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  1. Hard_Head_Azn added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Witch Costume Labreve Graphical Glitch.
    when i am fully zoomed out, i get none see thru, complete blacked out sleeves, when i zoom in one time it still have super black cuffs, zoom in more and it becomes see thru as intended i believe, really annoying graphical glitch, i always have to play zoomed in when i wear this outfit,  so other ppl get this same issue also, btw playing on max settings, with a 1080ti, any way to fix this or is it a known bug that everyone else gets?

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  2. Hard_Head_Azn added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Game Freeze - Black Screen with Pearl Abyss Logo...
    This Issue has only started affecting me in the past 2 - 3 weeks. Random times, Random places, Random Black screens with Pearl Abyss logo...
    Freezes my game for 20 - 40 seconds sometimes closes client all together after and sometimes was actually freezing and locking my entire pc to the point i had to hard reboot. (after santa was taken out of the game last maint my comp has not siezed up again but continues to black screen and show logo Pearl abyss).. sometimes when my screen recovers from the black screen with pearl abyss logo, my cash shop costume will be all original colors (as if mervs pallet is not acitivated) upon disconnecting closing client and reopening my cash shop clothing will be proper color with my mervs pallet..

    I have Cleared all game Cache, I have done a client repair. Still am getting this black screen with Pearl Abyss logo....... No other game ever gives me any issues.

    It would seem I am not the only person reporting and having this problem/issue. please can we get a hot fix or patch to fix all these black screens happening with your PEARL ABYSS logo, it is making the game very un-playable at the present time....

    updated drivers and still problem persists. we need a fix on the client side to this problem please this is a very urgent situation.
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  3. Hard_Head_Azn added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance December 22nd   

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  4. Hard_Head_Azn added a post in a topic Constant "Not Responding" after 5 min in game   

    hello i have not noticed my game act up at all untill tonight when it seriously kept crashing and freezing and would black screen with pearl abyss logo sometimes , sometime just freeze entire pc and i have to manually restart it... this has got to be fixed soon so everyone who plays BDO can enjoy playing over the holidays, i mean , if daum shuts down the servers for emergency maintenance to fix and add in a skill..... they should really get priorities straight and emergency shut down servers to fix this issue that kill the game for allot of ppl it looks like .. lol gg
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  5. Hard_Head_Azn added a post in a topic Game freeze entire computer.   

    since tonight i have started to have these brutal freezing problems also, freezes my entire pc to the point have to manually turn it off then back on....... another time it goes black screen for awhile then black desert will re appear but with more bugs then before. i hope this isn't daums xmas gift to us .., *here take xmas presents from santa in the sky he will give u items to crash and freeze your game and pc* !!!!!
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  6. Hard_Head_Azn added a post in a topic Snow and Santa Crashes/Freeze/Not Responding   

    I also have been experiencing these glitches, freezes or DCs. whatever u want to call it, all started happening tonight when I was doing a guild mission @ Elrics with guildies my entire PC froze and would not let me do anything. had to manually turn power off and back on. when I reboot there were no error messages no memory dumps no error logs. start BDO up , and same thing again happens except after about 15 seconds it DC me from Server... i set my character to AFK fish after awhile i go back, i goto repair my fish rods .. guess what happens. BLACK SCREEN but this time.  game came back on after that PEARL ABYSS black screen and now my character standing there with all the cash shop armor i had customized thru mervs pallet all to be now set back to the original colors .now i realize I have no chance to play this game right now with these savage coding problems that came with this christmas event thing. GG please can sum1 @ headquarters shut down servers for another emergency maintenance to fix the game so we can all play it again without hassle. cheers and merry xmas and maybe we can play this game again in the new year once it's fixed.
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