? Extreme. No wonder over 70% of the people that I know rerolled DK. And what's left for those of us who don't wanna reroll to the most Overpowered class known to BDO? I'll leave that answer up to you. Right now there isn't a class that holds a candle to DKs, and that's KNOWN knowledge! And yet the devs allowed this to be apart of the game? It's shocking how unbalanced these classes are and to be honest, after spending years of time and THOUSANDS of dollars spent on this game, I mean THOUSANDS... I'm starting to think whether I even want to play it anymore.
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  2. Determine added a post in a topic Idea For Improving the PVP Content   

    No that's how it get abused. 5 slots with a CD of 6-12 hours gives people a fair chance to claim a spot while recycling the people added.
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  3. Determine added a topic in Suggestions   

    Idea For Improving the PVP Content
    Hello Devs and thank you for reading this!
    So to start, I think we can all agree that the karma system is a great way of keeping bloodthirsty players in check. The fact that they can start losing exp after going negative is brilliant in it's own right. However, the guild "declaration of war" system was also brilliant. It allows player to freely fight amongst each other without reaping any of the negative side effects. This particularly comes in handy when people are grinding at Sausan Garrison or Kuit Island (Pirate island).
    Example: A player decides that they want to take over your grinding spot, they start killing your rotation despite you telling them that it's taken, you have the opportunity (if the guild is ready for war) to initiate the declaration of war feature and force that individual out. - Brilliant !
    PROBLEM: While the declaration of war feature is brilliant, I feel that the PVP system has a hole in it. What do you when the same scenario happens, and that person has no guild? Answer: Try to grind faster? But in reality it's nothing. There is no permanent solution to this problem.
    SOLUTION: We create a Blacklist system for the individual player.  Identical to the declaration of war feature, the number of people you can blacklist will be limited. Furthermore, so players cannot use this as an exploit to attack anyone anywhere, you'll have a long cool down per person that you blacklist.
    Example: I have the ability to blacklist 5 people. Each slot that I fill has a 12 hour cool down. I use up slots 1,2 &3 protecting my grind spot. Slots 4 & 5 are still available to use whenever, while slots 1,2 &3 are counting down. This cool down feature allows the players to use the blacklist system but not abuse it.
    I hope this is something we can look forward to in the future, I know it would improve BDO in the best way possible!
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  4. Determine added a post in a topic skill locking! :U   

    I have an example on this. I play a wizard and press Shift + Right Click to use Lightning Chain and then to use Lightning Storm you press Right click + Left click during Lightning Chain. Now we have another skill called Blizzard that uses Shift + Right and Left Click and what keeping happening is when I left click it initates Blizzard instead of using Lightning Storm.
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  5. Determine added a topic in Suggestions   

    Autopathing On a Boat ~.^
    Hello BDO development team, I'm sure this has been brought up before but I thought I'd reintroduce it, as I've been traveling a lot by sea and this has become a frequent problem.
    When I travel using autopath on my boat I find that it hugs a lot of the islands and likes to create a stair pattern in the line of travel. Meaning I turn left, move 2 feet, turn right, move 2 feet, turn left.. you get the point. This has caused me to get stuck on multiple occasions as well. I've went ahead and attached two photos showing this. So that's it, just wanted to make sure you're aware of that because traveling in the ocean is dreadfully slow enough as I'm sure we're all aware and this will not only cut out some time but also ensure that we don't get stuck. Thank you for being great BDO!
    P.S. My boat looks like its traveling unwater 80% of the time btw. Might be something with the graphics. I run a GTX 1080 MSI graphics card and all the settings on very high but I've tested various settings and none made any difference. Hope this was helpful, thanks again!

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