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  1. Angwar added a topic in General   

    EU Market
    FeelsBadMan. A few days ago there were not even relics, forbidden books or scrolls of ancient language on the market... I really think they need to do something about the availability of basic enchantment ingredients like black stones, concentrated stones and mem frags. It makes no sense that you actually have to snipe or preorder them of the market when they should be relatively easily obtainable since they are so basic and necessary. 

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  2. Angwar added a post in a topic Please Bring Kamasylve's Blessing to the Cash Shop!   

    "I am not for p2w" 
    -> proposes something that is p2w as hell
    People can only afford a single day of blessing every ten days with loyalties. In the cash shop you could have it every day. Having 20% higher item drop chance ALL THE TIME over others who do not have it because they did not pay does not mean p2w to you? The drop scrolls in the 90 day value pack are already really close to the edge
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  3. Angwar added a post in a topic Class that hit like a truck.   

    Which would that be? And I really hate to mention this classes everywhere but you do realize wizard and witch exist? Wizard who can oneshot multiple people with his ult or even without it with enough gear? 
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  4. Angwar added a post in a topic Keep playing Maehwa pre-awakened after 56?   

    If you like the side stepping and being dynamic you should try Musa. 
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  5. Angwar added a topic in General   

    Did they increase guard damage?
    My negative karma alt to degrade gear is 50 (yeah I know, mistakes were made) so it always took guards like 8 hits to kill her and the hits often didn't connect so it took them like 10 seconds at least . Since the last patch it goes suuuper fast, they don't miss anymore, I die in 2 seconds. Makes degrading a lot faster
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  6. Angwar added a post in a topic Make processing faster!!!   

    Uhm processing Is already the best lifeskill to make money so why make it even better? 
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  7. Angwar added a post in a topic Zodiac sign = luck?   

    Sorry but do you type like that on purpose? It's obnoxious as -----. 
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  8. Angwar added a post in a topic Flondor Goose Event Items Deletion   

    Been around since beta. Yeah I got reminded that initially the first eggs didn't get removed but they learned from that. 
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  9. Angwar added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    The new craftable costumes coming tomorrow are not to bad. But yeah don't get me wrong I like me some revealing outfits....sometimes. But sometimes I don't and would like to have a choice. Also while we are at this please make the tailor coupon work on armor.  
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  10. Angwar added a post in a topic Flondor Goose Event Items Deletion   

    That's how it always has been. And it's good that way otherwise people would have this shit stockpiled and future events would be useless. I do hope we get to keep the black Spirit egg though. 
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  11. Angwar added a post in a topic absurd grind   

    I make 1% per hour which would lead me to 60% in one month of grinding two hours a day. However, some days are weekend and I get a daily 200% buff which easily add another 20% over these 2 hours per day. And if you read my comment completely you would have seen that I said I did the last 20% on one weekend where I grinded all day. 
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  12. Angwar added a post in a topic sp pay to win finally came, but its the players fault!   

    I would agree with you but unfortunately you see it in chat every day. Dude in my guild has sold like 6 boss items for pearls. People really are this desperate. 
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  13. Angwar added a post in a topic Increase imperial whatever purchase limit   

    Agreed. Logged in on Serendia 2, EU, 15 minutes before reset in Valencia. Tabbed out and tabbed back in 17 minutes later meaning I was 2 mins  late for reset. "purchase has been completed". That was on a week day. 
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  14. Angwar added a post in a topic Option für kein PVP für Lifeskiller   

    Ist das wirklich so ein Problem? Ich meine klar ich kann verstehen, dass es sehr nervig ist wenn es passiert, aber passiert das wirklich so oft? Ich spiele seit beta und wurde noch nie grundlos pvped. 
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  15. Angwar added a post in a topic Karma bombing vs large non optimized rotation?   

