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  1. HoneyX added a post in a topic Evasion warrior?   

    Would you run TRI: RCE if you're using Rosar though? I'm thinking that I couldn't simply give up all that lovely accuracy for a crystal and extra evasion. But I also wanna see it from your standpoint on why it's really really good compared to Vangertz
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  2. HoneyX added a post in a topic Evasion warrior?   

    Why not Vangertz? What does Rosar have that makes it better than Vangertz?
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  3. HoneyX added a post in a topic What's the reasoning behind not being able to put a horse on an Epheria Sailboat?   

    Might need to grab a psychologist bro. You're starting to mistake BDO for real life with that comment.
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  4. HoneyX added a topic in General   

    What's the reasoning behind not being able to put a horse on an Epheria Sailboat?
    Is there a good reason why it's not allowed?
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  5. HoneyX added a topic in General   

  6. HoneyX added a post in a topic Gearing Advice (200+ AP)   

    Why Kutum? I am going for a pure evasion stat build. I didn't like the DP stat because it's 50% evasion and 50% DR. Only thing I want a Kutum for is it boosts up my GS by a few numbers and it's extra-good for PVE. Also I think it's better for 1v1 but 1v1 is nothing anyway in this game
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  7. HoneyX added a post in a topic Please Implement a Non-Rng involved/Quest-grind way of upgrading your gear to PEN   

    Why is it that when I see you post something in this forum, all I see from you is QQ about kunoichi and other stuff?
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  8. HoneyX added a post in a topic I am just here to remember about stuff and things   

    I remember your name. Aren't you that high-AP ninja that gave some problems to my guild in a certain NW?
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  9. HoneyX added a topic in Warrior   

    Gearing Advice (200+ AP)
    Hello. I would like to ask what is the best route of improvement, considering the amount of silver needed to raise my AP up.
    My setup is as follows: 204/214/263 (With Nouver), 178/188/283 (With Vangertz)
    List of items:
    TET: Dandelion GS
    TRI: Kzarka
    TRI: Nouver Shield
    TRI: Vangertz Shield (Switching)
    TRI: Muskans
    TRI: Giath's
    TRI: Dim Tree
    TRI: Bheg's
    2x TRI: Mark of Shadow
    2x DUO: Witch's Earrings
    DUO: Belt of Shultz Gladiator
    DUO: Necklace of Good Deeds
    What im thinking is I should earn about 3 billion silvers and try to make a TRI: Basilisk and at least a DUO Ogre Ring. I do feel like I need to make TRI: Red Coral Earrings as well as TRI: Tungrad Earrings (for end-game AP)
    Looking if my ideas would agree with yours. I am open for suggestions/insights on my planned progression.
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  10. HoneyX added a post in a topic x2 +5 AP vs. x2 Critical Damage + 1 (Offhand Gems)   

    May you justify your claim please?
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  11. HoneyX added a post in a topic Am I crazy? Vangertz vs Rosar   

    I have 2x Evasion for helm and 2x special evasion gems. However I'm running AP belt and necklace. What else am I missing aside from the belt and necklace?
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  12. HoneyX added a post in a topic Am I crazy? Vangertz vs Rosar   

    Hey i was just testing with a 190AP musa and it seems that I was far more tankier with Kutum than Vangertz. He is not stacking accuracy either. Am I missing something? I bought a TRI Vangertz after reading all these surprising stuff for me but after 1v1 tests it feels underwhelming. Am I missing something? I have not done any GVG or any large scale PVP yet though.
    Also fighting a wizard 1v1 there doesn't seem to be much of a difference but that's also because the wizard has decent accuracy.
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  13. HoneyX added a post in a topic Am I crazy? Vangertz vs Rosar   

    Funny how I don't see "Kutum" being mentioned here. Although what I heard is that Kutum is only good for PVE. Is this true? Also, what is the Evasion value of Kutum's DP? I'm thinking of going back to my Vangertz shield and selling my Kutum if it's no-good for PVP at all as I am a warrior who is currently stacking evasion.
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  14. HoneyX added a post in a topic Am I crazy? Vangertz vs Rosar   

    Where will you put the Kutum in? In what kind of situation? Because when I was a newer warrior I sold my TRI Vangertz for a TRI Kutum.
    Now that I am level 60 and reading all these, I wanna sell my TRI Kutum for a TRI Vangertz. Also, I am aiming for Nouver for that AP boost as well. 
    Do you agree that I should just keep a Vangertz and a Nouver? Honestly with all these I'm reading right now especially what the OP said about the reddit post, I can't place Kutum anywhere except for PVE. Lemme know your opinions please.
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  15. HoneyX added a post in a topic The best-looking outfit yet   

    I've beaten him. I can't beat XxXPuSsYdEsTrOyEr420XxX
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