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  1. MadMaximoff added a post in a topic Your daily fame   

    1mil + Feels good
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  2. MadMaximoff added a post in a topic Toxic Chat   

    I actually don't think a verification system would be a bad idea at all, as long as they are kept on a secure, heavily encrypted database that only the GM's can access with special permissions. Battlenet actually has that system in place and it works quite well, allowing them to completely ban some of the worst offenders completely from the system if they so deem fit.
    However since it's sensitive data, information of whom we are that data thieves would want to get their hands on, it needs to be kept on an OFFLINE database as opposed to Online, ie, after they have the info, they delete the online trail after moving it to the offline database and store it for up to 10 years. It also needs to be enforced under legislation that the information cannot be under any circumstances be sold on.
    It'd require a significant amount of trust between user and provider, but it would go a long way toward solving the Anon trolling issues many online platforms face nowadays without impacting freedoms that we hold dearly.
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  3. MadMaximoff added a post in a topic Toxic Chat   

    It's definitely an Epidemic.
    As a player from more "Admirable" times, the days of DaoC, AO, EQ, etc, I can say we still had our trolls but we elected to use the tools at our disposal to ignore them. Even in the days of WoW vanilla, players elected to just ignore people like that and they got bored and moved on.
    Unfortunately with the "Nanny State" bubble wrapped teens of today, they were never taught the value of "Sticks and Stones" and to not empower people that use words to hurt, take away that attention and power by ignoring them, they are simply shouting to the wind. Instead they rise to it, engage with those that use words as weapons and make the situation worse that it needs to be.
    Then as it grows into the ugliness, due to being unable to deal with it, being used to their parents/the system protecting them, they start making demands for "more protections", which simply again, empowers the trolls and goads them on to push the boundaries of outrage to see how far they can go before the system stops them.
    The answer of course, is the one you gave.
    Form smaller "communities" within the community, build bridges with like-minded people, shut out the trolls, exclude them. When they find nobody is listening and nobody is rising to them anymore, they simply go away.
    It worked for us in the past, there's no reason it shouldn't work now.
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  4. MadMaximoff added a post in a topic Toxic Chat   

    Probably because I've read over the OP's comments and they seem to be wanting something, not to just "tell people". 
    Again, your failure to think critically and many others like you is why we have the thought police running rampant, but you bask in that ignorance and think what you want to think.
    There's nothing "Fundamentalist" about questioning someones intentions for a thread, that's just being critical, Devils Advocate as per say.
    Inb4 you lob further insults about my Intelligence, call me a alt-righter, etc (Yup I saw those veiled insults, you're not as clever as you think)
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  5. MadMaximoff added a post in a topic Toxic Chat   

    So why does the thread exist when there are methods of dealing with trolling on the chat?
    The methods are there, its down to the person to use them, so why aren't they and why are they making this thread?
    Stop the typing for five seconds, re-read what the OP posted, re-read the title and ask yourself the question "If the tools exist, what do they want?"
    Critical thinking, learn it, it's a valuable real life skill.
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  6. MadMaximoff added a post in a topic Toxic Chat   

    I actually mentioned there are consequences, reports can lead to chat bans, suspensions, etc, like how in real life you can say what you like, but you might get your lights punched out or wind up in prison for it.
    What some are asking for is people to have that freedom taken completely away, to completely and utterly police our ability to criticize (see Anitas little speech at the UN) thus they are willing to sell off our right to speak freely and thus face consequence for that action so they don't have to face rightful criticism for their actions and words.
    Einstein "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"
    Those that want Freedom of speech taken away are an action, the reaction is the trolls that flaunt it.
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  7. MadMaximoff added a post in a topic Toxic Chat   