    9/10 times if a second guy were to enter the spot, they would clear it to fast and thus cutting down on the efficiency for both of them. Yes if he is stronger than me I will leave, look for another spot or change channels. If this continue to happens as you inclined that I keep meeting people that I don't stand a chance against,  doesn't that mean I am on a grind spot that I am way to weak for and I should go somewhere else? Unfortunately it doesn't really work like that in bdo right now. The devs need to do what people have been telling them for months:
    1. Fix grindspots scaling to difficulty/gear requirement. When I go up to level 58 and have like 80 more ap than I used to, the -----ing level 56 spot that I used to grind at should stop being the best xp and money spot for me. Short: fix sausans and pirates, make higher level grind spots like Valencia actually good. That way there will be less overpopulation and it might just fix the problem of two severely differently strong people clashing into each other.
    2. Fix party grinding. If you are no longer badly geared and don't try to grind something like aakman you are already putting yourself at a disadvantage by grouping because you will be to fast for smaller spots together. Yet you also have to share the loot which is kinda okay I guess because you get special deals in return. But why the ever living hell is there a 50% xp punishment as well?!?!? It singlehandedly stops people from partying. I always Grinded with my friends up to 59 because I had more fun that way. But on my way to 60 I had to say sorry but I can't take the xp punishment anymore, I will grind alone from now on. And I hated it, it was boring and my friends had less fun as well. Why am I forced to solo play like this? This game really does not have enough group content already. 
    Oh and please don't kid yourself. Even if i might kind of understand the reasons you are still abusing the broken system when karma bombing, there is no denying or justifying that. 
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  16. Angwar added a post in a topic Karma bombing vs large non optimized rotation?   

     I tell you I clear the spot so fast that it can't handle another person. I tell you I killed the attacker multiple times. I tell you that he does not want to share with me. Either you are being Sarcastic, retarded or you didn't read my comment. 
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  17. Angwar added a post in a topic Karma bombing vs large non optimized rotation?   

    People are either delusional or have no idea what they are talking about. Karma bombing doesn't exist? Learn to share? Alright riddle me this then. I am farming a solo rotation and I clear it so fast that I almost have to wait for spawns. Now suddenly some guy comes up and starts killing the mobs mere centimeters away from me right in front of my eyes. I tell him spot is taken and I am almost to fast for the rotation myself so could he be so kind to leave? No answer. I engage pvp and kill him. He comes back and continues killing the mobs right in front of me. This repeats once more. I want to war his guild but his guild can not be declared on. I become desperate and invite him to party even though we are to fast for the spot together. He declines. What I am supposed to do now? This guy just came up and completely shit on my life. He is "stealing" the mobs from me (yeah I know, I don't own them but cmon he comes up and kills the one I am currently killing and obviously plan to kill), ruining the rotation for me because we are now way to fast, I have to wait for respawns  and he gets at least half the mobs anyways. I can do absolutely NOTHING against this unless I want to go red (and even then, these people give so little -----s, they will just keep coming back). 
    Change channel? I guess but not only does that mean I just let that guy steal the spot from me but I am not guaranteed in the slightest to find a new spot on the next channel. 
    People saying karma bombing does not exist always pretend like everyone who complains about it, is just a pvp monkey who attacks everyone on sight, will never party, nor talk, does rotations to big for him and what annoys me the most: you guys ALWAYS think of it as the "pvpers" coming up to a spot, trying to take it from someone, killing them but they don't leave. You never consider that we could be the ones being on a spot getting attacked. 
    I had it happen to me recently that a zerker came to my spot and attacked me immediately without saying anything. Well either he was trash or undergeared (or both) because despite playing zerker he manages to die to me. He immediately tears and attacks me again only to die again. This repeats 2 more times. Now he finally realized how -----ing garbage he is apparently because he stops pvping me but instead starts killing my mobs. Of course he didn't care when I pvped him, I also couldn't war him and he declined party invites. It was the most frustrating shit ever. He literally came up to me, attacked me, lost several times AND STILL takes/ruins my spot without him losing anything or me being able to do something about it. Sure I could have gone red but I had a buff running and he was a zerker so if he lands one grab, I am dead. 
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  18. Angwar added a post in a topic Player Trading solutions ?   

