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  1. Kneelix420 added a post in a topic Improvements will be continued   

    Have you not actually played before?
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  2. Kneelix420 added a post in a topic BDO coming to consoles?   

    I've also read that this is being considered, they mentioned that stability on the PC is their main focus at the moment. i doubt cross platform play would be viable and more than likely money would be invested into console servers. I'm all for a console version and would love to see my characters transfer over.
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  3. Kneelix420 added a post in a topic FIX FPS   

    Post hardware specs please.
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  4. Kneelix420 added a topic in Suggestions   

    First Person Mode
    The first person mode (if you could even call zooming all the way in "first person") isn't anywhere near beautiful. My biggest gripe is the fact that as a sorc there's a constant barrage of black smoke and floating dark shards in my face, i'm sure other classes have this too. Also looking directly up puts grass or rocks in your view and makes it really difficult to see anything. This has been infuriating while trying to hunt down santa. I'd like to see better camera positioning when all the way zoomed in (camera locks to where your head is) and i'd like total removal of effects around your character when fully zoomed, not just the character itself.
    Tell me what you guys think?
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  5. Kneelix420 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Horse Inventory Feature
    I've noticed that turning in large sums of trash items is pretty annoying when trying to get the items by the thousands to the characters who do the turn ins. For example sausans requires 1000 armor shards for a 1m gold bar. I like that the money is now in gold bar form, however the increase in items turned in makes it so unless my inventory is VERY clear and i have no silver in my inv I am usually unable to turn the items in.

    My suggestion is to make a simple system that allows the trash turn in NPC's to take the items directly from your horse. This could also apply to buying, selling, quest item turn ins, etc. 
    Tell me what you guys think.
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  6. Kneelix420 added a post in a topic Autopathing On a Boat ~.^   

    They need to make the path rounded off and smooth instead of zigzagging. I've also noticed that certain rocks and obstacles sticking out of the ground are completely ignored causing you to drive right into them. Sometimes even large masses of land.
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  7. Kneelix420 added a post in a topic Marketplace Failstacks   

    That would be the ideal way to handle it. I'm all for this system.
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  8. Kneelix420 added a post in a topic Remove Pearl item sale limits & allow listing everything   

    I think it's important to remember that the limit was initially put in the game to stop people from spending huge sums of IRL money to make silver and literally paying to win. 
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  9. Kneelix420 added a post in a topic (Multiple Choice) Proper PvP! (Rewards/Penalties)   

    The current XP system i think is good. I don't like the idea of losing XP because some dude wants my grind spot.
    Valor and honor system seems interesting and i would like to see a version of it, maybe not the exact one proposed but a similar one.
    The escape being unusable while moving or having a cast time destroys the purpose of it. I typically use escape when stuck in endless falling which would count as moving so that's a total bust.
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  10. Kneelix420 added a post in a topic Suggestions for the enchantment system   

    To the OP

    I also opened a thread detailing specific changes i wanted to see to accessory enhancements. The most important idea I mentioned was the ability to use pri/duo/tri items as the enhancing items alongside the pri/duo/tri items you're enhancing. Example: Using a pri witch earring to enhance another pri witch earring would increase chance of enhance by ?%

    What do you think of that idea? Also i like the rebalance of the loyalty mem frags because as it stands they are overprices especially since there are other 50 cent items that cost 100 loyalties. Definitely a good idea.
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  11. Kneelix420 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Sorceress movement adjustment&balance
    After messing with my movement speed to get it to a point i'm comfortable with on my sorceress i'm a bit upset by the idea of warriors with giant greatswords and shields, valkyries with huge lances and shields, and humongous zerkers who appear to weigh upwards of 300-400 lbs with two axes and a cannon equipped all being able to outrun me as a sorc with an amulet that appears to basically weigh nothing and a scythe that looks about as heavy as the musas polearm.
    I would like to see either a way to string teleports together more quickly after your flip, or a significant increase in the distance you're teleporting. The fact that my sorc is apparently fast enough to blink through space without being seen but can't outrun a warrior with his dash spam is just a bit unbalanced, at least in my opinion.
    Tell me what you guys think.
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  12. Kneelix420 added a post in a topic Add failstack to bidding system on Marketplace   

    +1 here. I'm all for this system. First reading the title i was worried however after seeing how people are saying to implement it i'm very intrigued.
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  13. Kneelix420 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Accessory Enhancement Tweaks
    Personally i'm driven absolutely crazy by the idea of losing hundreds of millions off of failing accessories. The cron stones are an awesome idea and a helpful tool, but I'm not a fan of the valks cry and don't like cash driven success rate. 
    The system i would like to see implemented is one where you can use 2 pri items to make a duo and that would significantly increase the % chance of success. I feel that the more you invest in the item going into the enhancement the more likely it should be to succeed. This would be an excellent counterpart to the people that don't want to spend hard earned cash on extra valks cry FS offering an in game cash alternative. Between that system and cron stones it would make accessory enhancement RNG a bit less terrifying and maybe keep people from blowing their brains out when failing tri ogres. 
    Let me know what you guys think.
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