    So basically because the chat doesn't fit what you want it to, you are going to make a thread telling everyone what it should be?
    We aren't totalitarians yet and freedom of speech is something many died to protect. 
    you are allowed to criticise, turn off, block, report and ignore trolling a your leisure, you can challenge it too if you so desire that's your right as its the right of those that say stupid, often outrageous things to do so as there are consequences if one goes too far.
    What you're asking for is Policed speech, sorry not a chance, not in this life, not in this decade. 
    When you sell off the freedoms people fought hard to preserve for "protection" you are nothing more than an enabler of Tyranny. 
    Try to think for yourself, not what some Faux outrage College Professor that wants a bigger slice of the power cake wants you to think
    Edit: let me put it this way, this is someone that is an outsider but is well versed on their History. 
    Nothing Good has ever come from extreme viewpoints, from Communism and Anarchism on the left and Fascism, Imperialism and Neoliberalism on the right. They only seek to consolidate power and wealth to a few, they just go different ways about it.  Read History, note the Atrocities that have been carried out under these Ideologies and remember 
    While Democracy is far from perfect, it's the only system that gives a voice to the otherwise voiceless, a core tenement of making that work is the freedom of speech 
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  8. MadMaximoff added a post in a topic Good Practice for cooks.   

    Id start using that honey now on tea with fine scent, you can use energy to go gather g-----s from the g----- farm near Oliva yourself or buy from the AH (don't go with Greens as your profit margin will significantly lower) there's usually a lot of sunflowers on the AH as well and they're relatively inexpensive. 
    Using the Gardens to grow everything yourself is of course for maximum profit, it's not necessary and you can buy matts from the AH and still turn a profit. 
    Edit: Tea with Fine Scent requires Professional 1 to Imperial package and turn in, just remember to keep the Tea with Strong Scents (blue ones) to make Sute Tea or Milk Tea depending on the path you prefer 
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  9. MadMaximoff added a topic in General   

    Good Practice for cooks.
    So you're making beer and making a good little earner, you're also making Boiled eggs for imperial delivery and it's bringing in some decent passive income right?
    You'd like to earn more through cooking but aren't entirely sure where to start.
    Well here's a few hinters to help you out.
    Invest in the following as well as the areas you're using for beer crafting.
    G-----s, setting up a couple of gardens and setting up g-----s/apples/strawberries AND Sunflowers/Tulips/Roses and most importantly, Cooking Honey.
    Milk you don't need to mess around with, with the amount of crafting you're doing you'll get plenty from the turn in byproduct, but if you need more, just put a few preorders in on the AH. Don't waste your time milking cows unless you really want to.
    Now you want to look at crafting the following:
    Tea with Fine Scent
    Sute Tea or Milk Tea
    Honey Wine
    You can start making these pretty early on in crafting, although I wouldn't advise it until you're at least Professional 1 or higher so you get a good return for materials.
    Whatever you do, DO NOT use Tea with Fine Scent to craft your sute tea or tea with milk, you'll get plenty of Tea with Strong Scent (the blue version of twfs) and 1x tea with strong counts as 2x tea with fine scent for crafting Sute Tea or Tea with Milk.
    Tea with Fine scent requires 30 per box, Sute tea 60 per box (uses more matts but 50k more payoff) and milk tea 50 per box, honey wine also requires 50 per box and you'll find yourself able to make plenty with leftovers if you're crafting Sute tea as opposed to milk tea. A lot opt for milk tea as it's cheaper to craft and requires less per box, however Sute tea doesn't require flour which you'll use to make essence of liquor with your leftover fruit to make Honey Wine. No path is incorrect, it's down to what you prefer, just note the Sute Tea/Honey Wine route gives you more lifeskill exp as you'll be crafting cream >butter, flour > essence of liquor > Honey wine, whereas Milk Tea you'll only be crafting flour as the extra for it.
    Now you want to hoard them, stash them in your bank, chances are you'll hit your daily limit in hand ins every single day from turning in Boiled Bird Eggs, Tea with Fine Scent, Sute Tea/Tea with Milk and Honey Wine, make sure to box up what you can to make it easier to just grab them out and turn them in on resets with no hassle, if you can't box them up yet (Sute Tea and Milk Tea require Master 1, Honey Wine requires Artisan 1) don't worry too much, you're building up a large payoff for when you do hit those ranks, consider it incentive to keep grinding them out.
    You can also make a good passive income from selling off your blue crops that you harvest, top quality crops are used for alchemy stones so you can either use them for your own alchemy stone or sell them on, you can also pop out stones for 16+ upgrades doing this, up to you if you want to keep them to use them yourself or sell them on, but they are a pretty solid pay out per stone, especially sharps as they go for 3.6mil.
    Basically use everything, let nothing go to waste and you'll quickly be churning out Millions in turn ins every single day and all it requires is about an hour or two of dedication to your farms and crafting.
    Hope that helps those lifeskillers out there looking to move to the next stage of crafting and into the payoff stages.
    Edit: Welp looks like g----- is a dirty word, thanks KaKao.
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  10. MadMaximoff added a topic in PVE   