    Only if they disable pearl gifting or else we will go full p2w. Also 2 days...? Buddy it took me 2 MONTHS of doing dim tree almost every day, bidding on roughly 2 armors a day and night vendor each day to get that -----ing armor. 
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  19. Angwar added a post in a topic Market-Place is EMPTY   

    Did you seriously not see this coming? Of course it's all bought out, it's a new class, everyone is hyped to try it out and leave it in the dirt after 2 weeks. Why do you think i  saved up a dozen awakening boxes for weeks  
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  20. Angwar added a post in a topic So ranger is borderline unplayable if you don't purchase multiple maids and max weight limit?   

    Okay so let's make your char do half the damage and take double the damage.  Just a little inconvenience :>
    I don't understand people like you in the slightest. You seriously want to grind to 60 with having to repair every 30 min? Just with daily buffs that's gonna take a few months. And then? You still don't have money because you Grinded so little. This is not about an advantage due to game design. I main maewha who is arguably the worst or second worst grinder in the game but I don't cry about that, because it's in the class design and I am still having fun. 
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  21. Angwar added a post in a topic So ranger is borderline unplayable if you don't purchase multiple maids and max weight limit?   

    I don't know I have a outfit, I doubt the brand will magically change it from 20-30 minutes to 2 hours with its 10%
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  22. Angwar added a post in a topic absurd grind   

    Tfw new players get 200% Olvia servers, below level 56 daily buffs, daily 200% buffs, weekend buffs, dark beer buff and all sorts of other shit thrown at them and they still complain that it's to slow and that they have to play the game an hour each day to level up at some point. I am sorry buddy but you got it exactly the other way around. People like you who can barely make it to 56 are the minority. If it was like you said that the majority of people can't stand to even grind an hour each day, this game would be dead. You want that they make an extra server just for you few people that are so insanely lazy and want everything handed to them in a game where it's all about longtime progression when you will probably stop playing as soon as you get it anyways . You are thinking about this game like some single player.  Seriously man I leveled a character from 56 to 57 in 1 day at the weekend. I can make 4% with one 30 min daily  buff to 58. Count how long it would take to level up, that's nothing and you even got Olvia so you don't have to wait for weekend. Hell I leveled a character to 60 in a month just by grinding 2 hours a day and then going full grind mode on a weekend for the last 20%. So don't give me that shit, they already made the game super friendly for new players and casuals. If you can't even be bothered to grind 30 minutes a day, uninstall. 
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  23. Angwar added a post in a topic So ranger is borderline unplayable if you don't purchase multiple maids and max weight limit?   

    It is sp, not mana and they regen it quite fast. That 61 and a half valk streamer grinds without any sp potions as far as I know 
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  24. Angwar added a topic in General   

    So ranger is borderline unplayable if you don't purchase multiple maids and max weight limit?
    And even then it is super annoying. I decided to level a ranger to 56 to test the awakening. While it is fun and i am clearing at a good speed (199ap) the durability loss of offhand and awakening weapon completely ruins my experience. I have both at max durability and have to repair them after roughly 20-30 minutes. That is absolutely broken, laughable and makes grinding borderline impossible without 2 storage maids. On my maewha i don't go through my offhand in 2 hours and it's at 57 dura.... Has there been any comment on this? I mean it has to be a bug! I can live with the mana pot chugging although it is difficult to handle the weight together with the trash drops without weight limit expansion. But this dura bug has to be fixed and i have no idea how you ranger mains can live with it. Kudos to you though.
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  25. Angwar added a post in a topic What "secret" game mechanic probably doesn't exist but you could believe it does because it's so BDO?   

    Failstacks can smell your fear and because they are Bastards they will make you fail your enhancements if they know you are scared to fail. Don't let them know. I always onetapped my stuff when I just went in super confident saying "watch me onetap this shit, easy" to my guild mates, giving no shits. You gotta be alpha to your gear. Show em who is boss. 
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