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Posts posted by Zordy

  1. lol

    classes are balanced, gear isn't 

    Looks at valkyrie

  2. 300 days
    full boss gear
    190 AP

    and people have the damn face saying that the average player have arround 180 AP.....

  3. Please don't waste the GM's time with forum only matters. That job belongs to the CM and the volunteer mods.

    do we have any of those here ?

  4. no, you messed it up  i got to +15 while you still pleasing your boss to get money to buy your p2c stuf while i took vacation for this purpose, you loose :P


    it buuuuuuuuuuurns

  5. if I kept seeing someone spam this -> (✿◡‿◡)  bullcrap after every meal they eat, fights, gvg, enchant. I would probably go mental too. stupid suman

    soooo im the only one who likes these faces ????

  6. but is it really, lets say he got really lucky. There is no way for us to even know if these bundles are actually different from the normal scroll bundles, just because of a name change.

    its hidden...... everything is hidden in this game......

  7. Think I am probably done also. Started with ehhh 400m ish. 

    Figure i got some cash lets try for gains.

    35 fs failed duo witch no biggy 21m

    36 failed duo tungrade 65m

    37 failed duo ogre (free i farmed them)

    35 failed pri serp 60m

    36 failed pri serp 60m

    37 failed pri serp 60m

    38 failed pri serp 60m

    failed duo giath 20 fs to 35 (repaired)

    failed duo giath again 20 fs to 35 (not repaired anymore)

    In the end lost 9 ap from the ears, 15ap from my neck. Thought if be able to make a backup with the money i had but I guess not. Maybe its a sign to just quit trying in this game. 

    Do you.... do you feel it ? the wonderfull "progression" the game offers and "gives you" after your hours of grind ? do you feel it ? do you feel all the reward your getting thx to RNG and all your hard work ? do you..... oh for -----s sake of course not this progression system of RNG hell is a load of crap ! ....

    2 people like this



    In game of course. Don't want none of you weebs IRL in my neighborhood xd.

    what ? im cute :3
    and realy nice :3
    i dont know a single person who does not like me after knowing me no matter the place :3
    also im silent :3
    and like bondage stuff :3

  9. i have a 56 warrior and a 55 ninja soon 56

    and holy shit Awakened warrior is a bit boring realy easy to play realy strong in all aspects of the game but a bit boring

  10. There isnt a game who uses this technology yet , everything in this demo is rendered in real time and even the hair is rendered its not textured.

    this is like those CGI trailers bassicaly game wont come close to it.

  11.  You should prolly not show the transaction ids , just saying , I would edit them if i were you :P

    most stupid rule that devs / mods ever implemented............. if anything name and shaming WITH PROOF should be encouraged on the forums.

    only those that name or shame without proof should get punished....

    this system that is in use globaly just protects the a**hats

  12. I would ditch windows 8.1 and go windows 10 which has demonstrably better game performance (please ignore anyone that suggests otherwise) but the difference isn't great.

    who cares about that minimal amount of perfomance gain when it has 349856263576986169816981563193956169 compatibility issues with both old and new games lol

    win 10 is just trash for games and will take sometime before it gets fixed up if it ever happens that is....

  13. so u basically only have 10 ap less than me and i play since launch and am at 6000+ hours probably 


    and then u have people whining about bdo's gearing process


    according to these whiteknights

    Rng is fun and rewarding....................so tell me how fun and rewarding was for you :3

  14. Bless has the potential to surpass it from what I've seen, but I'm waiting on the combat revamp before I delve into it too much. There are a lot of things done really well with BDO graphically, and with some cleanup it could be even better. It's pretty well done overall, that's hard to deny, though the combat clutter takes away from a lot of that.

    dont forget the glorious Pop ins while you travel .....or just move 2 inchest in any direction...... im waiting for the day when an entire tree hits me in the face while traveling....

  15. 5820k 3.30ghz.I guess I could overclock it but I'd rather not.


    edit: And I've got windows 8.1 ;)

    i have no idea then whats causing the issue
    i mean im using:

    GTX 660ti OC Directcue 3Gb

    i5-4690 3.50 Ghz
    12 GB DDR3 ram
    and a Western digital Black HDD
    Widows 8.1 ( that not got reinstalled like 2 years now lol )

    and runing this game on max only have high end mode turned off and some extra light crap that doesen't even change anything lol i only need to turn of player effect it cities and Boss zergs but even there i have a good 30 fps outside 45fps

    so its strange your having 5 fps on minimum lol.

  16. are you using Windows 10 ? if yes.... delete it give it to a crazy wild dog then burn it follow its soul to hell and beat it up and piss on it.......

    also need more info on the I7 just because its i7 doesn't mean its good we need its Number.... and size...

  17. On a personal level, while on this topic, I'm especially loving that certain individuals have been accusing myself and others who have expressed their distaste of the RNG degrading of 1) being lazy and 2) not wanting to work for gear.


    and while they doing that they missing the entire point.
    the issues is these people think RNG = Work i wonder how would they like if RNG would decide at the end of every month if they getting payed or not for their "Work"
    you not got payed ? oh then you just don't want to work that's why and lazy

    im not sure these people even know whats logic is lol.

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