    Turning a Quick profit.
    So you've been playing BDO a couple of weeks now and you're wondering "Just how do I make enough silver to keep up with stuff?"
    Well here's a quick way to turn your Contribution and energy into Silver using the simplest cooking and alchemy recipes!
    First things first, you want the following:
    -A House in Veila or Heidel (having both is useful)
    -About 3 rank 1 Storage houses
    -Plenty of Lodgings for workers (I tend to work out of Heidel as there is much more lodging space) You want enough to have 8-10 workers
    -The following nodes invested in
    Toscani Farm
    Loggia Farm
    Baralli Farm
    Flinto Farm
    Ehwaz Hill to path to Cron Castle Site
    Cron Castle Site
    Lynch farm ruins
    Moretti Plantation
    Heidel Pass and Northern Guard camp to link Heidel and Veilas trade route allowing you to freely move your workers.
    Later on you can branch out to Casta Farm and down through to Berniatto farm if you so wish it but it's not neccessary.
    So you want to invest in Poultry farming, wheat/potato/corn gathering, silver azaelia gathering and sunrise herb gathering.
    What you'll be working on:
    Boiled eggs for imperial cooking
    Clear Liquid Reagent and Pure Powder Reagent.
    Just sell the chicken meat, nobody buys it and the recipes are not lucrative.
    Beer Recipe: 6 water, 2 leavening agent, 1 sugar, 5 potato/wheat/corn/barley
    Boiled Eggs Recipe: 6 water, 3 eggs, 1 salt, 1 cooking wine, use L to pack 20 using imperial packaging to turn into the imperial crafting vendor
    Pure Powder Reagent Recipe: 1 Silver Azaelea, 1 Sugar, 1 Weed, 1 Purified Water. You can water from the river next to the heidel vendor using bottles (sold at the vendors for 50 silver each) then using L, go to thinning and turn the water you gathered into purified water. Weeds are gathered by hand from just gathering from the bushes dotted around town, there's plenty of them.
    Clear Liquid Reagent: 1 Sunrise herb, 1 Salt, 1 Weed, 1 Purified Water.
    Now you've got your mini empire established it's time to turn a profit.
    Sell Beer, Pure Powder and Clear liquid on the market place, they tend to get snapped up quite quickly meaning you don't have to wait very long for your profits to start rolling in (Do make sure to keep enough beer to keep your own workers going however, if they run out of energy they will stop working and won't go back until you top it off)
    Eggs, pack them and turn them into the Imperial tradeskill vendor, there's 1 stood north of the heidel storage.
    Using this method, I can easily make 3 million an hour, it's no sausans but if you're worried about your gear and getting PK'ed and are not a fan of AFK fishing, this is an extremely easy and hassle free way to generate silver, of which your profit margin will increase as you start to branch out into other things (crafting sute tea for instance is a big money spinner)
    Hope this helps some of you struggling somewhat with establishing yourself and best of luck!
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  11. MadMaximoff added a post in a topic imperial cooking bugged?   

    If you're after profit, Sute is better on the market, you lose 300k by turning in Sute to the Imperial cook trader
    Edit: Remember there's a lot of gatherers and farmers out there that'll buy your sute up because they don't yet have the contribution to take cooking themselves, they either cook, farm, or gather.
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  12. MadMaximoff added a post in a topic Preparing for Margoria   

    Knew I was stashing all that flax for something mwahahaha.
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  13. MadMaximoff added a post in a topic OOOH Look at all that IMMERSION ~~~~Whoa~~~~   

    Not gonna lie I totally thought of this when I first saw it, where's my Pulse Rifle?
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  14. MadMaximoff added a post in a topic New Pearl Shops Items (Jan 11)   

    Best one there is the Vagabond for the Musa, it's got that Shogun Warrior/Wandering Samurai look going on.
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  15. MadMaximoff added a post in a topic Is BDO P2W?   

    I get it, because we don't agree with your way of thinking we are all wrong, etc. 
    Step outside the game five minutes, step into another freemium game like SWTOR, ESO, etc.
    You'll see just how unjustified and wrong you are.
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